Milk MakeUp Blur Stick



Have you guys seen my new video?!

Milk Makeup Blur Stick | Influenster Review!

Click on the link to see me unbox it, and also talk about Influenster and how to get this product for FREE! Alright, now I am going to be serious about my review, and how this worked for my skin. All I can say is: I LOVE IT!!! It made my skin super smooth, did not dry, did not make my face oily, covered even my dark circles, and I am just in love with this! So I have super sensitive skin…like SUPER SENSITIVE! To the point that even if I have a necklace people think I had a wonderful time last night if you know what I mean lol! However, I always get a big rash on my neck and when I wear any product my whole face gets super red! I am so happy that I got this from Influenster because it showed me that there are good products out there that will help my skin. I have tried everything from every brand, but so far this is the first product that my skin accepted. I put on this blur stick, a little bit of concealer, and when I saw the result I was actually impressed. I have a combination of oily and dry skin which this product made me super pleased since it kept my face the way it should be. Keep in mind that everyone is different so this might not be for you, but for someone else it might. I liked how it felt because I could even barely feel it when I put it on. The blur stick is super easy to take around and also to put it in your purse for a quick touch-up (which I did not need.) HA! Check out my video on how much this actually costs in stores, but also look at how I got this blur stick without having to buy it. I love being in the Influenster community so don’t forget to check out my video to see how to join! You will NOT regret it!! Love you all and don’t forget to subscribe!! I will be posting something new this Thanksgiving so stay tuned ya’ll!!! God bless and have an amazing day! 




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