Zombie Frappe from Starbucks!

Hey ya’ll!!! Ahhh!! I am so late I posted the video on Friday and totally forgot to tell you guys! So our reaction for this amazing zombie frappe from Starbucks is up now!! Click on the link below so all of you can check it out! 

          Click Here>>> Zombie Frappe !!!!! XD <<<Click Here


I hope you enjoy the video because we have a lot more coming your way! From challenges to trying new things there is never a day of boredom. Doing this reaction was so much fun and we hope you all have fun watching it. Despite of the fact that it is cold where we live, that did not stop us from going to Starbucks to try this delicious drink, and show everyone what we really think. So what are you waiting for? Click on the video and watch our brutal reaction towards this drink!!! Did we like it? Do we recommend it? Or is it disgusting? watch the video to find out! love ya’ll!!! 





  1. Wish they sold this at Starbucks Korea. Jealous lol.

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment!! And it sold too quickly!!! My friend went to starbucks the next day, and they didn’t have it anymore! lol!

  2. Enrique Mayen says:

    too sweet

    1. Exactly!!!!! Love you kike thanks for supporting my blog! What a surprise! miss you!!!!

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