It’s My Birthday!

It’s my birthday!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! Here are some of the things that I am grateful from this past year. 


1. For God giving me many more days to see the sun, and be with my loved ones.
2. Learned that God takes away the negativity from your life when you least expect it. 
3. I saw that when you pray for fake people to go away they usually end up being from your circle.
4. Learned to be EXTRA patient because the timing of God is beyond perfect.
5. Got one of my dream jobs.
6. Got engaged this year and getting married this year!!
7. Started back into my fitness journey.
8. Made a few dreams come true and much more to come by the end of the year.
9. Made new friendships and unforgettable moments with them. 
10. Got better with my time management.
11. Learned to have more time for myself.
12. Created new content to put up by July.
13. Bought my new camera, mac desktop, cellphone, and a few more things with 1 paycheck.
14. Got more time to be with my little sister. 
15. Started learning more about the culture of my husband to be. Ecuador baby! 
16. Stopped trying to please people because I now put myself first. 
17. Stopped having a filter about every single topic. 
18. I started to care less about people opinions about my decisions. 
19. Honored God even more with everything I do. 
20. I started going to sleep more peacefully at night. 
21. Prayed even more then the past few years.
22. Got back to my 90s music because lets be real this new music now a days is TRASH!
23. Started composing brand new music for my album (surprise!) lol! 
24. Got new traditions to be doing with my finace which I will write about this a lot!
25. Got a new schedule so I have time to do everything, and even be with my friends! 
26. Added a few countries I want to go to in my bucket list. Which I will starting next year!
27. Made a plan to buy a house with my hubby to be. 
28. Got a few other secrets that I will reveal this coming year. 


Turning 29 is going to be a wild year for me, and saying goodbye to my 20s will be tough. Each year that passes by gets a little more fun because there are many new things to learn, and places to explore. For everyone that has been in my blogging journey, the new ones that barely subscribed, and the ones who always ask how I am when I am away for a bit….THANK YOU! I hope that my blog brings you inspiration, love, and lots of blessings through every word that you read from your screen. I am so grateful to God for this brand new year that has been given me, going around the sun one more time, because at the end of the day all the glory and honor is to HIM. Well ya’ll this is it for today because I am off to keep enjoying my birthday, and I am so excited because this weekend the party doesn’t end lol! Love ya’ll lots!!!!! 

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  1. Elber Oum says:

    Happy birthday 🎉🎉

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