Hey ya’ll!!! You know that moment when everything just falls into place? Yeah…that is so me! Honestly, these past few months have been incredible full of blessings, and endless smiles. It is kinda crazy how God works, and gives you what you need in due time. Alright so today, I am so happy to introduceContinue reading “Hyped”

20 Goals for Fall

First day of the month…October!!!! It’s incredible how time is just flying by so fast now a days, but I am happy that I get to make new moments every single day. Today I want to share with you guys what I would want to accomplish this month, and if you have a list IContinue reading “20 Goals for Fall”

Exam Environment

Are you a student where you are struggling to study for an exam? I honestly cannot believe I am writing this post, but I have some suggestions for you! I am the type of girl where I get tired of studying in the same place every single time. Here are some of the things thatContinue reading “Exam Environment”

Back to school supplies

Alright, so many of us are going back to school because I mean education is essential right? Especially during this time where the world just seems to act stupid, but it also comes with spending on so many things. From tuition to supplies I took the liberty to nail down the specifics that we willContinue reading “Back to school supplies”


Finally I am on vacation! It took me a while to write anything because I was trying to get my energy back by sleeping lol! Studying really takes out a good amount of energy from you, but at the end of the day everything is worth it. So far I have just been sleeping, andContinue reading “Finally…Vacation!”

From Messy to…

Keep reading if you want to find out about something you might like…. Ah!!! Okay so as the weeks of finals are getting so close I bet I am not the only one who is running around trying to organize things that need to be done am I not correct? lol! This is A SIMPLE thingContinue reading “From Messy to…”