How to make a blog post go viral

So it’s March and the one thing that people have been asking me is: “How can I make a blog post go viral Michele?” Okay, I will give you the TEA in how that happens, but remember that it may or it may not work for you. As a creator of my own blog, IContinue reading “How to make a blog post go viral”


Willow Elizabeth Shop

Today I am so excited to introduce Willow Elizabeth! These earrings are AMAZING and they are perfect for everyday use. They have different sizes and also beautiful colors! These are the ones that I received check this out! I use these daily and everyone loves them! I am head over heels for these earrings andContinue reading “Willow Elizabeth Shop”


Hey ya’ll I am back!!! After having a trip to Guatemala for two weeks I am back with new content. Today I am super excited to collab with Squeezamals!!!! I arrived home yesterday night, and I came just in time because my squeezamals arrived in the mail. Here is how it looked like in theContinue reading “Squeezamals”

From Cold to Warm

After a long week of being cold, and having the flu I am back! First off, the place where I live hit the negatives….Chicago ya’ll…I mean I love it and hate it at the same time because you are never to sure if it is going to snow, or it will be summer. Today weContinue reading “From Cold to Warm”

Quotes that Inspire me

When I used to have depression and anxiety back in the day I would always go on Instagram or Pinterest and look at the most random quote ever. Sometimes by reading a few quotes can change your whole entire mood! Last year, I wrote a poem about anxiety and depression which if you would likeContinue reading “Quotes that Inspire me”