It takes two to tango (Part 1)

A few days ago, a close friend of mine asked me a question in regards on how to keep up with a relationship. The moment she asked me that question I couldn’t help, but remembering since my husband and I started dating till now. One question that she asked me was, “How often do my husband and I text and if it has changed throughout our journey?” with that in mind I decided to write this blog post in case someone out there needs to see this.



I am going to be VERY honest, when Carlos Andres and I started out as friends we would literally text every…single….day! We would message each other even before going to sleep, or even if we would hang out with friends. As the time went by, we stopped talking for about a year, but continued to message each other once in a blue moon due to something that was going on at the time. Later on, we reconnected and started dating in which we had a lot of ups and downs.

It was never perfect, but we managed to pull through and try to live it up day by day. At this phase, we would only text during night because our schedules were the same at this stage. For example, we took the same classes, he was my lab partner, we sat side by side, we had the same breaks, we studied together, we worked in the same place, and we both went to the same church! So by the time it was night time we would just text each other “Goodnight see ya tomorrow babe!” and that was it.

It was sorta interesting because it was like someone was playing our dating life as if it was a delicate instrument. What I mean by this is the fact how everything was kept in balance, but we NEVER went to sleep mad at each other. I will never forget the day where we had the first argument, and since I came from relationships where guys never cared I thought he was going to be the same. Boy was I wrong! He kept me up till we resolved the issue, and then we went to sleep. 

Old picture….2014? At the Tercer Cielo concert lol! 

I also remember how we would stay up till late via Skype studying, and quizzing each other before an exam. Social media was kept to a minimum to the point where people would ask if we were still together lol! Facebook is “meh” I usually go there for memes, but he never uses it. Instagram is my favorite but he only goes there for memes or inspiration to workout. Snapchat, I use it but he never does ha! However, twitter is a big one for him, but for me its literally “meh”. 

The only 3 apps that we used to communicate with each other back in the day were: Viber, Skype, and messenger. We kept our relationship to a minimum through social media, and again when we texted it would be kept to a minimum. When we got engaged we would text a little bit more then usual because of the wedding planning, and other than that I think that was it. I feel like the less social media is used the better the relationship, and healthier conversations may emerge.

So going back to the question, “How often do my husband and I text and if it has changed throughout our journey?” Now that we are married….we hardly text each other! lol! Communication, responsibility, and trust is KEY to a healthier relationship and lifestyle. In my next post, I will be writing about those three topics that I just mentioned, and I will break it down little by little. Another post will be on how to conquer jealously cause I know a few people out there with this exact problem. 

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How to get over an ex FOR GOOD!

So you are probably thinking, “Oh dang this post….” YES! if you find yourself into this situation then trust me I am here to help. Being with someone for a long time can leave you feeling some type of way if one of you ended the relationship. If it is due to cheating or other reasons which it did not work out then it was for the best to separate both ways. At first, everyone cries because they feel like the world is about to end, or they do things that they should not do once they get out of a relationship.


What NOT to do

Do NOT be in a relationship immediately after a month. 

Do NOT use anyone as a re-bound.

Do NOT have friends with benefits.

Do NOT get on dating websites.

Image result for when your ex says you will never find anyone like me

When you get into a relationship after a month then you might confuse yourself. By that I mean: your feelings will get confused, and you will end up hating the fact that you have no idea what the heck to do. Using someone as a rebound will backfire SO BAD because if the other person does not know why you are dating him/her you will get caught up with so many lies. By having friends with benefits (lol man I am laughing at this one) okay this is bad just DON’T! The reason behind this is that the “friend” that you might end up “using to spend time” will probably end up really liking you, or vice versa. This is not good just because what if you are not planning on nothing serious with this other individual or him/her on you? Using people as a rebound also shows that you are desperate for attention because you can’t get it anywhere else, and honestly that looks pathetic. I have seen some cases that I look at them as a joke, and it’s a show for me because to be brutally honest it looks like entertainment. People that do this are not mature, and have a mind of a child. Let’s move on to the next one shall we? DATING WEBSITES! & One of them I mean TINDER! Stop looking to hook up with people online because they might turn out to be something way different. Also, it is dangerous because usually people who use tinder (SOME) they are just trying to get a one night stand. Are you ready to see what you need to do in order to get over someone? Also, these are some tips that you will easily show them what they missed out on, it will hurt them like hell, and you will get over it quickly. 


What to do

Go out and travel.

Go to the gym.

Get a fresh hair cut.

Get some new clothes. 

Get creative. 

Spend time alone & re-discover yourself. 

Learn something new. 

Break your normal routine. 

Hear some really good music. 


Ending a long or short term relationship means a chance for you to get out there, and learn to love yourself HARD all over again. When the other person either sees you or hears about you doing good it will trigger them so much, and they will rethink everything that he/she has put you through. The trick is for you to get more awesome than what you were before, but not going back to them once they hit you up after they see you doing great. If you do not have the money to travel or buy new things then I saw to get creative with the stuff you have now.

Also, if you cannot travel then go out to a different park, and discover your own city. Go out alone and have your own coffee dates, go to the movies alone, go out to eat alone, and try to break out of your old routine. Another thing is to update your playlist! There are certain songs that remind everyone about their ex, and it just gets annoying on hearing the same thing all over again. Take at least one year or two on being alone! Do NOT rush into anything until you feel good, get over the person, and just want to move completely on.

In order to start something you need to leave the past behind ya, and move on. Remember KARMA when you play with someone else’s feelings then you will end up playing yourself. I am so proud on some of the people that I know that took my advice’s and it worked for them. If they can do it then trust me honey so can you! The day you find the right one you will know, and do not worry about getting into a relationship quick. This is because I know people in their 30s (almost 40s) that finally found the love of their life, and that is never bad.

Age shouldn’t be the reason as to why you would want to rush into getting with someone….REMEMBER THAT! If this has spoken to you in any way just know that I am saying this for your own good. I don’t want you to end up in a position where you will regret everything, and not being able to move on. Just tell your ex (in the words of Ariana Grande) … “thank you…next!” ha! I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C