Review on Pond’s

As many of you ladies know…Make-up is LIFE! Once you step into Sephora or ULTA you know darn well you will not leave without buying something from those stores lol! (well at least I don’t leave empty handed lol!) But we have to admit that sometimes it is a pain to take off the makeup, and once you get home you just want to get into bed and forget about the world. My favorite brand to clean my face is the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser because it just takes it all off!


I have been knowing about this since it came out because my mom usually buys this brand like her whole entire makeup place HAS this brand as a cleanser. Yet, when my mother runs out of it she makes me go to the store to get her one lol! I have been seeing reviews about this make-up remover on the internet, and I thought, “Hey I should say what I think about this product!”   You can usually find this at Target for $4.99 or any other store even online. So go ahead and try this out you will not be disappointed.


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~Michele Carvajal


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