Homemade Nutella Latte!

Alright, so as I am sitting here (about to actually study) I started to think on how October has gone by SUPER FAST! It just feels that we started this month yesterday don’t ya think? Also, the climate has changed drastically where I live at because now it is super cold. I love the cold but the only thing is that it is a STRUGGLE to get up in the morning. When it is still 6 am it literally looks like midnight outside, and with that cold breeze it just makes you want to sleep in lol! 

So today my sister and I decided to make a Homemade latte, but not just any latte…NUTELLA LATTE! It was so much fun to make this!! Between laughs and trying to come up with our own creation I could say that it came out pretty darn good! To the point that it has inspired me to do a video for next week! I am currently trying to do latte art because it looks amazing when people who know how to this turns out just…LOVELY! My sister and I LOVE lattes which is another reason why did this drink.


Sundays are for sitting at home, creating, studying (for students lol), being with family, and with friends. However, there is always that ONE day when it is super cold that you just want to sit back, and have your favorite blanket beside you. Yes, I am that type of person! Today when I woke up, I decided to do something for myself which was to make a list of the next upcoming videos. Coming up with ideas is hard but if you have the creative type of mind you are able to do anything! 

Also, I have finally organized my room because during the week I am never at home. I believe that if you want to feel energized organization is KEY! The more organize you are the more energy you will feel because the way your room is shows exactly who you are! I used to have my room super messy which made me have the lowest energy ever. What I did was put upbeat music, and started cleaning little by little because seeing so many books on the floor is depressing. 

Later on I will post up pictures showing you guys how my little room is organized. It’s a little room but hey if it is organized it feels and looks like the most comfy place in the planet. Another thing is making your room look aesthetically pleasing! I have so many ideas for when I get married in how to decorate my place. Everything I know I got it from my mom because she loves everything white! Having white all over with the right decorations makes the place look big! Which I tend to have that in the future with a big and beautiful chandelier. 

If you guys want to see some of my ideas on how to decorate I will post up some on tumblr, and on pinterest you guys can find me as mishipcm on those two sites. Anyways, that is all for today I will be back tomorrow to write more because right now I have to study. It is going to be an all-nighter, and a total pain but I love it! Because the struggle of today is my achievement of tomorrow and with the help of God it will all be possible! Stay tuned for this coming week because it will be a blast! Love ya’ll!!!!





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