Singing for beginners

When it comes to music I AM YOUR GIRL! Here I will teach you a few methods that I used to do when I first started to sing. Now keep in mind I am a gospel singer, and I have been singing since the age of 2 years old because half of my family is involved in the music community. This takes time, practice, patience, and so much love! So if you love music and would like to know how to start singing here are some tips for you to improve.

1. Books– Don’t get it twisted I only mentioned the word books, but it is not for you to read them. Lay on the floor, put some books on your abdomen, and sing from “DO” to “DO”. For example, do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do and check if the books are going at the same rhythm as you are singing it. 

2. Do NOT force your throat– Try to sing naturally as if you are just playing around. If you force your throat to sing then you are NOT doing it correctly because it needs to flow naturally from your abdomen. 

3. Nasal– If you are singing nasally then correct it because that is not only annoying, but also it is not a proper way of singing. When you sing nasal you are forcing so much notes into you that you won’t be able to even catch your breath. 

4. Hot drinks– By this I mean tea and warm water! If you are barely starting and learning how to sing then try to avoid cold beverages as well as drinks that have so much sugar. You need to try to drink tea with water so your throat can be ready for when you sing a tune.

5. Copy– When the music starts do you just dance, but not sing? Pick your favorite artist and try to mimic their voice, and try to rest in between a few lyrics so you can go at it again. The more you sing along with the artist the better your voice will be able to be tuned to the song. 

6. Tune your voice– Besides singing from “DO” to “DO” there are other ways to practice in order to be able how to sing. I will leave a link down below so you can check out what I mean by this! 

7. Relax– Try to relax your body when you are learning how to sing because the more tense you are then the more you won’t be able to accomplish anything. Singing takes all of your body to be able to sing out a tune.

8. Riffs & Runs– The famous thing that all of us singers do! Have you heard how Tori Kelly does her riffs? Well, that comes in with practicing along with a musical instrument. I do riffs in my songs, and they come out neat. Try to concentrate on the tune you want to riff, start out slow (very slow), pick it up a notch, and once you are able to do it slowly then put a little speed into it! 

9. Splurge– I would say try to buy a small piano (it can even be a kids piano), and also get a microphone which there are some cheap ones in amazon. You need to really hear your voice, and along with the instrument you will be able to fix your tunes. Besides the actual song from an artist, you need to sing every note that the piano might give you. Basically it is within each key! 

10. Do your own thing– There are always trainers on YouTube for free, but be aware each method they give out is different! Some may work on stuff that you do not even need so my advice is to research what technique is best for you ONCE you have learned how to sing.

11. Niche– Find your niche in the music community! Remember that the ones who can rap cannot sing, others that do r&b cannot do country, and the list goes on so try to find your style in the music world. Once you do that then you will be able to start off successfully into your singing abilities. 

Example #1: 


Example #2:


If this has helped you out in anyway let me know, and I will also put up a cover of mine to show you guys how I sing. I can’t wait to get back into YouTube and just be myself by putting up my content. If you love to sing then give it a go, be yourself, and have fun! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C. 



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