Food Adventures: Cuban!

As many of you may know I have a STRONG relationship with FOOD! Yesterday during my lunch break, I was craving for Cuban food because well…I saw a video from Buzzfeed where the “Try Guys” were trying out Cuban food and their traditions lol! I personally have a cousin who is half Cuban and Guatemalan as well as a best friend who is Cuban and Puerto Rican so of course after seeing the video I would crave for Cuban food. If you have not watched the video I will link it down below after I talk about my experience in this amazing small Cuban restaurant. It is a small place but once you walk in you literally feel that you are in Cuba! the music, colorful decorations, and that smell of the food was everything! I ordered a jibarito with rice, Cuban coffee, and flan de coco! Here are the pictures: 


Lets start out with this beauty right here! Flan de coco! you guys it was not even that sweet it was PERFECTION! It made me crave for more and what I like about it is that its homemade! NOT from the box definitely worth it.




Next is this little cafecito Cubano! Okay so my boyfriend had this, and trust me you guys with just one sip you will be WIDE AWAKE! The coffee is poured into this little tiny cup, and I am telling you that you do not need more than what is already in it lol! The price is worth it!





You guys…THIS!!! Okay so you can order your jibarito either in steak, pork, or chicken the trick is that it has to include EVERYTHING! The cheese melts in your mouth as soon as you bite into it. The flavor is ON POINT! I am totally ordering this again. However, next time I am ordering the Cuban sandwich lol! 



Last but not least is my cafe cubano con leche! Coffee with milk! I only needed two scoops of sugar and that was it! It was so foamy and so good! I am going to get this the next time I go there lol! 





This magical place is called “El Prado” & located on: 612 Lake St, Maywood, IL 60153    So if any of you decide to go there to try out the food let me know! I honestly cannot wait to go back! Alright now here is the video of the “Try Guys” make sure to watch it & if you are not close to this restaurant try to find a Cuban restaurant near you! I hope you guys enjoyed this! Till next time chao!! 


~Michele Carvajal 


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