Positive for Covid19

This is the reason why I haven’t been posting so much during this lock-down. Before you read please keep in mind that everyone who gets this virus may experience something different. Thank you. How does it feel finding out that you have covid19? Anxiety, depression, and uncertainty of not knowing if you will be makingContinue reading “Positive for Covid19”

Quotes that Inspire me

When I used to have depression and anxiety back in the day I would always go on Instagram or Pinterest and look at the most random quote ever. Sometimes by reading a few quotes can change your whole entire mood! Last year, I wrote a poem about anxiety and depression which if you would likeContinue reading “Quotes that Inspire me”

Planning with my God

A lot of people ask me how in the world am I planning for the future without fear. Others ask me how do I wake up in the morning thinking it is always the weekend. The answer is simple and that is planning with God. I carry a planner every single day where I writeContinue reading “Planning with my God”

Weekend Vibes

All things are working for my good, all things are working for me, it is well in my soul. hallelujah! Click on here to read more!

The best in Me

For you I am grateful. For you I am blessed. Because of you I know who I am. Because of you I know where I belong. These are some of the words that were in my mind as I was hearing this song called “The Best In Me” I will link it down below. ItContinue reading “The best in Me”

Without words

I praise you for what you have done. I exalt you because you were never gone. I worship you because you gave me voice. I admire that I was your choice.  I love seeing my talents you gave.  I am amazed of your everlasting grace.  You changed my life and you changed my ways. YouContinue reading “Without words”

Another Poem

God has been so perfect in a way that I do not understand. I love when he has me always in his right hand. From the deepest troubles he has taken me out, and made me feel safe. To the brightest days he has given me making every single second better than “okay”. God hasContinue reading “Another Poem”

How to have faith

So before I go on with my  post, I know that I haven’t updated on my social media my other blogs so before you read this one go ahead and read the ones I wrote during last week lol! Whistle while you wait 5 favorite shows The Lion King Whistle while  you wait talks aboutContinue reading “How to have faith”