Unboxing Beauty Products

Let me start off with, I LOVE INFLUENSTER!!! If you have no idea what it is trust me… TRUST ME you are missing out! This is a company where you do NOT pay for shipping, pay for products, and in order to recieve a product you need to do campagins and you also need to review. No credit card required, shipping is free, and the only thing you need is your address! Are you ready? If you want to join in go ahead and click on the link to enroll! It is easy, takes seconds, and it is free! Make sure you download the app first and then click on the link that I will provide for you. 



Today I want to talk about what I won! When you win something from influenster it is because you have done exactly what they send you. For example, reviews, posting on social media, and even visiting either ulta or sephora. This is what came in the mail and the products that I won! Check this out! 


I am going step by step so the first thing that I won was this dry hair spray.


The next thing that I won was the Lancome Paris LE METALLIQUE in the color Mirrored Nude.


The next thing that I won was the SinfulColors Professional Nail Polish Glow In The Dark in the color “Witch Hazel Bohn”.


Last but not least I won the Skin Ceuticals H.A Intensifier “Corrective Serum Amplifies Skin’s Hyaluronic Acid Levels By 30%”



This is all that I won in just one box! Now stay tuned because I got something else that I want to show you all that I got from this amazing company. I am very excited to try all these products especially the nail-polish!!!! I am literally so hyped because it is glow in the dark lol! Which was your favorite item so far? Or what have you tried? Let me know! And I hope you join influenster! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.


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