Life Is Short

This week has been very stressful for me…a good friend of mine who was like my brother passed away. It got me thinking of the concept of life, and how it is very short. Even with a blink of an eye you can miss so much of what this earth has to offer. There areContinue reading “Life Is Short”



Many people around the world during this month think of Easter as in the “Easter egg hunt” or getting together with family, and friends to just have a good time. No one actually stops to think during this time what the real reason behind this weekend really is, or they try to ignore it becauseContinue reading “Easter”

Unboxing Exactly

Last Unboxing of the day! So exciting!   Alright lets get right into the products because there are a lot!    Pure Leaf – $ 4.99 at Target Chocolate TCHO-  WHOSSH!- $9.99 at Target Bras- Cascade- $3.99 at Target Now and Later Sour Shell Shock- $5.99 at Target Aussie- $5.99 at Target Ebooks ForContinue reading “Unboxing Exactly”

Unboxing BzzAgent

Alright, Up next is BzzAgent!  If any of you LOVE energy drinks then this is for you!     I have tried all of them already! I love all of these flavors, but what I love the most is how it gave me a boost. I found myself more awake, which I liked, but alsoContinue reading “Unboxing BzzAgent”

Unboxing PinchMe

Hey everyone! here I introduced PinchMe! Like I said in my previous blog post it felt like Christmas seeing the mailman bringing in these amazing goodies! The first thing in this box that I got was Sensodyne toothpaste: I know about this toothpaste because I am a user lol! For people who have sensitive teeth orContinue reading “Unboxing PinchMe”

Unboxing Influenster

Hey you guys! This week felt like Christmas when I saw that the mailman gave me all my boxes! Let me get right into it!  The first one you see here is from Influenster! and the other ones I will write a separate blog for each one!    Let me start with the first productContinue reading “Unboxing Influenster”

Sunday Devotional

Alright its Sunday Devotional you guys! Today I want to talk about a verse that stood out for me this whole entire week, and I know this is just God testing my faith because I am going through a time where I need to be stronger than ever. The verse is the following: Do notContinue reading “Sunday Devotional”

Weekend Loading…

The week finally ended! I cannot believe how this week ended so fast. If felt like if it was just yesterday that I was rushing just to finish up a lab report to turn in to my professor lol! Anyways how are you guys? You know I have so many thing to tell ya’ll becauseContinue reading “Weekend Loading…”

Oh Monday!

Monday started off good! My classes are finally picked out for next semester meaning I will be done by Spring of 2018! I cannot believe that I am so close to graduation, and about to complete my goal. It feels like yesterday as if I just started to decide what major I was going toContinue reading “Oh Monday!”


How many of you live in the Chicago land area!? Or how many of you are planning to visit this amazing city? Well I have just the spot for you guys to go and get amazing deserts! I stopped by Hendrickx Bakery to get this amazing desert.   They also have the following: Hungry yet?Continue reading “Desserts”