Some common questions that people always ask me, and are finally answered:

Where are you from?  

I am literally the best of “three worlds”! I am half Colombian , half Guatemalan, but I was born in the USA Chicago, IL.

What is your main addiction?

My main addiction is NAIL POLISH! I literally have every single color, and maybe of every single brand lol!

What is your hobby?

Music! I write songs, play the piano, and I am a gospel singer.

What made you be a blogger? 

Well, to be honest I wanted to be a blogger because I think I have a lot to offer. By that I mean giving advice’s, and sharing my own thoughts to everyone who might need it.

 What made you open up a YouTube channel? 

I made a channel because I want to show people what I can do! Maybe some can relate to what I like doing, and share their experience with me.

What religion are you? 

I honestly do not think that there is a religion that can show what I am. This is because my religion is my relationship with God, and it is a very deep one. I can say that I am a proud evangelical because I grew up like that, but I also have family members that are Pentecostal which is almost the same thing.

What is your favorite song? 

So many people have changed their favorite song from season to season, but when it comes to me I have one song that I have been singing since I was little. My FAVORITE song is called, ‘I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” and that will never change.