It takes two to tango (part 2)

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Oh the jealously in relationships can take a toll huh? Today I want to talk about how not trusting, and being jealous about every little thing can harm one another. Yes, I am starting out this post very brutally honest because a lot of people sometimes can’t tell that what they are doing is wrong. How so? Keep on reading, and if you find yourself in this situation I would say that the change happens now!

Manipulative, controlling, jealously, and not taking the time to put yourself in someone else’s shoes can make you seem self centered. I hate when girls are so freaking jealous that their boyfriend, fiancé, and heck husband need to have their “alone” time because all of a sudden they are “cheating”. NO HONEY! Just like every girl needs their alone time so do the guys! I am not being on anyones side, but I am literally putting myself in a different perspective here.

When it comes to girls, I can see a lot of guys doing the same crap, and that isn’t healthy at all. I am a strong supporter in which everyone needs their alone time, time with friends, and being alone with their family. You CAN have a friend of the opposite sex, and not have any sentimental relationship at all. Why is that? Sometimes having a good friend that respects you can come in like a blessing because you get to see a different perspective without assuming anything bad.

My husband and I have friends that we can trust, and even go out with. We have no problem in spending time alone, being with the family, or just go out and have fun in a good manner. Feel me on this one? no? Keep reading. Everyone NEEDS to recharge and have the feeling of missing your significant other so intensely that heck….not only does it spice things up, but also the bond gets stronger. It is okay to be to ask him/her about what is going on, but assuming things without talking ….that is bad.

I don’t support in going through messages, emails, texts, or even social media because at the end of the day the only person that is getting fooled is them. What I do support is having a communication that can be stronger day by day. Also, if your significant other came from an and relationship its important to start slow, and give them their time to get used to it. Actions speak louder than words so if you want them to change show them, act on it, but don’t say things that will harm them more than what they already are. 

Speaking from experience, I came from terrible relationships where this one guy cheated on me on two girls that had the same name (terrible), and to kill it even more someone else cheated on me with a girl that had the same name as the others. When I look back at it, I can’t help but think how stupid I was for getting mad at that…instead I should be thankful that stuff happened or else I wouldn’t be better than they are. (yes, I know what they are going through now, and its hilarious.) That’s karma baby. 

When I dated my husband, I remember I was starting to be a control freak because oh honey I was paranoid. However, his actions spoke louder and I will never forget a serious conversation we had that made me change my perspective about him. Boy let me tell you…what a conversation we had! I am blessed that I have someone that speaks the brutal truth, and that shows me how things should be. The same goes for me showing him things so he won’t act crazy on me. 

So what are my tips on this blog post? *ahem* Check it out:


  • Let your significant other have fun with his friends, and don’t blow up his phone. That will just show how immature you are, and instead send him one text asking how the day is going and to get back safe. THATS IT!
  • Don’t get into his social media because if he loves you he won’t do anything at all. Instead joke around with him about using fb, ig, sc, or whatever he has. 
  • If he is out with his family while you see his snaps from relatives having fun DO NOT get so worked up. That is his family and if y’all aren’t even married don’t even say that you should had been invited. The time will come when you will lol 
  • If a “close friend” is speaking bad about him to you put that so called friend in his or her place. Instead of hearing them, be truthful and in a nice way tell your partner what you have heard. Communication is key!
  • If your guy is out having his alone time, girl chill out and let him be! Sometimes he needs to be out to get a hair cut, have a spa day alone, go out the movies alone (especially if you hate the movie he wants to see), and let him eat out alone. The man needs to recharge, and that is the perfect time to let him see who you are. 
  • If your guy has a friend of the opposite sex, and has been there for him first than you do not get jealous. Why is that? If he met her first before you came alone then that means he has chances to be with her, but he picked you after meeting you. Does that make sense? Sometimes it’s good to have a GOOD FRIEND that can put him on check for you, or let him have a different perspective. 
  • Try not to text so much and instead call each other, or see each other often. Using texts can always have miscommunication on a lot of topics creating unwanted fights. 


  • Let your girl breathe! Stop being so immature in hitting her up all the freaking time. If she tells you that she needs her alone time trust me…LET HER!
  • When she is out with her friends don’t text her so much because chances are that she is trying to catch up with her girls. 
  • Everyday tell her she looks hot even though she might be sick. One word can trigger a women’s brain, and that can be the fuel she needs to get things going throughout the day.
  • Support her every goal! If she wants to workout go with her, and be her main support. I know a lot of men that prefer their girl to be unhealthy, and even dress to the point of them not being attractive because “others” might get her. 
  • If she is out with her family, don’t call her so much because she is trying to enjoy quality time with her loved ones. If you aren’t invited that just means its not the right time, but you will soon get your chance. 
  • Don’l look at her social media but instead talk things out if you feel that something weird is going on.
  • Actions speak louder than words! Instead of sending her texts why don’t you just make something? Don’t spend so much money on things that won’t be so meaningful. If you think about her write her a poem, make something cute out of paper, or anything else you can possibly think of. Trust me us girls LOVE things that are handmade especially if we see that it came with the pure intention of making us feel loved, wanted, and respected. 


They say old love is the best love, and I couldn’t agree more! I feel like I was definitely born in the wrong time because text messages or Facebook posts are just wack. I love poems written down on paper, something hand made, or a small picnic out at the park with PB&J sandwiches which my husband did that for me one time ha! I feel like back in the day people knew how to maintain a relationship, and knew what the word respect meant. 

Always remember to keep the love alive, the bedroom spiced up, and the bond stronger than yesterday. Never underestimate the power of communication, handwork, and actions because those are a total win. Well, this is it for today! If you haven’t seen my last post go ahead and check it out!!! Make sure you also check out my YouTube channel for covers which I finally posted up 2 songs. It would mean so much to me if you subscribe as well, and if you would like me to do a podcast let me know! I am open to suggestions! 

Love ya’ll. 


The End of a Decade

As I sit here thinking about the previous years, the only thing that goes through my mind is, “Dang…Won’t he do it?!” Let’s go way back and see how much I changed. 

  • 2010– Started fresh at Triton college after taking a year off from school, had a job at a hospital, was thinking of starting a blog, deleted my YouTube channel, and I really did not know how to manage my anxiety.
  • 2011– Met my husband by the end of the year (we went to the same college), I was getting ready to graduate, I entered the worship team at my church, and got out from a really toxic relationship. 
  • 2012– Traveled to Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Florida, and I forgot where else lol! I started taking classes that would help me out in my career, and I spent as much time as I could just figuring out my life.
  • 2013– I took some classes at DePaul University, my husband became my tutor, I lost control of my eating, gained weight, and was getting stressed a lot during school. 
  • 2014– I transferred out of Depaul, went back to triton, my husband became my boyfriend, and from that point on my whole life changed. I was able to reconnect with my creative self and started writing songs all over again. 
  • 2015– Met a few people that I am so glad they are out of my life, started to control my anxiety a little more, got done with triton, and ended up going to Dominican university. 
  • 2016– This year was the one that was very difficult for me. Started this blog, reopened my YouTube channel, had my braces all over again, made a channel with my other half, traveled a little more, and what broke my heart was that I lost my abuela. She was the rock of our family, and I can still remember everything that went through my mind when I got the news. 
  • 2017– A few friends that I love died this year, it was a very hard stage because I was really negative, had depression that no one knew, but throughout everything I know God was just making me stronger for what was to come. I was embracing my ministry at church a little more than before, and I started to fall in love with the Lord all over again.
  • 2018– I went to a retreat that changed my life (shout out to my youth pastor), started getting more into the word of God, prayed for the Lord to remove fake friends (which this year he did!), my confidence sky rocketed, made new friends, got closer with my sibling, started writing content for my channel, wrote more on my blog, took “me time” very seriously, my significant other and I conquered so many things, and last but not least God put all the pieces together in time. 
  • 2019– Got engaged in February, traveled with my sister and mom, wedding preparations were on point, got a new job, went back to the gym, changed the color of my hair, crossed the stage, got married in November, redo my blog site, moved to a new home, detoxed from social media, bought the stuff that I always wanted, learned to save more, turned 29 (last year in my 20s!), reconnected with an old friend of mine from church, and by the end of the year God showed me his love like you have no clue. 

So the question is…What lies ahead of 2020? All I know is that something great is going to happen this year, and I am letting the Lord take control of everything. It is sad to hear on the news of what is going on throughout the world, but I know that if God is on my side my faith shall not be shaken. I have so much to put out on my social media, and I cannot wait till you guys see what I have in store. Love you all and I hope this year is the best year for all of us! 

~A decade in pictures 2010-2019~


Quotes of the day

Today I just want to share with ya’ll a few quotes that have inspired me during this week. This is going to be a short post because I am doing a few things at the moment, but I am trying to catch up with all of you. These quotes mean so much to me because it has different meanings, and makes me to never give up on my goal. I hope everyone had a fantastic week because the weekend is now loading!!!! I hope these quotes help you out like they did with me. 


Image result for quote of the day

Image result for quote of the day

Image result for quote of the day

Image result for quote of the day

Image result for quote of the day


Love you all and see you in the next blog post! stay tuned! 


Birthday Loading

It is Wednesday and with that the hours are starting to feel that they are going a little bit more faster because tomorrow is my birthday!!! It is so crazy how this week has flown by, and surprisingly enough I am catching up with updating my site! I still feel like it was yesterday when I started to blog, and when I decided to not have a filter with my posts. Anyways…..June has flown by so flipping quick, and with that getting closer to have a few days off. I have been working non-stop for the things that I needed, wanted, and most importantly working on new content for you all. Oh and did I mention my countdown to my wedding has finally begun? October 26 by city hall, and November 3rd the big ceremony!!! I am trying not to get overwhelmed because I always said that I do not want to be those type of brides where they turn into a bridezilla. The only thing I know will happen is that I will be hungry every single minute, and for that my matron of honor (Roro) will be the one carrying my snacks. LOL!

Image result for snacks wedding

Today I want to talk about my weight-loss journey, and what am I doing to get fit for my big day (as well as my engagement pictures next month!) so hyped!!! A while back my fiance got a gym membership in which I used to weigh 160, but going almost everyday with my other half I went down to 149! However, due to myself finally getting one of my dream jobs, and him getting more hours at work I stopped going. You see, he had the full membership and I would only go as a guest. It got to the point where I got so busy that I forgot to workout, and BARELY (a few days ago) started eating very unhealthy. About a week or maybe 2 weeks ago, I caught myself struggling to climb up the stairs, got sick, and when I went to the doctor he told me that I gained back to 151. To think that I hit a plateau and let myself go back to being unhealthy made me feel weak on the inside.

Related image

So the same way that I splurged on things that I really wanted I decided to splurge on things that I REALLY needed. What did I do? Well, I bought myself a fitbit, new workout gear, and lastly got my own membership at the gym. From 152 I am back at 149 and I am so determined to continue losing weight. It turns out that those pounds I gained made me feel super weak, and I was running out of energy. My focus now are on my abs and getting my legs back on track!!! One thing that I noticed though, was that when I returned to the gym I saw that I can still lift the same amount that I used to do when I would go to the gym. The things that I started eating again help me feel so fresh, healthy, and full with energy. The saying that you are and feel what you eat is so true! So for my goal of being on my last year in my 20s is slimming back to 118!!!! I am aiming to be at least 120, but with seeing how a few models do it to get to back into shape (even weighing 100) I think I am able to bounce back.

Image result for healthy food

What’s crazy is that its my birthday month so that means no carbs at all. Cake who?? and I will be waiting to eat cake during the cake taste for my wedding which will be in about 2 months. I also cannot wait to share with you all my engagement pictures!! It is going to be so lit because I have my personal photographer that goes beyond my expectations, and he is also the youth pastor of our church which I love him sooooo much! Well this is it for today and I hope you all are having a great day!!




A few verses that keep my faith growing

Today I want to share with you all a few bible verses that helped  me along my journey, and keep continuing to shape me up. I hope this helps you guys out if you are looking for a few bible verses that will inspire you to keep going with your journey! 

Image result for bible verses for strength

Image result for bible verses for strength


Image result for bible verses for strength

Image result for bible verses for strength

Image result for bible verses for strength

Image result for bible verses for strength

Image result for bible verses for strength

Image result for bible verses for strength

Image result for bible verses for strength

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 



What’s up you guys?! I am so excited to announce that your girl over here is engaged!! So let me tell you what happened during the weekend which literally caught me off guard, but first let me tell you a few details about us. 

Our Anniversary & How We Met

His name: Carlos Andres Calderon.

Where did we meet: Triton College.

How did we meet: Music (Talent Show) 

Anniversary: February 23, 2014

(So EVERY 23rd of the month we celebrate it! This March 23 we will have 5 years & 1 month, and yes we even count the months) 

He is Ecuadorian and I am Colombian & Guatemalan lol! Ya’ll know our future kids will have some interesting genes! Okay but now on to how he asked me to be his wife so I just told ya’ll the basic stuff! Moving on now. 

Thursday (March 7,2019)

My parents had been telling me that there was a dinner that my dad’s company was throwing so we had to go as a family. However, my dad is the type where he hates going out at night, prefers to sleep in, and if there is a dinner/party he will not go at night. Anyways that doesn’t stop there lol! My family knows that I make my own nails (yes people I do my own nails), and there is no reason for me to go to a salon. That day though, my mom was telling me my nails looked bad because I haven’t done them since forever, and made me go get a new polish. Due to the time I decided to skip the polish, buy some kiss nails (glue), and put them on FORGETTING that I am allergic to that glue. I went with my fiance to buy the nails though, and he looked suspicious lol! 

Friday (March 8, 2019)

Midnight hit and my nails were itching bad, and they were so red! I woke up so scared at night, got some very hot water, put my nails in it, and I pop them lol! I know it was a bad decision cause then my nail plate got bad, and one of them cracked in the middle. So because of that I decided to paint ON TOP of the damage nails because I had a job interview in the morning. As the day kept going, my mom kept bugging me saying that I needed to redo my nails so I told her that I would just let it grow. Her response? NO! So one of my best friends (Katie!!) ha! She had her bridal shower on Saturday. So my mom goes on Saturday there is a bridal shower, and also the dinner for the company. On Friday night, she convinced me and off I went to do my nails. 

Saturday (March 9, 2019) 

It’s Saturday morning but it was kind of a chill day for me so I was like “meh” because I was just watching movies while cleaning the house. My dad though, had been EXTRA NICE for 2 weeks straight, but Saturday he was being too extra! He didn’t make me wash dishes cause my nails will get “ruined” for the day when knowing him he would had told me to do dishes a long time ago lol! My other best friend Roro, her husband, and mom came to pick me up to go to the bridal shower so we were off. During the party, I started to have a feeling that something was going to happen later on that day. I have seen Roro texting like crazy, and telling me she was texting Chilly (my other best friend & her cousin). So I was getting very distracted but that feeling in my gut didn’t go away lol! As the party was ending, I saw my girl Katie smiling even more because DUH! she was happy that her bridal shower was a success!!! Also, because I did not know that roro and katie knew what was going on….roro was NOT texting chilly…..she was texting Carlos my fiance!!! like WHAT?!?! lol! 

What happened & How he asked – Saturday Night

As I go inside the house, I was rushing to get ready and to my surprise I see my mother’s best friend there saying “she was going to the dinner too.” so huh? lol! I ignored that and went on to get my other clothes ready for the night, but not even because after 15 minutes or so the bell rang. My dad goes and opens the door and I come out of my room super clueless and guess who I saw? YUP! I saw Carlos, his family, and in the back Roro was laughing with her husband Armando -_- Guess who forgot her Spanish and English? I DID! Ya’ll I was so speechless! So my man starts with his speech telling me that he loved me very much, and much more that I forgot because I was too nervous to even grasp what he was saying lol! He got to one knee and asked me to be his wife….my answer? DUH!!!!! YES!!!! Of course the family and friends cried, and it was just a moment I will never forget. Before he gave me the ring though he gave me flowers so I was like “awwwww” lol! And as soon as we were done praying and our parents talked to us, we started eating ya’ll! Oh I also went crazy on social media and updated everything! lol! Keep in mind I didn’t eat so much at the bridal shower because I was also thinking of the dinner of the “company”, but really we ended up eating cake lol! 


Image may contain: one or more people, flower and ring





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Sunday (March 10, 2019)

We went to church and only some people knew (the ones who have Facebook and Instagram!), and to my surprise the pastor presented us to the church, and everyone prayed for us so from that moment on I knew it was very official. When a couple is presented to the church, and being blessed under the eyes of the Lord then that is when it’s really real. The weekend was a good one! 


The Plan Now

Ya’ll ready to see me blog more and look at the process of my wedding unfold? Stay tuned then! I will be posting things on YouTube too because I will be recording tomorrow lol! I am so excited for this next chapter and super hyped!!! I couldn’t ask for a better husband because he will always be my fiance, boyfriend, and most important of all my very best friend. Years of friendship, 5 years of relationship, and now engaged! Won’t he do it!!!! Stay tuned for more and make sure you follow me on Instagram to check out my journey, and also our instagram which we have together and its: so click on the link and it will take you straight to it! I will also post during this or next week about the people that I have picked to be in my wedding I can’t wait for you to meet them lol! If you are planning to get married, or already married what tips would you give me? I would love to know so go ahead and leave a comment or send me a message. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.



The life of an upcoming Influencer

Image result for how to be an influencer

Being an influencer is all fun, games, and much more! However, do you know what it takes to be one? Or even try to get through a day? Today I want to introduce to you all two of my very best friends that just so happens to be upcoming successful Influencer’s (along with myself), but I am so proud because both of them have a blog! In both blogs, you will be able to learn more about what they do, what their life is about, and a few pointers to start being an influencer. Is it easy? Heck no! But it is so rewarding! First one up is Chels!!!!

Chels not only is an admin, but boy does she work! She is always trying to get that last minute coffee in order to get through the day. She goes her every way to make everyone comfortable, and wanting people to be in groups. She also is a designer! I want to talk more about her, but I want her to do the rest of the talking. I am so happy that she made her website in order to reach out to all of you. So go on over to her website which is:

That way you learn more a little bit more!!! I am telling you that you will be pleased in reading her content. She talks about a whole lot of things, and her instagram is LIT! All information and her shop is listed in her website so be sure to check it out. 

Now it it Tiffs turn!


Besides being an amazing admin, Tiff has done so many things in order to grow in social media. I have seen her grow so much, get busy, go through a lot of stuff, but that has not stopped her from giving her best to every group that she is in. She used to debate in making a blog, but I am so glad that she took a leap of faith and finally did it! She just made a few posts that are very interesting, and talks about a very fun experience. Even though I want to talk more about her ya’ll need to go to her page, and check it out! Her website is: 

Her instagram is so lit too! You will be able to see the things she gets through hard work. So be sure to give her a visit! 


Both of these two girls are SUPER MOTHERS! Being a mom, influencer, wife, sister, friend, and an admin as well as trying to balance out everything in life is hard. Being an influencer is NOT easy! At times it can be mentally draining because you just want to give all of you, and do the best you could ever do. Each day is a challenge ending with a huge smile of satisfaction. If these two girls can do it, if I can do it, then trust me honey so can you! I will be interviewing them pretty soon on page so be sure to keep an eye out, and if you want a question that you want me to ask them send me a message as soon as possible. If you haven’t done so already make sure you hit that subscribe button for my blog, and never miss one post from me. I will be posting more these next coming weeks because there is a tons of particles in the air, and it is NOT oxygen lol! Love you all and I hope you are having a wonderful day! 

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace. 


From Cold to Warm

After a long week of being cold, and having the flu I am back! First off, the place where I live hit the negatives….Chicago ya’ll…I mean I love it and hate it at the same time because you are never to sure if it is going to snow, or it will be summer. Today we hit 51 degrees so it is insane how we are now warm in the city. Some of the things that I did while I had time off were catching up with a show on Netflix which is called “Pasion de Gavilanes” which I am already done with it. This is a novela that came out when I was small and because I love it so much this was my 100th time seeing it lol! 

Another thing that I did was making a list on what to write this week. I must confess that at times it is so difficult to touch a few topics because a lot of us might not share the same views. For example, politics and how Cardi B is going hard on Tomi Lahren that is hilarious! If you do not have a twitter account I would highly suggest to get one so you can get caught up with what is going on. Do you think I should talk about stuff like this? and if so why? Let me know!!! Also, if you used to be a fan of Carmen Sandiego you should get on Netflix now! I saw the whole thing and it reminded me of my childhood! 

Today I did a little cleaning up, and I also found the movie of Peter Pan which I thought I lost. By this movie I mean this version: 

Image result for peter pan movie

When this version came out on theaters I remember I was so hyped, and had a huge crush on the actor that played Peter Pan lol! Let’s see how he looks like now shall we? 

Image result for Jeremy Sumpter

No wonder………I mean the glow-up my dude THE GLOW UP!!!!!! I had to send my sister a picture of the DVD that I found at school, and she could not believe that I found it lol!! The one I am trying to find is my Pitch Perfect DVD because I am finding a lot of cases that are empty, but the movies are not there. Do any of you have any favorite movies that you have lost? Feel free to share with me the movies you love so I can check them out. I will be doing a few reviews this coming week so keep an eye out because I have some jewelry that I want you all to see!!! Stay tuned!!!! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

7 ways to post your first blog

Hey everyone! I have a been a few days out lately due to some errands, and updates that I have to do on my computer. It sucks! But hey here I am! Okay so lets start talking about blogging your first BLOG! I know some of ya’ll probably have a topic in mind, but you are scared to even put it out right? I remember when I had my first one, deleted it, re-wrote it, and deleted it all over again. Till I found the courage to really put it out there! I will show you some simple steps on how to blog your first post. 

Image result for first blog post


The title of your first post should really stand out! Try not use the topic “First Blog Post” because not only is it so common, but also it is not eye-catching. You need something to make people think “oh dang this is a new blogger! I wonder what the first post is about!” so don’t be afraid to use something even silly as your title! 


Do you want paragraphs? If so how many? As your first post you need to make sure you do not write a lot, and stick to just a few paragraphs! 

About you

Inside the blog post be sure to have a link to your “about me” section! You should already have an about me page done! When you are done or in the middle of your post you can say something like, “and just like this diy I make tons like I talk in my “about me” section!” or “If you would like to get to know me more make sure you see my “about me” for more details!” See what I did there? to the point! 


I feel like if your first post is a diy make sure you have a list! Make sure it is in a number form to illustrate the steps. 


As your first blog post, you need to have pictures that will be able to stand out. If you have a good phone make sure the pixels are good enough, and if you have a camera USE IT!!!! 


If you have a video that you made to put up either on YouTube, or just something creative make sure you mention it and post the video. It needs to be related to the topic in which it is good if it is about a DIY. 


As you end your first blog post you need to make sure you have people coming back for more, and not just that one time. You can announce things that you will be doing later on in the future so in order for them to stay up to date they will visit your site again.


If you just did your first blog then let me know because I would love to read it!!!! I wish you the best of luck if you are starting. Remember it takes patience, time, and lots of love making a blog site so do not give up! If you have any questions send me a message I will be happy to help you out.

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C 


Weekend Vibes

Well what a weekend this was! I am so blessed and grateful that God has taken me through the first week of 2019. Today I took the time to talk to God (my way), and let me tell you that he answers quick! 

I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever.

Psalm 145:1

Today was maybe an eye-opener and a day where I had to trust what God was making me feel inside. I have been talking to the Lord for the past few weeks on something that I need in my life, and today I think I am closer to my answer. I am forever amazed at how he picks the right friends for you, and those that really care for you. Today I talked to a friend of mine that I haven’t talked to a while due to school, and she made my whole entire night.

Even though I still don’t have an answer, I know by faith that the outcome is going to be amazing by what her and I talked! It’s crazy how God talks through people, and they do not even know it. She will know this after she reads this post, but I felt a tremendous peace, not just because I am hoping for the best, but because I know that everything is in the hands of the Lord and everything will be alright.

That peace right there ya’ll is one that I wished everyone would experience because it is something I cannot explain. What have you been struggling on? is it school? job? relationship issue? or something that is going on in your life? I don’t know what it might be but trust me when I tell you that even if the outcome is bad you will look back on this, and laugh at it later on because you will see that you are still alive.

Image result for god is good

It doesn’t matter what happens as long as you live through it, believe that God will take you out of it, and you will be victorious because the devil will not be able to touch you. It is at those times where you need to be silent, trust God, and watch him work as long as you have faith! With faith you can move mountains, make the ocean quiet, and even make the sun move because when you believe that God is the almighty and has everything in his power then that is when he shows you all his glory.

I honestly cannot wait to see what God has in store for me this week! I want the time to pass by super quick because I feel good things coming, and when I say that this is my year I mean it! Also, keep an eye out for my e-book! It is crazy that I took this step and literally I am writing my heart out for this e-book, and I hope it will be a blessing to you all. Also, I have been doing a few covers for my YouTube, but I can’t find soundtracks so guess what? I will be doing acapella till I find a good soundtrack for a song that I would want to do. When i post one up I will upload it on to my blog so you all can check it out! 

Also, I did a poll on twitter and I saw that the Blogging Tips & Tricks got the majority of the votes. So I will keep doing a series of blogging for you all so stay tuned because more is coming your way! Again if you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe to my blog, follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and on Twitter. If you have content that you would love for me to check out please let me know, and I will do it. I pray you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 
Michele C.