Food you MUST try

I love searching on YouTube new things to try out, and by far there is one channel that I am obsessed!  Well, okay scratch that off there has always been one of my favorite actors, but at the same time SHE CAN SING! I am talking about the iconic Tia Mowry! Today I will beContinue reading “Food you MUST try”

7 Tips for your blog

I have seen so many blogs that are just all over the place, (just like I used to be once) , and sometimes I feel like I want to shoot them a message. Let me teach you what I have learned throughout my blogging experience, and what I have improved. TOPICS Let me start off withContinue reading “7 Tips for your blog”

Jonas Brothers

My childhood days are screaming right now……literally with every single right…..because….ugh…I am going to stop and just watch this…………….   They are BACK!!! Well to be honest they are brothers so this band never really “broke up”, but trust me all the other boy bands have LEFT THE CHAT! I am sooo exctied and hypedContinue reading “Jonas Brothers”