CrowdTap Review!

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Soooo hyped!!! So I got this in the mail which is a complimentary from CrowdTap! Before I contiune I will talk about this company for a bit. CrowdTap is a company where the steps are the following:

  1. Create an account with them.
  2. Do your own profile.
  3. Pick the companies you like from that page. 
  4. Start reviewing as much as you can! 
  5. When you get to the certain amount of points you will get a $5 gift card from Amazon every time you complete the points! 
  6. To get samples make sure you apply for a mission test if you qualify.
  7. If you qualify just give them the address for them to send you the samples.
  8. Shipping is completely free!!!
  9. Enjoy the gift cards you get from amazon!
  10. Have fun!!! 


Alright so now that I said this, yes! I have gotten amazon gift cards and since I don’t spend so much I have saved up all the gift cards to get my new equipment lol! Now time for me to give in my opinion from the products I received. 

Caress is a brand where they make soaps and so much more when it comes into shower/bath time. I received this as a complimentary and I must say that I am super pleased! Everything smells amazing and since I take 2 showers a day (morning and night) I usually tend to switch up what I wear. I have been using the shower foam like it is no ones business, and I have been taking the fragrances with me everywhere…LITERALLY! One I take it to the gym, the other stays at home, and the last one in my purse or travel bag. All products leave you feeling clean and what I love about it is that you feel like it is Spring all over again. I have tried many products but so far this one is a winner for me this year. I am so happy that I got to try these because I was actually thinking of buying it, and surprisingly I was qualified for these samples. If you guys would like to sign up to receive free things from CrowdTap (You need to be qualified), and get gift cards from amazon after you complete a certain amount of points then click on the link down below:

Love you all and I hope you guys have an amazing day!!! 



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