Hello World!

Hey everyone!! O…M….G!!! I have exciting news! I have new videos on YouTube!!! I currently have two channels, and I am loving it! I have challenges and much more! from beauty, music, and etc. Here are the links for you guys to check it out: 


Mishi & Carlos  <<< CLICK HERE!!! download

Click  above that is the link where we have so much challenges. The channel as you can see is named as Mishi & Carlos. We upload EVERY Tuesday’s and Thursday’s!! 




MishiPcm Channel <<< Click Here!!!

Click above to see my personal channel where I do reviews, beauty, covers, un-boxing, and much more. I upload EVERY Wednesday’s and Friday’s!!



Honestly, this has been such an amazing experience because it gives a chance to express a little bit more, and share with everyone what I love to do. I will be giving out relationship advice’s, DIYS, cooking, covers and so much more. So far my week has been pretty busy because I am working hard for my dream. You need to work HARD to gain A LOT! Sometimes taking a leap of faith is amazing because you may never know what this life has in store for you. Your talents and so much more are great to share with everyone else because it gives you a chance to see your capabilities. If you are scared to do something because of “haters” trust me that if they talk about then that means you are SUCCEEDING! If I can do it with Carlos then so can YOU! I hope you guys check out my channels, and if you like something then go ahead and subscribe to both! Also, let me know exactly what all of you would like to see! Tomorrow we will have a video uploaded and so on because we will be consistent to bring all of you the best content. From being funny to realistic there is so much you will enjoy, or heck even might learn something new! Also, do not forget to hit that notification bell button so it will notify you when we upload. Alright ya’ll I will be doing another blog in a few minutes to share other news that I have in store for ya’ll. There is sooo much I want to say but this is the first thing that I had in my mind lol! A clue of the next blog? All the girls will be excited and so many men out there would want to check it out lol! Stay tuned!!!!! 




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