Food Adventure: Mexican Food!

Hey everyone! This past week I decided to check out this small place called:

“El Duranguito”

The thing is that day I was so hungry, and literally at that moment I did not care where the place was located. I was very skeptical at first because I thought they would not serve good food, but boy was I wrong! Check out what I had, and also what my boyfriend ordered! 

This was what I ordered some Flautas! 
This one is called “Hamburgesa estilo Durango” This is what my boyfriend ordered! 


Other dishes that they make are the following: 


The place is small therefore here is a picture of how it looks: 


Everything that they make here is not frozen, and even the tortillas are hand-made! The fact that they do this made me very happy, and the food is amazing! The flavor makes you feel that you are in Mexico, and when you see the people cooking you will think of your grandma because they do everything the “old style” way. They also give you free chips with a spicy dip! If you are in the Chicago land area here is the address to get a taste from REAL Mexican food: 

402 W Lake St, Maywood, IL 60153

If any of you feel like getting some tacos, gorditas, flautas, burritos, plato de carne asada, or whatever it is then this is the place to go! You guys will love it and will make you go back for more! I will be doing more of these food adventures because I think its amazing how sometimes we miss the little restaurants where they serve way better than a “fancy restaurant” , and don’t forget to check out my previous food adventure which was Thai Food. Love you all and God bless! 

~Michele Carvajal 


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