December calls for

Hot Chocolate recipe!

Hey everyone! The holidays are finally here, and why not enjoy it with a nice cup of hot chocolate. However, this one comes with a twist due to my culture that even more so now I make it a huge deal. As stated before, I am Guatemalan and Colombian, and my husband is 100% Ecuadorian. So we tried to combine both of our recipes into one, to make the best hot chocolate that ya’ll will be like, “wait…butter?!” ha! Check it down below!

The recipe is on my video that I posted on instagram. If you try it then please let me know, and make sure to follow me on all my platforms as I will be posting new things. Are you ready to see my next blog post? Stay tune because today it’s all about posting blogs. I will also make sure to make a blog of my health, and just to catch up on life. Love you darlings!


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