Poem:Thank God, Bye April

I never knew how life would be till I saw your grace as well as your mercy. Your creation is so wonderfully made that it made me see life in another way. This month was tough but one thing I knew, is that everything would be okay and I would make it through. From losing loved ones, to stressing out, I knew that you will pull me closer to you. Your hand in my life is what I need, and its because of you that I am filled with your blessings.

Everything that you have given me, everything you took away, I know that all of this is just a lesson to live another day. Therefore, I praise you even in the storm because I know that you will never leave me alone. Because of you I sleep so peacefully, because of you I love, and because of you I listen to people who need to see who you really are. There are no words to explain how great of a God you are because you are the number one of all.

From now on I ask you Lord to be my guide because I want to be that person to give others advice. I am nothing but because of you, I know that I am the daughter of the most highest, and that is totally cool. This month was more bitter than sweet, but I thank you God because I am still breathing. Bless my friends, family, and future people that I will meet and may all your blessings be poured on them like the April showers so that the next month may be full with May flowers


~Michele Carvajal


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