Good-Bye April!

Wow this month flew by fast!

It honestly feel that we just started with the month of April just yesterday. Although this is true, I am actually happy that this month is gone because I lost two very important people of the family. My best friend died as well as my dads best Friend, and due to that it made me hate this month just a little bit. April was a month full of ups, downs, and life changing moments that I will never forget.

Also, because it made me see that I am two semesters away from graduation in regards to my major, and also one step closer to my actual goal which I will share later on. I also started getting back to my hobby which is inventing whatever comes to my mind in the kitchen, and also I got back full speed in my piano skills. These past few weeks were also stressful because besides having to deal with two people who I lost I also had to deal with school stress. 

Despite of all of that, I am thankful to God that he has blessed me with another day to be with friends and family. This month also showed me what I will be doing during the summer, and I feel so hyped about it! I will be writing more about what I mean next month because there is a lot I need to tell you guys lol! Enough about me though, how did April treat you? I would like to get to know all of you a little more, and share new ideas too! 

I also started my food adventures, and during the next month I cannot wait to try out brand new places to recommend you guys! With all this being said, I hope you are having an amazing day and if you need any advice in any topic just remember that I am just…one…click…away.

 ~Michele Carvajal


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