If you have not read my previous blog please go ahead, and check it out click on the following link:  Oh my goodness Alright, so on Tuesday I wrote about announcing something that has been so close to my heart for a while. Also, the person that motivated me is Morgan! Please go ahead andContinue reading “Announcement”

Last Day

If you haven’t read my blog post from yesterday of Self-Love you can click here => Self-Love <= Last day of October!!! How this month flew by amazes me because time is passing by super fast! Ahhhh!! The more I think about it the more excited I get for next year lol! There are so many reasonsContinue reading “Last Day”


 Today was an interesting day to say the least lol I love how God just answers, works, and gives you what you needed when you least except it. Some people ask me, “Girl how in the world do you just laugh at the world?” well, the answer is simple if you have God in theContinue reading “Cycles”

Work Of God

I want to share something that has been in my heart for a very good few hours. Today on our way back home, with my other half, we saw this man on the train that was on his last stage of diabetes. As I saw him, I couldn’t help but see all the people onContinue reading “Work Of God”

The Journey

Today I want to share with all of you about a special book that I have been reading for the past couple of weeks. Lately I have been focusing so much in what God has been trying to tell me because I used to ignore every single word. I had so many signs in whatContinue reading “The Journey”

The Calling

As we grow up we are taught to love, obey, and work hard for what we want or love. However, have you ever thought about what your true calling really is? I mean, I totally get it we are taught to go to school and literally get a degree that is meant to put foodContinue reading “The Calling”

Devotional Time

The past few weeks I have been doing my own devotional time, and man did it hit my soul because it’s that moment when you know God is really hearing you. What does God mean to me? Well………………. God…the all powerful. God…the all knowing. God…my first Love.  God…my life support. God…my main guide.  God…the rightContinue reading “Devotional Time”


God. The reason why I breathe. The reason why I live. The reason behind the smile with all the good news I have within.  God. The strength that I gain. The faith that I obtain. The process of healing when I am feeling in pain. God.  My reason to laugh. My reason to sing. MyContinue reading “God.”


Ahhh! So I am traveling tomorrow and I still have not packed…I am just sitting here thinking of work, and hearing music….that is what happens when you work too much lol! Plane rides are literally the best! I have the habit that whenever I travel I try my best to get the window seat.

Sunday Devotional

For today since it is Mothers day, I want to dedicate this to them. Go to the bible dear mothers to the chapter of Proverbs 31: 10-30. I would write the whole chapter on here if it was possible, but I want all of you to find it on your own. All of you areContinue reading “Sunday Devotional”