It’s all about the music

Doing a wedding is a process….a LONG process! From getting the venue, the cake, and food there is so much to do! However, the real complicated part is literally the music, and I will explain why so keep reading. 

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So many people spend a TON of money to get a good band, or pay someone that is somewhat “famous” to perform for them. However, with tons of money already wasted why spend it on a live performance? We all have different types of music that we enjoy, but what we like can set the tone for the whole day. What I mean is, you can have the wedding in the most elegant place, but if the music isn’t right you better pray people would still like it.

If you are doing your wedding in a place where it is very simple, it doesn’t have a lot of “bling/glam”, but the music is on point then trust me that everyone will remember your wedding. My fiance and I think ahead of the game and by that we mean that we already know what we want. Not to mention, we are both very good in not spending so much cash for just one day because to be honest….. it is pointless.

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Knowing that I have to spend money on music, makes me super anxious, yet being a singer I already know what to do. The week I got engaged, I knew that the first thing that was going to take time was to find the music I wanted to be played. So guess what I did? I took two whole hours in creating a playlist on Spotify with the music Carlos and I love! Basically I am already ahead of the game with that because now I can rest knowing I got my music!

I have a ton of songs that will be played via spotify, and I already have an idea of what I want to be played in the ceremony too. For the ceremony, I have a few people that will play and sing for me so that is all fixed. Here is my advice for you: Pick the songs that you and your significant other like! Don’t go based on people’s opinions because that will take you no where, and be smart when picking out a band if you prefer to go that route.

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So now for the big question: If you are already married, what advice can you give me? I would really like to know, in terms on how to plan an event like this. I have my own ideas which I will be sharing along the way, and I hope this helps out tons of girls out there prepare for their unforgettable day. Also, if there are girls that are still single, yet are picturing their wedding, I hope that once they read what I have to say they can have an idea of what they want.

If you haven’t done so already you can click on the links that I will provide for you so you can see how I got engaged, and also be updated with the “Engaged, now what?” series that I am doing. Remember I post everyday at 6 pm and 7 pm central so be subscribed to my blog to stay up to date!



Engaged, but what happens now?

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.




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