How to make a blog post go viral

So it’s March and the one thing that people have been asking me is: “How can I make a blog post go viral Michele?” Okay, I will give you the TEA in how that happens, but remember that it may or it may not work for you.

As a creator of my own blog, I like to talk about things that interest me, post about random topics, and I just like to keep it simple. I love to stay in touch with my audience as if I would have the person face to face. However, coming up with a blog post that would go viral can be very hard because a lot of creators are trying to get out there! 

Some blog posts that go viral are topics that are just to “risky” or topics that so many people search for, but they are already written down in the most famous blogging sites. Some of the topics that make a blog go viral are the following:

1. Politics 

2. Religion

3.Is marriage for you

4. Is my relationship going down hill

and one of the most famous sites talk about celebrity issues that many people just follow on Instagran. For example, The Kardashians or there are even sites that DO NOT have accurate information, but just want to make stuff up with a topic that will catch the attention of the audience. 

There is just one big risk into writing about the topics above, and that is if you get wrong information get ready for hate mail. Get ready to LITERALLY go viral but so many people will not like you, or your name will be in peoples mouth labeling you as a liar or psychopath. Also, facebook will go insane by putting you out there but it will be for the wrong reasons. You see what I am trying to say?

Going viral, becoming famous, but being very liked among the social media community takes TIME. You can not expect to go viral just by talking about, ” Is Jeannie Mai being REAL about her ex?”, “Gloria Estefan summons a Tsunami”, “Did Cardi B curse out Arianna Grande?”, or even worse talk about the government of the USA WITHOUT having real information to back up your post. 

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If you really want your blog to go viral I would highly suggest to talk about things that will be bring good, and most of all come up with a topic that will be click-bait but not to the point of “calling someone out”. Now the question is why must the click-bait not be negative?

If you do a click-bait about a topic, but the title is “negative” then trust me people are going to want to hear that! They could care less about something good that is going on in peoples life. Also, they will say you just did that to get numbers and for your ratings to go high. The more you do that then the more people will click away from your blog.

One of the topics that I am dying to write about is the issue between Jeffere Star and Manny Mua. We all know Manny is such a fake!!! But how can I back this up? Is due to information that not only Jeffere posted up, but also other makeup artist that are involved. However, this is OLD news so I need to keep an eye out on fresh things that go down in the community. 


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Another tip is to keep an eye out on information that you can back up your claims. Make sure that everything is legit, come from a good source, and please do not be like other bloggers that just “write” for the simple reason that you have a computer at home. That is such a turn off for social media, and we all do not have time for that! 

Be aware that EVERYONE is hunting for a good spicy topic to talk about in their blog. You need to be at least one of the first ones to hear a certain news, but the moment you hear that RESEARCH it the moment you hear it! Then POST IT UP ASAP! It’s the same thing for YouTube! The faster a song comes out then remember the words, learn the melody, and the next day post it up as an acapella or with an instrument to be one of the first ones to watch. 


So how do you viral? how long does it take?  It all depends on you! If you want to be the most hated person on the web then go ahead, invent some things, and write away. I mean I can’t get any more real then this! If you want to be the most loved person online then write about things that you already have valid proof, and be authentic do not copy other bloggers format. 

I will be talking about a few celebrities that have caught my eye later on, but first I need to get valid information to back me up. What do ya’ll think about this post? I hope this helped some of you out, and always remember to be patient when having your own blog. Get creative, keep posting, and be you! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. signature.png




  1. 🙂 Hmm. I would not refer to myself as, “Viral”. But I do know one of the best ways for a blog to attract a lot of attention is to publish lots of high-quality content on it.

    Sounds simple, right?

    Actually, it is since people will go out of their way to share “Epic” content on their social media accounts.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. MishiPcm says:

      So true! Thank you so much for your comment! I hope you have an awesome day. 🙂

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