I was feeling epic

Hello again….I know…I know…I have been gone for so long and I finally appeared again, but let me tell you I needed the time off social media. So much has happened during this pandemic that I just needed to take a few steps away from everything and everyone. After losing a lot of people that I love due to Covid, I figured that just spending time with my family was the best decision that I could take. So what are the updates? Here let me put them down for you:

First, let me tell y’all that I completely changed my lifestyle, and I finally lost 20 pounds! In this blog, I will be sharing all the recipes that I am doing, how I am losing weight, what I am drinking, and much more. Honestly, the first thing that you need to change is your mindset in which I will touch on that a little further on. 

Second, I changed jobs, and I am in the most happiest place ever! As a scientist, its hard to find yourself in a place where you do not feel excluded. That will be another subject in which I will talk about later on too. I know that a lot of people would feel out of place, but trust me it takes a leap of faith to move on further in your career.

Third, I have bonded more with my family, got along with the ones I thought were toxic, and took the negative ones out. This also includes my circle of friends, which I prayed for God to take away (they took themselves out so thanks for saving me the time!), and reconnected with the ones that matter the most! 

So far, those will be the only updates that I will give you because I was thinking that if I keep going I will never stop, and this post will become a long one. So stay tuned, I will post as many days as I can per week, turn on your notifications, I have a few products that I want to share with y’all, and I bet you all are thinking; “Are you a mom yet?” And no worries….that is in the works…for the near future. Ha!!!

I can’t wait to share my new journey with ya’ll and also I will be giving you guys more relationship advices, and new ideas to spice up your marriage life. Also, my husband will probably write once in a while so make sure your significant other reads that when he posts. I am so happy that you are all well and now the question is…..how are you? What’s your update? how is life treating you? 

Wherever you are I hope you are okay, enjoying your time, and most of all have a blessed day. 


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