Sleek Makeup Unboxing

Influenster come through!!!! This company is honestly amazing because you get things in exchange for a review. Shipping is free, you don’t have to pay nothing, and you just review away. The only thing you need to do is put in your address and you are set! Are you interested in joining? Then what are you waiting for! Download the app and click on the link that I will provide for you so you can join NOW! It is easy, takes seconds, and you get products! Make sure you follow the rules in what they want for you to do to get selected. To join click the following link:


I got selected to review Sleek Makeup! In my box I got and eyeshadow palette, highlighting palette, and eye liner. 


I love this palette because it has all the colors I love! This includes shimmering purples, intense ultra violet, and smoldering gold shades. Just check this out!


The other thing that I got in the box was the highlighting palette! 


This comes with two velvety powders and two luxurious cream formulas. The golden, metallic finishes add a radiant and luminous glow to the skin. 


Next thing I got is the Fierce Felt Liner!




This is all I got in my box, and I am in love with all the colors! It felt like Christmas when I got my box lol! The pigment is true to its color, and it is easy to take off without a problem. If you would like to join influenster make sure you click on the link I provided on the top of this article! If you have tried these products, let me know if you liked them and what is your favorite! Don’t wait and join the community now! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.


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