The Journey

Today I want to share with all of you about a special book that I have been reading for the past couple of weeks. Lately I have been focusing so much in what God has been trying to tell me because I used to ignore every single word. I had so many signs in what was good for me, what was not, who to hang around with, and the list goes on. The book is called “The Journey: How to live by faith in an uncertain world” by Billy Graham. Have you ever had those moments where you really want something, but ignore the things that you really need? For example, someone that is at risk for diabetes but is craving so much for sweets knowing that is bad for his/her health. This book contains 30 chapters but the ones that stood out to me the most is chapter 19 called “Things that Destroy”, and it made me rethink my whole life thinking I was walking with Christ.


Being born and raised in a Christian home does not cut the fact that I should be ignorant in what pleases God. This summer I decided to stay away from a whole lot of things, and concentrated on what needed to be fixed which was my spiritual life. I decided to stay away from everything that does not make the Lord happy, and focused on what he wanted from me. By that I mean not fighting, not cursing, staying away from temptations that the world has to offer, staying away from negativity, and just staying away from the things that the devil might throw and laugh at my face. Does that make sense?

On page 187 it states, “They also forget that their behavior dishonors God and compromises their witness for Christ. They fail as well to see that it blocks God’s blessing and keeps Him from fulfilling His purpose in their lives.” Let me also quote the verse in the bible that says, “If you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!” (1 Corinthians 10:12). As soon as I read this, I started to cry like a baby because all along I thought I was walking in the right path, and I was not because I had things that made me feel trapped! Trapped in my studies, church, talents, and my ideas that I would had in which I felt were so far away! That moment I decided to look in the mirror and really take my mask off, and started on a road to being clean in the spirit.


I asked the Lord for forgiveness, for a clear mind, and most important of all I asked for peace. From that moment on, I felt like my life changed in literally seconds! I can’t really explain what really happened, but it was a magical moment from that point forward. I started to be more active in church (shout out to my kids and teens!), started to be on point with my studies, and all my ideas that were so far away are literally now becoming a reality. It is so amazing how God works and how he takes you into a roller coaster for you to learn a lesson. Let go and Let God! Page 193 states, “In Christ we are free- free form sin’s slavery, free from sin’s guilt and fear, free from sin’s consequences, even free some sin’s power. Freedom from sin is the rightful privilege of every child of God, because Christ has set us free! It isn’t freedom to do anything we want (for if we did, we’d become sin’s slaves all over again), but the freedom to serve Christ.” PREACH!!!!!!!

That literally gives me goosebumps because it is all true! The more you serve Christ the more blessed you and your family will be. I honestly have no idea why I am feeling this, but I think someone out there needs to hear what I’m about to say today. I do not know what you are going through, but if you are a believer of God: DO NOT GIVE INTO THE DEVILS LIES! You could be going through a divorce, miscarriage, or just a tough time in your life…… when you feel that God is not there……HE ACTUALLY IS! I highly recommend reading my favorite book of the bible which is Job, this book, and you will find all your answers right there! I pray that your life gets better, for you to have a clear mind, and to have an abundance of peace. God is a great God and I know that once you find what you need to fix in your life…you will feel his smile and him saying, “I told you…you were going to be alright.”


It’s a brand new season alright…..and the projects that I had in my mind since I was a little girl are slowly coming true. Here I was worried thinking I would never reach my goal, but God is like “HA! Told you!!!!” and it’s like a nice slap in the face lol! I cannot complain that my life has changed drastically, and with new opportunities each day? that is so amazing and I never thought it would be that way. I am so proud to announce that my group is now official! We will be working strong on our first Christmas presentation, and I cannot wait to see my teens putting their effort to praise God. We are called “The Truth” which has a deep meaning to us all, and I will later share it with you guys. More things are coming so get ready, and join my journey in this crazy adventure called life.

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xoxo-Michele C




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