Tips for self-care

My time. My day. My Self.

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If there is one thing that I love is having time… ALONE! Take myself out to walk around the garden, taking myself out to eat, going to the store alone, seeing movies alone, and getting my glam…ALONE! I mean no friends, partner, or family just ALONE. When you spend time on your own you get to discover more about yourself. Your potential, conquer your fears, revamping your inner self, and if you have the money then revamping your clothes lol! 

What I like to do on my own time is getting my nails done while watching a movie with no interruptions, and snacking in between. I usually put my phone on just as an emergency, but other than that I won’t even answer to text messages. I love enjoying people’s company, but sometimes I just get to anxious and I want to be in a place where I can just reboot my energy.

I also like to sit outside while hearing the birds, and writing down music or even poems that come to my mind. Another thing that I love is creating something new in the kitchen, and trying it out for the first time. There is always something to do for your own self that no one will be able to comprehend, and that is okay! So here are a few tips for self care that I hope you try out…even though I already said a lot of them. 

I forgot to mention, cry while watching a sad movie…I mean the notebook! lol! What tips do you have for self-care? I would really like to know so go ahead comment below, or like some of you do go and send me a message! Remember that I post everyday at 6 pm- 7pm Central time (I try to) so subscribe to my blog to be updated!

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.



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