Olivia Jade & Lori Loughlin paid degree

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We all remember that person in Full House who played as Aunt Becky right? lol! Turns out Lori Loughlin is involved in a felony that is about paying…PAYING a degree for her daughter. What do I mean by this? She paid about $500,000 in order for her daughter to just get a degree with no work. The media has been going nuts, students are angry, and to be honest I am too!

We ALL work hard in order to get a career, have about 2 jobs, and no sleep to get to our goal while Olivia Jade just gets her degree. She took away spots that other students deserved based on her mother’s bribe, and they thought they would never get caught. This week everything was exposed and till now Lori has deactivated her social media accounts.

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Lori got caught by the police, went to court, but she paid to get out about $1M while keeping her passport till December. Also, right now it has been said that Olivia Jade was kicked out from Sephora, and Lori got fired from Hallmark! AMAZING!!!! Now I bet you are wondering what are my thoughts about all of this huh? Well, trust me I am about to rant! Oh by the way, they aren’t the only ones that got caught because other actors did the same crap. Felicity Huffman is one of those actors that bribed too!

I feel like all of these people deserve jail time, and this is the definition of white privilege. There are so many other students that work SO HARD in order to get a degree! I worked very hard in order to be where I am at, and this is not fair at all! So many in line waiting to get accepted in a good school for these people to BRIBE universities with money? Shoot, if that’s the case please let one of these actors know to pay for mine!  

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This system is so corrupt and we can see this by what is going on in education. Olivia Jade even posted a video saying she could care less about school, but she only wanted to have the experience of parties and games. I have never met a person so stupid as her, and she even thought she was going to get away with this. I will list down a link to see what has just announced about her collaboration with sephora ending lol! 


I am going to end this post with a joke lol are you ready?! *ahem* Kinda funny that on the show the twins went to college, but at the end they ended up with a fish taco truck. Want to know how they got to college though? The answer is:

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ya’ll remember this episode…lol! Oh and they predicted it too! ha! What are your thoughts on this? I used to be a big fan of this lady till today because all respect has been lost. It is not okay for letting a thieve like her, and her family to be out in these streets. I will post updates in case this lady reactivates her social media accounts, or until I see a statement by her. Until then, if you are a “full house” lover try not to watch “fuller house” because that actually gives her money, or any show that involves any actors that bribed too! I hope you are having a great day or night depending on where you are at.

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 




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