Unboxing Exactly

Last Unboxing of the day! So exciting!   Alright lets get right into the products because there are a lot!    Pure Leaf – $ 4.99 at Target Chocolate TCHO- http://www.tcho.com/  WHOSSH!- $9.99 at Target Bras- https://www.thirdlove.com/ Cascade- $3.99 at Target Now and Later Sour Shell Shock- $5.99 at Target Aussie- $5.99 at Target Ebooks ForContinue reading “Unboxing Exactly”

Unboxing BzzAgent

Alright, Up next is BzzAgent!  If any of you LOVE energy drinks then this is for you!     I have tried all of them already! I love all of these flavors, but what I love the most is how it gave me a boost. I found myself more awake, which I liked, but alsoContinue reading “Unboxing BzzAgent”

Unboxing PinchMe

Hey everyone! here I introduced PinchMe! Like I said in my previous blog post it felt like Christmas seeing the mailman bringing in these amazing goodies! The first thing in this box that I got was Sensodyne toothpaste: I know about this toothpaste because I am a user lol! For people who have sensitive teeth orContinue reading “Unboxing PinchMe”

Unboxing Influenster

Hey you guys! This week felt like Christmas when I saw that the mailman gave me all my boxes! Let me get right into it!  The first one you see here is from Influenster! and the other ones I will write a separate blog for each one!    Let me start with the first productContinue reading “Unboxing Influenster”