How to start a blog

Starting a blog is no joke because at the end of the day it is something that will become part of your life. Before of starting think of your “whys” as into doing a blog because it can be for many reasons. Here I am going to teach you how to start it so you will not have any problems in the future. 

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Research a site

Start looking around the internet in seeing which site you would want to your start your blog at. For example, WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, or even Weebly and look up the pros and cons to each one. I would highly suggest to make a free blog site first before you start to monetize it so you can practice, and get the hang of the format that the site has to offer.


Find to domain that is right for you, easy for others to remember, and easy to look it up online. My suggestion would be to name your site the same as your other platforms so that no one else can take the name away from you. For example, if your instagram is “livinglife” then your site should be “”, net, org, or whichever you prefer to use. 


Once you have created your free site, play around with the formats that the sites are offering to you. Try to see which profile is better for your website, since you are just starting, and look up on YouTube or he reference that the profile might have so your site can look like the demo or even better. 


Setup your widget are to your sidebar so people have access to the rest of your platforms as well as important information that you might want to give out. Also, use the footer widget area and you can input a calendar, text, or even a countdown! 

Follow Buttons

This is a big one because you need your viewers to follow you for future posts! You need to put all the buttons on your side bar, or your footer area so when people scroll they will know where to press to follow you.

Get attention

Have you seen those popup messages in each site where they will say to sign up if you are on their site? Mailchimp is a really great site to use and also you can create a newsletter based on what you are trying to promote. 


If you have a twitter, instagram, or even facebook then you should take advantage of these platforms and announce to everyone about your blog! 


Try to join blogger boards on Pinterest to get your name out there a little more. There are so many blogger boards, and facebook blogger boards where you can get an answer if you have a doubt about something in your blog. 


Get an idea of what types of pictures you want your website because it needs to stand out! Try to make sure your website is eye-please,  and that the pictures relate to your blog. For example, you cannot put a coffee-mug picture on a music blog outline because that will confuse the reader, and might end up clicking out of your site.


Try to ask everyone you know what they would want to read! There are so many topics that you can talk about, but try to make sure that your readers have a variety material so they can check out your content. 


If you have a website already, how did you start? I would really love to know so go ahead and either comment or message away! If you want to read the other topics that I talked about blogging please be sure to click on the following links. Good luck in building your site, and if you would love for me to check it out then let me know!

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Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.


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