10 ways to revamp your blog

When it comes to renew your blog it takes TIME! Especially because you need it to look good for everyone to watch. If you use wordpress or any other type of site for your blog, and would like to know how to make your blog stand out I am going to share with you all the sites that are going to be your best friend, and also it will help you out if you are just starting. However, a small secret that I will share right now is that I learned from when Myspace was well known! I used to tweak my profile, made things float, and everything was due to HTML so I spent my whole entire time learning. So if you had Myspace before then doing your blog should be a piece of cake.

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HTML is going to be your best friend because if there is something that does not look good you can totally go into “html” mode, and tweak things from there. It takes time but it is so worth it. For example, the site that I love the most shows you exactly what to do, and you get to practice on the site.




Editing pictures can be time consuming because you always need to find the right filter, or even the right size to crop. The site that I used to use, and still love in using is ipiccy! Here is the link for you to check it out.



CSS is another good one, sort of like HTML, but a little bit different. I hardly ever use this because HTML is easier for me. However, if you would like to check this out then I will leave the link down below.



Get out of your comfort zone, and start new! I would say to get brand new topics, and just do you. The more you write what is on your mind then the more viewers you will be able to get. Get a notebook and start to write down whatever comes on your mind first. It can even be about memes, cars, electronics, and more!

Social Media

Connect all of your social media on your blog! This is because it will help your viewers to follow you on other platforms, and get to know you more. Even if you STILL have Myspace, it can make your viewers click back to your old profile. 


Make an introduction video to your site, I still haven’t done mine, but I am in the process in doing it. Upload the video to YouTube and heck you might even get subscribers! Put the video in your static page so when your website loads the video will be the first thing people will look at. 


Go to different sites that you love, you can even check mine, and get an idea as how you want your site to look. Take notes down and try to format your own blog little by little, and even go to different sites to see if there is a format on sale. There are so many out there you just need to look into different sites. Google profiles for websites and you might find what you need.


Do your friends love reading your blog? Ask them to write a testimonial on your blog so people can see it! If your blog is to help people, try to first help your friends and family members that support you. Open up a different page on your site and title it as testimonials. When that is done let your friends know to write something for you! 


If you have a business running, I would highly suggest to put your location so people can go check out your merchandise. Get out there and stop worrying about what people will think of what you do! Plus it will look super professional because you are running your own business. 

Out-stand It

Get something that you really are passionate about, and make a specific page just for that! Or you can add it as in your about me page, and make sure you add specific links to it so viewers can click to learn more. 


This is all I have for today! If you have learned anything from here I am so glad you did, and if you have more ideas on how to revamp a blog go ahead and share it with me! I might even put your website on my next blog post that way you can get engagement too! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.


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