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Oh my goodness

Alright, so on Tuesday I wrote about announcing something that has been so close to my heart for a while. Also, the person that motivated me is Morgan! Please go ahead and read my previous blog linked on top to find out more. Well, as expected I took a wise decision that is going to change the lives of many, but also so many children that I am willing to help out. I will be finally be doing my own DEVOTIONAL E-BOOK! My goal is to make public by 2019, and selling it for $5. Every single dollar will be used to help out children that are in need, and also I will be vlogging/blogging the whole experience. By 2019, I will be making my own organization, getting a few people to go with me to visit children, and making this dream happen. 

I want to go over to orphanages, visit Children’s Memorial Hospital, and much more. Making a difference in the life of a child is so meaningful because they see that there is someone out there that cares for him/her. My organization will be very different, more than what you see on tv, because you will literally be able to see the life of a child being changed for the better. I am so done with sending money to organizations that literally do not do anything to help out kids, and the only one that I admire is Operation Christmas Child because they show when the children receive the gifts. 

My E-book, which I already started writing, will be a little bit about everything. It will talk about a few of my experiences that so many can relate, along with bible verses, songs, and every single thing that helped me out. I struggled through depression, anxiety, and I never believed in myself until I did every thing that I will be talking about in the Devotional E-book. I pray that every single word will be a blessing to you, and if you can relate to one of the journeys you can let me know so I can help you out and give you more advice. 

I will be giving out a free trial for the first 2 devotionals from the e-book, and from there you can decide if you would like to buy it. If you have made an e-book before please contact me so you will be able to mentor me a little more since this will be my first time. I want to take the time to thank the Lord for everything that he has put me through, and I came out victorious for every single test that I have had during my life. I learned that the teacher stays quiet during a test, and that is exactly how God works. If you put your faith in the Lord during hard times he will pull you out of every single problem, and make people that are not meant to be around you pull themselves out of your life. It’s funny but true lol!  

I cannot wait for this to finally come out on 2019, and I am super excited for the plans that God has in store for me. To all of my mature besties that have always understood me and respected my times, my FYT and MHB that are now my bffs, my boyfriend, and my family it’s going to be an amazing year! For all of you, I know that the Lord has prepared something amazing in your life. Just be patient. Listen. Wait. In that order! I hope you all have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C. 

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  1. Morgan | Barbed Wire and Lace says:

    Mishi, I am so stoked for this!!! I am so happy you decided to do this! ❤️

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Thank you girl!!! You pushed me to do this, and I am so excited!!!! ❤️

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