Winter Vacation

Winter vacation has started and my love for writing has increased. I am planning to do 3 posts every day starting…today lol! Each one will go up on a different hour so you guys can have time reading previous posts. Today I want to talk about children, and a few ideas to keep them entertained now that they will be home. 

I know that every kid loves to play video games, or be stuck on their IPad. When I was small there was no such thing as an IPad or an XBox. You should really try to use this winter vacation to get them active, and not letting them be stuck to a screen 24/7. These are some of the things that you should try to do with the kids.

1. Make them draw their favorite cartoon. 

2. Take them outside to play for a while.

3. Teach them how to bake brownies or their favorite treat. 

4. Show them how to play an instrument. 

5. Do some DIY projects. 

6. Do karaoke with them.

7. Play a board game with them.

8. If you are Latino get the kids to play Loteria! 

9. Learn how to make art latte with your kids. 

10. Go old school and play with clay!

11. Make a drawing competition with them. 

12. Start a winter tradition. 

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As you can see there are so many things that kids can do without being stuck on the internet. Now a days, there is so much bullying as well as bad influences online that will make them trigger, and change the way they are. During this winter vacation, try to keep them occupied with giving them time, and do not let them be alone for one second. If you already have things to do with your children go ahead and share them with me. I would love to know the traditions that you have during winter vacation with your kids. I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.


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