About Me



hey darlings! My name is Michele and I am the writer and creator behind my blog! My family calls me Paloma, my friends call me Mishi, others call me Mish, and people that know me since I was little call me Mishelita. Which is why my blog is named MishiPcm.

My vision for this blog is to share with you all my love for music, children, products that I love, and my healthy lifestyle. Every word that reaches your screen comes from the heart and prayer in hoping that it will touch or change your life. 

Besides blogging, I also opened up my YouTube channel in which I am looking forward to put up my music. I also have a channel with my fiancé which you can check us out as Mishi & Carlos in which we will update our channel. 

I am so grateful to be in this community, and have a platform in which not only I can communicate with you, but also to be able to speak out my mind. Join me in this journey as we learn and discover the wonders that God has created.