Hello World!

Hey everyone!! O…M….G!!! I have exciting news! I have new videos on YouTube!!! I currently have two channels, and I am loving it! I have challenges and much more! from beauty, music, and etc. Here are the links for you guys to check it out:    Mishi & Carlos  <<< CLICK HERE!!!  Click  above thatContinue reading “Hello World!”


Just a thought

People now a days cannot find comfort in their own zone. They think that everything will just fall into place without working hard. You see, when you do so many things, that feeling of not being able to accomplish anything, always comes to mind. School, work, family, and more can be a complicated situation whenContinue reading “Just a thought”

Back to school supplies

Alright, so many of us are going back to school because I mean education is essential right? Especially during this time where the world just seems to act stupid, but it also comes with spending on so many things. From tuition to supplies I took the liberty to nail down the specifics that we willContinue reading “Back to school supplies”

Food Adventures: Cuban!

As many of you may know I have a STRONG relationship with FOOD! Yesterday during my lunch break, I was craving for Cuban food because well…I saw a video from Buzzfeed where the “Try Guys” were trying out Cuban food and their traditions lol! I personally have a cousin who is half Cuban and GuatemalanContinue reading “Food Adventures: Cuban!”

Beautiful Guatemala

2 weeks without posting, but now I am back!  Hey everyone!! Man oh man these 2 weeks flew by so quickly that I even lost track of the time! As some of you may have already known, I traveled to Guatemala to see my mothers side of the family. The fact that I have noContinue reading “Beautiful Guatemala”


Ahhh! So I am traveling tomorrow and I still have not packed…I am just sitting here thinking of work, and hearing music….that is what happens when you work too much lol! Plane rides are literally the best! I have the habit that whenever I travel I try my best to get the window seat.

Déjà vu

Hey ya’ll! Have any of you ever had a dream that felt so real that when you wake up you think it happened the day before? Well, this happened to me today when I woke up. I was dreaming that I was in an event that I was leading, and when I woke up itContinue reading “Déjà vu”

Food Adventure: Korean BBQ

Well where do I start? I am in LOVE with Korean BBQ! It was one of the best experiences that I ever had, and totally worth the price. Just look at these pictures!