Many people around the world during this month think of Easter as in the “Easter egg hunt” or getting together with family, and friends to just have a good time. No one actually stops to think during this time what the real reason behind this weekend really is, or they try to ignore it because they think it is “irrelevant” . I am here to remind you guys today what Easter really is, and in Spanish we call this day “Semana Santa”.

You see the real reason why we celebrate this day is because Jesus died for all of us, but people tend to take today as a total joke. This weekend is the day to remember Jesus and think about what he did for us. God is amazing because he did all of us unique, and perfect in our own way. The Easter bunny does not exist at all, but what does exist is the love of Christ. 


Take the time today and think about your life. Have there been any days where God has saved you from death? by that I mean if any you have gotten into a car accident but still survived? Anything tragic happened to you but you are still here? Despite of your problems, are you happy that you are still breathing? Think about your family and friends too what is it that you are thankful for today? 

I will tell you somethings that I am blessed and thankful for, not just today, but every single day. Things happened in my life that made me become the person that I am. I am not perfect, and I have flaws just like everyone else. However, I think of myself as the daughter of the most highest who takes baby steps in this life each and every single second. I learn along the way, I get blessed along the way, and I get tested along the way to see where my faith stands.


I have problems like everyone else which I never share because I need to learn how to deal with it on my own. Everyday I wake up I ask God for wisdom so I can talk to other people, and I ask the Lord to give me words that they need to hear and not what they want to hear. You see, He works in mysterious way that we cannot understand! People always say that they can never hear the Lord, but really God talks by using other people.

Easter is a day to remember of his love for us, and the fact how he fought for us to have an option if we want eternal life or not. Sometimes the path of God is NOT easy because one has to go through tests to see how our faith is, and some of us pass it or some of us lack. I do not know about you guys, but for me God is amazing because he is the reason as to why I wake up breathing, and seeing the sun all over again. 


With this being said, I hope all of you are having a wonderful day, and remember God because thanks to him and only through him we find Salvation. May all of you have a wonderful Easter! If you guys need any advice in any topic remember that I am just…one…click…away. 

~Michele Carvajal 


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