L’Oréal Elnett Hairspray



Hey loves!! As some of you may already know, I am a proud member of Influenster and I love to review like crazy! Influenster is a company where they will send you products as in exchange for a review. There is no charge for shipping what so ever which is a bonus! If you would like to sign up click on the link to start your own reviews! 


This hairspray gave me life!!! First let me talk about the way it smells. I know every hairspray has a unique smell, but this one was just AMAZING!! I liked how it made my hair extra fresh after I would do my hairstyle. What was weird about this (unlike other brands) it surprised me how my hair was not even too tangled when I would brush it before going to bed. My hair is super wavy so I always have a problem with my hair getting tangled. However, this hairspray helped me so much and did not damage my hair. I usually use hair products 3 days in a week because I try so hard for my hair to be healthy. I would normally just spray this on for Sunday, but when I saw the results it just became part as my daily routine. The packaging as you can see it’s super cute I believe you can buy this at any store that would sell hair products. What are your favorite hair products? I would love to know so comment away!!! Again, if you guys would like to receive free products without any cost sign up for influenster you will never have a dull moment!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. 

XOXO- MishiPcm


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