Beauty on the go-Spring



You know those days where you do not have a lot of time for a beauty routine because you need something fast? Especially to carry with you around in case of an emergency? Well, for me I always switch it up for every new season and these are the products that make me feel put together super quick! 

Refresh Optive (Lubricant Eye Drops)

Honestly, this is one product that I never leave behind because my eyes usually itch so much, and I need to refresh my eyes. This helps me a lot especially during Spring since I tend to have allergies, and this helps my eyes to not irritate me as the day goes by. I love it! 

Insta-Dri Sally Hansen in Expresso 

For Spring, I enjoy having to bring out colors that will reflect to the season. This one by far is the one that I liked the best. Also, it drys very quickly so you will not have trouble for your nails to be done fast! 

NYX ♥ butter gloss in Butter Me Up

This gloss is amazing for when you are on the go. It is super easy to apply and the color is not that bright and not that dull. It is what I call perfection for this Spring. It does not dry my lips at all so that is a bonus! 

Not Your Mother’s® Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray

This spray is perfect if you have wavy hair like I do. It makes your hair feel so fresh and also you will literally feel like you just came from the beach! It does not make my hair greasy at all, but again it might be different to any other type of hair. I still like it and will keep using it all through this season. 

Lancôme Matte Shaker in Pink Power

Some prefer red but for this season I want PINK! Yes, give me all pink and I will be a happy camper! This matte shaker is so cool because the color is true to what it says, and also it does not dry like other lip products. This is good for when you want to feel more glam in seconds.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Rollerball

This is perfect for on the go! It smells amazing and you do not have to spend so much like other perfumes out there. This helps me feel more put together then others I have tried, and it is totally worth every penny! 

BROWVO! Conditioning Primer Nutrient-Rich Eyebrow Primer

Ah!! Brows, Brows, & more brows! This product right here is magic! this literally makes your brows go into place, and makes you look amazing. I love this because whenever I do not have time to do my brows I just put this on, and it looks awesome. Even though it might be a little expensive, it still does the job and at the end you will love it!

Givenchy Phenomen’ Eyes

For lashes, I usually use this product because it helps me look wide awake lol! Due to work and school, I look so tired most of the time, but this helps my eyes look like they are about to party the whole night when really its studying lol! I love this product so much and it is perfect for on the go!

EOS Hand Lotion in Berry Blossom

This perfect to throw in your purse or backpack, it makes your hands super soft, and the smell is amazing too! I have this in my purse for this season because due to the smell it actually screams “SPRING!” It is super affordable and you will not regret buying it. 

Gold arrow necklace 

 This necklace was actually given to me which has a meaning behind it. This helps me so much no matter if I am feeling happy, sad, or angry. So no matter how I look this helps me feel fantastic and ready for anything. 


Now that you already know what my favorite products are for this Spring I would like to know what you like! So go ahead, post yours up, and don’t forget to let me know so I can see! Love you guys, God bless, and I hope you all are having an amazing day!

~Michele Carvajal


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