VCR Homemade Videos

How many of you were born in the era of VCRs?! I was one of them a proud 90s baby, and not ashamed to say that I even had the chance to see those A-tracks. Ya’ll remember those? The day of Thanksgiving, my father took out all the old homemade videos, the VCR, and theContinue reading “VCR Homemade Videos”


How to have faith

So before I go on with my  post, I know that I haven’t updated on my social media my other blogs so before you read this one go ahead and read the ones I wrote during last week lol! Whistle while you wait 5 favorite shows The Lion King Whistle while  you wait talks aboutContinue reading “How to have faith”


December has started and so did the end of the year as well!!! A few more weeks to kiss 2018 goodbye, and start  like never before. I am so hyped because I will be doing a video especially for an organization that a good friend of mine is doing. I will talk more about itContinue reading “December”

Whistle while you wait

You might be wondering why the title “Whistle while you wait” am I right? Today I want to talk about why waiting for the right person to walk into your life is very important. I have met many people that always want to rush into a relationship, and end up getting hurt in the end.Continue reading “Whistle while you wait”

5 favorite shows

Okay so I cannot believe that it is already Thursday, and this week will be almost over. Today I want to talk about 5 of my favorite shows to watch on Netflix! If you have some that you would like me to watch please let me know so I can go ahead, and check itContinue reading “5 favorite shows”

The Lion King

When I was a little girl my favorite movie was The Lion King, and till this day it STILL is! I remember that I had my second best friend named Alexis, and we both cried so much when Mufasa died. Quick story Alexis was very special to me because we did everything together, and itContinue reading “The Lion King”

Gift ideas for her

So Thanksgiving is done, and lets face it…..Christmas is around the corner. Let’s get real for a moment… some girls are just too picky, and are never happy with what a guy gives them so to help out a little bit I will give out the most easy solution ever! Cash. Gift cards. Go outContinue reading “Gift ideas for her”

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving is over and there are still many things to be thankful. This week has been amazing, and full of memories! For some it was the last time spending Thanksgiving as a non-married couple (HA!), for others it was the first time spending a Thanksgiving with all the family being reunited, and for some itContinue reading “Thanksgiving Recap”

Thanksgiving 2018

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!! You get  turkey, you get a turkey, and everyone gets a turkey!!!!!   Well November is finally here and in a week or so we will already be in that Christmas month! My house is smelling all types of different food, and people are starting to come in making this day complete.Continue reading “Thanksgiving 2018”