Food you MUST try

I love searching on YouTube new things to try out, and by far there is one channel that I am obsessed!  Well, okay scratch that off there has always been one of my favorite actors, but at the same time SHE CAN SING! I am talking about the iconic Tia Mowry! Today I will be sharing with you two videos to watch, to cook, and then eventually eat! I love all the videos that she posts so what I did was to pick two random videos to share with you. I can’t just pick one so I will be linking below two videos for you to watch! Let me know if you enjoyed them and also if you tried out one of the recipes! You should check her out because literally her videos are AMAZING, but get a snack or two ready because you will be hungry by the end or middle of the video!!


Are you hungry? I know I am! I had to re-watch the potato skin nachos because they looks so good, and I bet they taste delicious. If you would like to share your favorite recipe, favorite YouTube channel, or something you would like to try to cook leave me a comment down below or send me a message like always. I hope you are having a great day or night depending on where ever you are in the world. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 


hi there

This whole week has been filled with excitement, adventure, and most of all surprise planning for what’s to come! I am so happy to know that God has been working non-stop! Also, before I go on with my blog post, I would like to announce that I had an interview which you guys can see it at:

First, how are you guys? You know that feeling when your excitement is just over the roof, but you just have to keep it all in for the mean time? That is so me right now!  If I can shout to the world about what’s to come trust me I would! As all of you know by now, my group “The Truth” has been something that I have been working on, but besides that there is more! I find it amazing on how God takes your plans you had, throws them away, and surprises you with an, “I TOLD you I had something better!” Like okay Jesus take the wheel then lol! I remember I was going to post on my adventure that I had last week (which I totally forgot lol sorry!) it’s a little bit late, but here are some pictures!!





I actually went fishing to Rushing Waters, with my significant other, in which they are located at Wisconsin. If you love fish, like myself, then you know I had a blast not only catching but also eating lol! If you are interested in going to this amazing place the website is the following:

My plans for this week are the following:

  • Study.
  • Write music.
  • Get my nails done because darling they are crying out for help!
  • Work on a special project with some incredible women.
  • Bible study.

How about you? What plans do you have? Always remember to wake up with a positive thought, try to combat the bad energy, and I challenge you to a small activity. I challenge you that starting today….like RIGHT NOW! Start speaking positive about everything that might bother you. It’s hard at times but trust me it keeps you going with a healthy mindset!

  • Try not to curse throughout the entire day.
  • Listen to music that will speak positively to your life.
  • If the day is gloomy try to have fun with it, and make your day brighter than the sun.
  • Have alone time. TREAT YOUR SELF!
  • If you need to clean, then do it with a smile…bye bye germs! Lol! (put your upbeat music on blast!)
  • Make some jokes!
  • If you are late to school or work be thankful! At least you didn’t get into an accident!
  • Give thanks to see another day because so many aren’t fortunate enough to see it one last time.

Let me know if this works out for you!! It is a challenge cause at times things do not go our way, but trust me everything will be okay.  With that being said, love you all, God bless, and depending on where you might be I hope you have a great day or night.


xxx- Michele C.


Homemade Nutella Latte!

Alright, so as I am sitting here (about to actually study) I started to think on how October has gone by SUPER FAST! It just feels that we started this month yesterday don’t ya think? Also, the climate has changed drastically where I live at because now it is super cold. I love the cold but the only thing is that it is a STRUGGLE to get up in the morning. When it is still 6 am it literally looks like midnight outside, and with that cold breeze it just makes you want to sleep in lol! 

So today my sister and I decided to make a Homemade latte, but not just any latte…NUTELLA LATTE! It was so much fun to make this!! Between laughs and trying to come up with our own creation I could say that it came out pretty darn good! To the point that it has inspired me to do a video for next week! I am currently trying to do latte art because it looks amazing when people who know how to this turns out just…LOVELY! My sister and I LOVE lattes which is another reason why did this drink.


Sundays are for sitting at home, creating, studying (for students lol), being with family, and with friends. However, there is always that ONE day when it is super cold that you just want to sit back, and have your favorite blanket beside you. Yes, I am that type of person! Today when I woke up, I decided to do something for myself which was to make a list of the next upcoming videos. Coming up with ideas is hard but if you have the creative type of mind you are able to do anything! 

Also, I have finally organized my room because during the week I am never at home. I believe that if you want to feel energized organization is KEY! The more organize you are the more energy you will feel because the way your room is shows exactly who you are! I used to have my room super messy which made me have the lowest energy ever. What I did was put upbeat music, and started cleaning little by little because seeing so many books on the floor is depressing. 

Later on I will post up pictures showing you guys how my little room is organized. It’s a little room but hey if it is organized it feels and looks like the most comfy place in the planet. Another thing is making your room look aesthetically pleasing! I have so many ideas for when I get married in how to decorate my place. Everything I know I got it from my mom because she loves everything white! Having white all over with the right decorations makes the place look big! Which I tend to have that in the future with a big and beautiful chandelier. 

If you guys want to see some of my ideas on how to decorate I will post up some on tumblr, and on pinterest you guys can find me as mishipcm on those two sites. Anyways, that is all for today I will be back tomorrow to write more because right now I have to study. It is going to be an all-nighter, and a total pain but I love it! Because the struggle of today is my achievement of tomorrow and with the help of God it will all be possible! Stay tuned for this coming week because it will be a blast! Love ya’ll!!!!




Zombie Frappe from Starbucks!

Hey ya’ll!!! Ahhh!! I am so late I posted the video on Friday and totally forgot to tell you guys! So our reaction for this amazing zombie frappe from Starbucks is up now!! Click on the link below so all of you can check it out! 

          Click Here>>> Zombie Frappe !!!!! XD <<<Click Here


I hope you enjoy the video because we have a lot more coming your way! From challenges to trying new things there is never a day of boredom. Doing this reaction was so much fun and we hope you all have fun watching it. Despite of the fact that it is cold where we live, that did not stop us from going to Starbucks to try this delicious drink, and show everyone what we really think. So what are you waiting for? Click on the video and watch our brutal reaction towards this drink!!! Did we like it? Do we recommend it? Or is it disgusting? watch the video to find out! love ya’ll!!! 



Nutella Icy Espresso!


Alright everyone!! A brand new video is finally up on my channel! This is how to make a delicious Nutella Espresso, and I am also in the making of other videos on how to make quick delicious snacks. If you would like to see how I made this piece of art go check out my video which is:

Click Here >>>Nutella Icy Expresso <<< Click Here
Also, let me know what you guys might like to see next. I post up new videos every Wednesday and Thursday, but I am thinking of posting up on Monday as well! You guys have no idea the feeling I get when I am in front of  the camera, and showing people what I love to do. If any of you have a channel please let me know so I can check out your content. If there is something that I love besides music it would have to be being able to cook. Every time that I am in the kitchen I like to create new things to try out. I usually go to Pinterest to see what people post up, but sometimes that is not enough for me. I love being able to think out of the box and do my own creations to share it with the world. Being unique and doing your own thing brings the attention of so many people because they just want to see YOU. Being yourself and doing your own thing opens doors for you every single second, and also helps you fall asleep peacefully at night. Again, let me know what you guys thing of the video, and also I would like to see in what area I should improve. Make sure you subscribe to my channel, and if you guys get to do this let me know!! This was fun to make and so good! Love ya’ll! and God bless!


Food Adventures: Cuban!

As many of you may know I have a STRONG relationship with FOOD! Yesterday during my lunch break, I was craving for Cuban food because well…I saw a video from Buzzfeed where the “Try Guys” were trying out Cuban food and their traditions lol! I personally have a cousin who is half Cuban and Guatemalan as well as a best friend who is Cuban and Puerto Rican so of course after seeing the video I would crave for Cuban food. If you have not watched the video I will link it down below after I talk about my experience in this amazing small Cuban restaurant. It is a small place but once you walk in you literally feel that you are in Cuba! the music, colorful decorations, and that smell of the food was everything! I ordered a jibarito with rice, Cuban coffee, and flan de coco! Here are the pictures:  Continue reading Food Adventures: Cuban!

Food Adventure: Mexican Food!

Hey everyone! This past week I decided to check out this small place called:

“El Duranguito”

The thing is that day I was so hungry, and literally at that moment I did not care where the place was located. I was very skeptical at first because I thought they would not serve good food, but boy was I wrong! Check out what I had, and also what my boyfriend ordered! 

This was what I ordered some Flautas! 
This one is called “Hamburgesa estilo Durango” This is what my boyfriend ordered! 


Other dishes that they make are the following: 


The place is small therefore here is a picture of how it looks: 


Everything that they make here is not frozen, and even the tortillas are hand-made! The fact that they do this made me very happy, and the food is amazing! The flavor makes you feel that you are in Mexico, and when you see the people cooking you will think of your grandma because they do everything the “old style” way. They also give you free chips with a spicy dip! If you are in the Chicago land area here is the address to get a taste from REAL Mexican food: 

402 W Lake St, Maywood, IL 60153

If any of you feel like getting some tacos, gorditas, flautas, burritos, plato de carne asada, or whatever it is then this is the place to go! You guys will love it and will make you go back for more! I will be doing more of these food adventures because I think its amazing how sometimes we miss the little restaurants where they serve way better than a “fancy restaurant” , and don’t forget to check out my previous food adventure which was Thai Food. Love you all and God bless! 

~Michele Carvajal 

Food adventure: THAI FOOD!

Going to share this very quick because I honestly am OBSESSED with this place. It is called:

The King & I

And honestly they treat you like royalty, and the food is AMAZING! If you love Thai food and live in the Chicago area get ready to go visit this unforgettable place! It is located on:

105 N Marion St Oak Park, IL 60301

Also, before I forget I have to tell you guys that I was sick for almost 2 weeks, but when I walked in and they gave me the soup of the day….It was like a miracle! It made me feel so much better that even my sore throat went away within minutes! I was amazed on how fast I got better that I did not have to take medication at all! The picture of the soup will be shown in the pics.

Here is the thing though it is small and you cannot hardly see the place, and due to this is the reason why they hardly get any people. They have been in the business for almost 30 years, and they usually do carryout. Despite of this, they still do not get recognized because it is very small. Although the place is little, do not start to judge because the food is BOMB! and once you enter the restaurant it gives a sense that you are actually visiting Thailand! Here are some of the pictures of food that they make, what I got, and also how the place looks: 

I got this and it was amazing!!! And that is the soup that made me feel so much better! 
Ice cream! Ginger, Green tea, and a mix of coconut!! Yes, those are the flavors I love it! 


Those are other dishes that they make!! Alright, so what do you guys think? My boyfriend really doesn’t like Pad Thai, but when he tried it there it was out of this world! We had the chance to meet the awesome chef, and he showed us that all the ingredients are FRESH! Nothing is bought in package at all because everything is made from scratch! So again if you are around the area go check it out! This is how the place looks: 


It is really easy to miss because the big tree is right there blocking the view! So keep your eyes open or else you will miss the amazing taste from Thailand! 


Let me know if any of you decide to visit since it is an experience you will never forget, and will keep you wanting to go back for more! 

~Michele Carvajal 


How many of you live in the Chicago land area!? Or how many of you are planning to visit this amazing city? Well I have just the spot for you guys to go and get amazing deserts! I stopped by Hendrickx Bakery to get this amazing desert.



They also have the following:

Hungry yet? lol! Check out their website: HENDRICKX BAKERY

They are located at:  100 E Walton, Chicago, IL 60611

So if you guys are just hungry for something sweet, or something to make you feel satisfied go and check them out! You will not be disappointed. I hope all of you are having an amazing day!

~Michele Carvajal