Flashback Friday

Here is another song for ya’ll do you remember?? Let me know what song takes you back in time! I will be doing a flashback Friday as well as a Throwback Thursday about music. Stay tune for more wedding tips, and if you haven’t already make sure you catch up on the series that IContinue reading “Flashback Friday”

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday means taking it back to the good old days when songs actually had a meaning. I present ya’ll the song by Leona Lewis!!!! Every time this song came on the radio I couldn’t help, but try to hit every note with her. Anyways, here it is and happy Thursday!!! Stay tuned every ThursdayContinue reading “Throwback Thursday”

Tips for self-care

My time. My day. My Self. If there is one thing that I love is having time… ALONE! Take myself out to walk around the garden, taking myself out to eat, going to the store alone, seeing movies alone, and getting my glam…ALONE! I mean no friends, partner, or family just ALONE. When you spendContinue reading “Tips for self-care”

Wedding party favors

Music, games, food, and party favors for people to take home! Okay lets be honest, every wedding that you have probably been (especially if you are Latino) we ALL have that one person that takes away even the centerpieces! You see all them aunts and grandmas take the centerpieces in their bag as if theyContinue reading “Wedding party favors”