How to start Working-Out

Let’s be real! Starting to work out can be very frustrating because you wished everything happened quick, and by quick I mean getting results. However, this does not work that way because everything happens at a certain pace. Meaning for some it can happen fast or some others it can be slow and this is also depending on the person. Also, you need to have a strong reason as to why you are working so you can achieve your goal! For some people it can be health issues, and for others it can be fitting in a wedding dress. See what I mean? We all have different reasons as to why we want to lose weight, but we forget about the process. In addition, keep in mind that as you get in shape you get tons of benefits which will improve your lifestyle, but also you need to be consistent as well as watching what you eat.

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Health– as you exercise your health starts to improve in a dramatic way! This improves your microbiome which improves the composition that lives in the gut, this strengths your immune system, and also helps with weight control and fights inflammation. 

Happier– Do you suffer depression, stress, and anxiety? Shoot I know I have one of these symptoms, and studies show that once you start to exercise you get happier! This is actually a win for me because now I can’t let a day pass by without getting a 1 hour workout.

Brain– Studies show that as you get a good work-out it improves your brain, and protects your memory.

Slows aging– You want to look young despite of your age? I know I do! By exersising you also reverse ageing at a cellular level, and depending on the intensity the number and health of the mitochondria increases.

Eating– With each day you exercise you start to crave for healthy food! This makes it so much easier for you to even make healthier choices that will improve your health overall.


Set Your Goal

Time– Set a time for you as to when you want to work on a better you. Working out for at least 1 hour a day can help you improve your health. Also, you start getting used to it little by little, and find yourself wanting to do more. 

Short-term– Start with doing short term goals instead of long term ones! By doing short term goals you will be able to tackle each thing from your list, and then you can take it up a notch. By doing short term goals this will prevent you from getting discouraged. 

Plan it– What days do you want to do? We already talked about time but right now you need to think about the days. Start with exercising 3 days a week and keep going at it so when the time comes you can add one more day! 

Be realistic– If you just started exercising don’t push yourself so much because you will only hurt yourself. Start slowly by taking baby steps and keep in mind that you won’t drop 10 pounds in one week because that is impossible. 


Know YOUR Why

New Year New You– Okay so this is a big step for you to understand because so many get discouraged. Try to be consistent with your workouts because it will pay off at the end! So many give up after the second or third week, but the question is why? Chances are they are still eating the same the thing over again, and not exercising enough. 

Slim– We already talked about the improvements, but remember you will also rock a hot body. If you want to look good for the summer with an incredible health then start TODAY, and do not leave it for tomorrow. 

Motivation– Get yourself up and going and put on a dope song! Make sure your playlist is filled with songs that will make you want to wake up, get a good workout in, and also feel your best! 


Learn HOW to eat RIGHT

If you want to see exactly what I started doing please click on the following link so you can see how I started eating when I started working out: What I Eat Now In this article you will find everything I started doing, and trust me it totally works! I will be updating my list in a few weeks so you can follow along!!! 

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Alright folks this is all I have so far, and I hope this helps you out in your journey to get a better lifestyle. I will be talking more about my experience, putting in more detail, talk about different apps, putting up videos, and getting into deeper topics about having the perfect workout. If you guys want to see the journey that my significant other is doing check out his page at: in which he shows drastic pictures! At the end of the day we are all still learning, trying, and making ourselves better. It’s 2019 people so get to it!!!

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.



  1. Chels says:

    You are such an inspiration girl. I’ve definitely been thinking about working out again. I NEED too. I know I will feel much better once I do.

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Omg you should!!! Let me know if you want to do a 30 day challenge with me!….wait…..oh I just got a new idea for FYT lol! I hope you are thinking what I am thinking lol!

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