11 ways to improve for 2019

I have been thinking and talking to people that are so busy, but have no time in doing things. Last year went by so fast that I honestly did not feel the time at all! I want 2019 to be different and I am sure you want the same too! So here are 11 ways for you to improve for 2019, and also it will give you time to enjoy this year. 

1. Organize– Organization is key! I have seen that when I have everything very organized I get more energy to do stuff, and I am able to keep track on my time. Plus I find all of my things exactly where they belong instead of being thrown on the floor, or clothes on the chair.

2. Clean– When you clean you see everything that you have lost! Get into the habit of cleaning your home more, and put some music to boost up your mood. Also, you hardly even get sick in a clean home so it is a total win for you.

3. Light– Bring in some sunlight to your life! Make sure the curtains are wide open when it is daytime because if you have it closed it only makes you want to go to sleep. The more sunlight you get the more energy you would also obtain. 

4. Finance– I know we all love to splurge but have you thought of just keeping it simple? Try to do some diys instead of wasting so much money on things you do not need. Learn how to start saving up so you can have enough if you want to go on a vacation this year. Spend wisely! 

5. Health– Get your exercise on and start eating healthy! Start by doing baby steps this whole month, and watch yourself getting better at it in the next coming months. Do not give up and work on your goal! 

6. Faith– This is important because it keeps you moving throughout the year. No matter how things go have faith that everything will come to pass. When I am in a difficult situation, I start to think of myself a week from that day, and I laugh because I know that I will be okay. 

7. Friends– Ha! Pick your friends wisely!!! If you have a feeling in your gut that they are not the ones to be in your circle then cut them off completely. You are doing this for yourself because remember who you hang around with not only reflects who you are, but also how you do and feel. 

8. Learn– Try to learn something new this year and stick to it! Remember that everything takes time, patience, and love at what you will be learning. So take this year to get on track and heck learn an instrument or even a new language! That is exactly what I started doing!

9. Don’t be afraid– This year DO YOU! This year is YOUR YEAR! Make sure you make the best of it, and don’t let peoples opinions get to you. If you want to do something then JUST DO IT! I just sounded like the Nike logo lol! 

10. Planner– Keep a planner with you at all times and get ahead of your game. The more you plan things then the more you will be able to accomplish your own goal. Remember to put the date as to when you want to achieve your goal too so it can give you motivation!

11. Relax– This year try to relax in every way possible! Sure you might have to go to work or even to school, but you need to have peace in it all. Take some time away, turn off social media, go MIA for a few days, and concentrate on YOU! This totally helps because I do it too! You even get back new energy to accomplish each task you set your mind to. 

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This is all I have today! What do you wish to accomplish this year? Whatever it is you do I hope you get to your goal!!! Remember the only person stopping you is…YOU so go ahead and do you boo! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.


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