First Friendsgiving

Over the years, I have always pictured doing a party at my own place along with my husband. This year we literally went all out since it was our first party that we made! One rule that I always live by is that being on a budget is key! I feel like there are a lot of people that spend so much money, but they keep forgetting the memories that they will make. 


Carlos and I laughed at the end of the day because not only was our Friendsgiving memorable, but we honestly winged it. You see we fixed our place last minute, and I wished I took a picture of how our living room looked before. We had so many boxes and it was so empty when we moved in. We didn’t even have a Christmas tree! So on the day of the party, we literally woke up at 6:30 a.m and went shopping! We got all of our stuff together and by 11:30 am we were already cleaning our place. Look at how it turned out! 



What I love about all of this is that we both got very detailed in such short amount of time. Carlos told me we should have filmed everything and post it on our channel lol! The truth is, even if we did that, we wouldn’t even had the time to film because I forgot to charge my cannon camera, and only had my phone. My favorite thing about our apartment is that it has double doors that divide the living room, and the kitchen.

So basically I created two types of vibes! In the living room, I had my lights dimmed (first picture showed) with Christmas jazz playing in the background. Meanwhile in the kitchen, the lights were on with Colombian Christmas salsa playing in the background. Another thing that we nailed was our bathroom! We literally tried to make it seem as if you are walking into a Hilton hotel lol! We also did our very own sweet table which by the end of the day we had too much sweets! 



We had turkey, Mac and cheese, beans, rice, briskets, tons of sweets, chips and dips, and much more. I literally told our friends to take a lot of food back to their place cause our fridge was full. Next came in the selfies and videos!! I am telling you though, this doesn’t make justice to the amount of fun we all had lol!


& of course is it really a party if there aren’t people singing? We went old school with the songs! 


What a day!!! Now that I have experienced this I think I know exactly what to do for the Christmas party I am planning on doing. There is never a dull party at Château CC place! Now I would like to know is how do you guys make a party? Send me a message or comment below what do you do to organize during the holidays!






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