Hey ya’ll I am back!!! After having a trip to Guatemala for two weeks I am back with new content. Today I am super excited to collab with Squeezamals!!!! I arrived home yesterday night, and I came just in time because my squeezamals arrived in the mail. Here is how it looked like in the box:


Ya’ll wanna know who was super excited to see them? My sister!!! We are literally 13 years apart, and we share so many things together. However, this brand made me think about my childhood because it brought back so many memories when my parents used to by me things like this, and I would hang them all over my room. I must admit, I did tear up a bit because those memories are something that I will never forget. Dad would walk into my room all happy holding up a plus doll or something in that matter, and would tell me that he had a present for me. The next picture shows how I lined them up, but my sister was playing with them because they are so squishy! Also, they are scented so they smell SOOOO GOOD which is perfect because it leaves the room smelling amazing. 

Go ahead and check out their ig which is: @Squeezamals and make sure to check out their youtube channel which is linked on their bio. If you get a product from them trust me you will NOT regret it!!!! I have new content for this week, and I will even talk about a topic that is super close to my heart. Are you ready? It is so good to be back! and thank you Squeezamals for sending me my own!!! They help me relieve so much stress from the day I love it! 

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace.

Michele C.


From Cold to Warm

After a long week of being cold, and having the flu I am back! First off, the place where I live hit the negatives….Chicago ya’ll…I mean I love it and hate it at the same time because you are never to sure if it is going to snow, or it will be summer. Today we hit 51 degrees so it is insane how we are now warm in the city. Some of the things that I did while I had time off were catching up with a show on Netflix which is called “Pasion de Gavilanes” which I am already done with it. This is a novela that came out when I was small and because I love it so much this was my 100th time seeing it lol! 

Another thing that I did was making a list on what to write this week. I must confess that at times it is so difficult to touch a few topics because a lot of us might not share the same views. For example, politics and how Cardi B is going hard on Tomi Lahren that is hilarious! If you do not have a twitter account I would highly suggest to get one so you can get caught up with what is going on. Do you think I should talk about stuff like this? and if so why? Let me know!!! Also, if you used to be a fan of Carmen Sandiego you should get on Netflix now! I saw the whole thing and it reminded me of my childhood! 

Today I did a little cleaning up, and I also found the movie of Peter Pan which I thought I lost. By this movie I mean this version: 

Image result for peter pan movie

When this version came out on theaters I remember I was so hyped, and had a huge crush on the actor that played Peter Pan lol! Let’s see how he looks like now shall we? 

Image result for Jeremy Sumpter

No wonder………I mean the glow-up my dude THE GLOW UP!!!!!! I had to send my sister a picture of the DVD that I found at school, and she could not believe that I found it lol!! The one I am trying to find is my Pitch Perfect DVD because I am finding a lot of cases that are empty, but the movies are not there. Do any of you have any favorite movies that you have lost? Feel free to share with me the movies you love so I can check them out. I will be doing a few reviews this coming week so keep an eye out because I have some jewelry that I want you all to see!!! Stay tuned!!!! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

8 entertaining tips on a budget

Let’s face it it is 2019, Spring is 55 days away,  and you cannot wait to do events at your place, or if you are getting married you cannot wait to host your first event. Am I right? I am one of those where I like to keep things simple, but the Lord knows I love my glam! So here are a few things that you can do WITHOUT breaking your bank account cause child I know for a fact we ain’t rich like the Kardashians. 

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text that says 'who would you rather babysit; blue or north? Kevin Bush TM @selfcritics not today satan. i ain't having neither one of they spoiled asses coming to my houses talking about some "where's the rest of it?"'

1. WIFI– Be honest, if your party is bomb everyone would want to snapchat, instagram it, or even facebook it. However, some need the wifi code and it can get annoying when people ask you the question: “Do you have wifi?” So make it simple for everyone and try to have small cute chalkboards (DOLLAR STORE!) in some parts of the house with the password to your wifi. 

2. Drinks– Oh ya’ll are going to love me for this one, but why buy expensive drinks when ya’ll can get it at Aldi? Did you know that now they offer award winning wines? Look it up and thank me later lol! 

3. Food– Aldi, again is my very best friend! From wine, to pizza, avocado, and more you can get food there for a very cheap price. Not only are the prices awesome, but the food is so good. 

4. Ambiance– Create an ambiance that is perfect for your theme party. Beautiful center pieces can be found at an affordable price at the dollar store. You can even get amazing lights or some call it “fairy lights” at 5 below! Make sure that if you have music try to keep it within your theme. You don’t want slow music when its a party that is an upbeat. 

5. Potluck– When people are skeptical about what you may serve they start to ASK! You might have friends that are vegetarian, or some that are allergic to a certain type of food. To keep it on the safe side,  you can do a potluck party and create a game out of it! For example, let them bring what they want and people can enter a raffle in guessing who got the recipe right! The raffle can be something cute that you can diy so make it fun! 

6. Casual– Some people cannot afford to buy a whole new outfit so when you do a party keep it casual! Make sure that everyone wears what they want so they can be comfortable in your house. Especially if you are on a budget do not go overboard trying to make your event even more formal than it needs to be. 

7. Cute Notes– Everyone has at least a notebook where guests can write about their best memory at the party. Try to keep this simple and get creative! Instead of a notebook you can buy a colored carton paper, get some gel pens, and let them write on it! 

8. Glam it– Try to put some bling into your party, and make people wonder how much you spent! If you have very good cursive handwriting then you can diy a few things like candle holders. Like for example this beautiful candle holder that was bought at the dollar store, but check out that diy! 

DOLLAR TREE DIY Home Decor DUPE | 2 Tiered Tray Stand Glam Easy Craft - YouTube

Alright that is all I got for you all today let me know what you do to keep your party on a budget. SHARE THOSE DETAILS! Also, if you haven’t done so already please go ahead and subscribe to my blog it will mean so much to me. ^_^

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C. 

How to start a blog

Starting a blog is no joke because at the end of the day it is something that will become part of your life. Before of starting think of your “whys” as into doing a blog because it can be for many reasons. Here I am going to teach you how to start it so you will not have any problems in the future. 

MacBook Pro near white open book

Research a site

Start looking around the internet in seeing which site you would want to your start your blog at. For example, WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, or even Weebly and look up the pros and cons to each one. I would highly suggest to make a free blog site first before you start to monetize it so you can practice, and get the hang of the format that the site has to offer.


Find to domain that is right for you, easy for others to remember, and easy to look it up online. My suggestion would be to name your site the same as your other platforms so that no one else can take the name away from you. For example, if your instagram is “livinglife” then your site should be “livinglife.com”, net, org, or whichever you prefer to use. 


Once you have created your free site, play around with the formats that the sites are offering to you. Try to see which profile is better for your website, since you are just starting, and look up on YouTube or he reference that the profile might have so your site can look like the demo or even better. 


Setup your widget are to your sidebar so people have access to the rest of your platforms as well as important information that you might want to give out. Also, use the footer widget area and you can input a calendar, text, or even a countdown! 

Follow Buttons

This is a big one because you need your viewers to follow you for future posts! You need to put all the buttons on your side bar, or your footer area so when people scroll they will know where to press to follow you.

Get attention

Have you seen those popup messages in each site where they will say to sign up if you are on their site? Mailchimp is a really great site to use and also you can create a newsletter based on what you are trying to promote. 


If you have a twitter, instagram, or even facebook then you should take advantage of these platforms and announce to everyone about your blog! 


Try to join blogger boards on Pinterest to get your name out there a little more. There are so many blogger boards, and facebook blogger boards where you can get an answer if you have a doubt about something in your blog. 


Get an idea of what types of pictures you want your website because it needs to stand out! Try to make sure your website is eye-please,  and that the pictures relate to your blog. For example, you cannot put a coffee-mug picture on a music blog outline because that will confuse the reader, and might end up clicking out of your site.


Try to ask everyone you know what they would want to read! There are so many topics that you can talk about, but try to make sure that your readers have a variety material so they can check out your content. 


If you have a website already, how did you start? I would really love to know so go ahead and either comment or message away! If you want to read the other topics that I talked about blogging please be sure to click on the following links. Good luck in building your site, and if you would love for me to check it out then let me know!

10 ways to revamp your blog

11 Blog topics for beginners

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Get extra money now!

Alright folks, if you want to earn some extra cash then get on this right now. Go ahead and click on the following links in which I will explain what they are in a bit. Are you ready?

This first one is a campaign in which you need to watch in order to get paid so if you have amazon prime then you are good to go! Remember to get on the campaign because it is a limited time offer! The show is so good and the fact that you get money? I mean it is a dream come true. ha! Here is the link:


Image result for jack ryan

This second one is about dosh! If you have not heard what Dosh is yet you can click here to read more about it: Free Money! Cash Back! This app gives you money as soon as you start shopping so it is basically like getting cash back. Again click on the post for you to read more, and if you want to join to make more income then click on the link below:


Image result for dosh

Also, be sure to have PayPal set up so they can pay you as soon as you do this! Trust me you will thank me later. That is all I have for today and tune in tomorrow in which I will be talking about more blogging tips, and also a few other things that will benefit you in this new year. I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are in the world.

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.

11 Blog topics for beginners



Okay ya’ll if you are just starting your blog here is a list for you to start working on! I am here to help you find the right topic for the right post that you would like to do in the next coming weeks. You ready? Get a pen and paper and start writing? Or just save this post for later lol! 

1. Fitness- write about what you are doing to lose weight.

2. Adventure- Where did you go for the weekend? We all want to know! 

3. Movie- What is your favorite movie? What other movie are you excited to see in 2019?

4. Food- Write about your favorite thing to cook, and heck give us the recipe!

5. Music- Update us in new music that others still have not discovered.

6. Organization- How do you organize you house? You have pictures? post them!

7. DIYS- There has to be something clever that you can do in order to not waste money. 

8. Finance- do you know about saving or anything in that matter? Teach everyone!

9. Mom- Are you a mom? Share your experience to the future mommy to be!

10. Makeup- Alright makeup gurus! Update us in the new products that are going on. 

11. Electronics- Share a new device with us and teach everyone on how to use it!


I hope this list helped you out a little, and I will be writing more topics later on. There is honestly so much to write about so just be creative, and get to it! Tag me in your post so I can read it, and give my feedback I would love to get to know you and check out your site. I will be writing more a little later so keep an eye out! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C. 

11 ways to improve for 2019

I have been thinking and talking to people that are so busy, but have no time in doing things. Last year went by so fast that I honestly did not feel the time at all! I want 2019 to be different and I am sure you want the same too! So here are 11 ways for you to improve for 2019, and also it will give you time to enjoy this year. 

1. Organize– Organization is key! I have seen that when I have everything very organized I get more energy to do stuff, and I am able to keep track on my time. Plus I find all of my things exactly where they belong instead of being thrown on the floor, or clothes on the chair.

2. Clean– When you clean you see everything that you have lost! Get into the habit of cleaning your home more, and put some music to boost up your mood. Also, you hardly even get sick in a clean home so it is a total win for you.

3. Light– Bring in some sunlight to your life! Make sure the curtains are wide open when it is daytime because if you have it closed it only makes you want to go to sleep. The more sunlight you get the more energy you would also obtain. 

4. Finance– I know we all love to splurge but have you thought of just keeping it simple? Try to do some diys instead of wasting so much money on things you do not need. Learn how to start saving up so you can have enough if you want to go on a vacation this year. Spend wisely! 

5. Health– Get your exercise on and start eating healthy! Start by doing baby steps this whole month, and watch yourself getting better at it in the next coming months. Do not give up and work on your goal! 

6. Faith– This is important because it keeps you moving throughout the year. No matter how things go have faith that everything will come to pass. When I am in a difficult situation, I start to think of myself a week from that day, and I laugh because I know that I will be okay. 

7. Friends– Ha! Pick your friends wisely!!! If you have a feeling in your gut that they are not the ones to be in your circle then cut them off completely. You are doing this for yourself because remember who you hang around with not only reflects who you are, but also how you do and feel. 

8. Learn– Try to learn something new this year and stick to it! Remember that everything takes time, patience, and love at what you will be learning. So take this year to get on track and heck learn an instrument or even a new language! That is exactly what I started doing!

9. Don’t be afraid– This year DO YOU! This year is YOUR YEAR! Make sure you make the best of it, and don’t let peoples opinions get to you. If you want to do something then JUST DO IT! I just sounded like the Nike logo lol! 

10. Planner– Keep a planner with you at all times and get ahead of your game. The more you plan things then the more you will be able to accomplish your own goal. Remember to put the date as to when you want to achieve your goal too so it can give you motivation!

11. Relax– This year try to relax in every way possible! Sure you might have to go to work or even to school, but you need to have peace in it all. Take some time away, turn off social media, go MIA for a few days, and concentrate on YOU! This totally helps because I do it too! You even get back new energy to accomplish each task you set your mind to. 

Related image

This is all I have today! What do you wish to accomplish this year? Whatever it is you do I hope you get to your goal!!! Remember the only person stopping you is…YOU so go ahead and do you boo! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.

Singing for beginners

When it comes to music I AM YOUR GIRL! Here I will teach you a few methods that I used to do when I first started to sing. Now keep in mind I am a gospel singer, and I have been singing since the age of 2 years old because half of my family is involved in the music community. This takes time, practice, patience, and so much love! So if you love music and would like to know how to start singing here are some tips for you to improve.

1. Books– Don’t get it twisted I only mentioned the word books, but it is not for you to read them. Lay on the floor, put some books on your abdomen, and sing from “DO” to “DO”. For example, do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do and check if the books are going at the same rhythm as you are singing it. 

2. Do NOT force your throat– Try to sing naturally as if you are just playing around. If you force your throat to sing then you are NOT doing it correctly because it needs to flow naturally from your abdomen. 

3. Nasal– If you are singing nasally then correct it because that is not only annoying, but also it is not a proper way of singing. When you sing nasal you are forcing so much notes into you that you won’t be able to even catch your breath. 

4. Hot drinks– By this I mean tea and warm water! If you are barely starting and learning how to sing then try to avoid cold beverages as well as drinks that have so much sugar. You need to try to drink tea with water so your throat can be ready for when you sing a tune.

5. Copy– When the music starts do you just dance, but not sing? Pick your favorite artist and try to mimic their voice, and try to rest in between a few lyrics so you can go at it again. The more you sing along with the artist the better your voice will be able to be tuned to the song. 

6. Tune your voice– Besides singing from “DO” to “DO” there are other ways to practice in order to be able how to sing. I will leave a link down below so you can check out what I mean by this! 

7. Relax– Try to relax your body when you are learning how to sing because the more tense you are then the more you won’t be able to accomplish anything. Singing takes all of your body to be able to sing out a tune.

8. Riffs & Runs– The famous thing that all of us singers do! Have you heard how Tori Kelly does her riffs? Well, that comes in with practicing along with a musical instrument. I do riffs in my songs, and they come out neat. Try to concentrate on the tune you want to riff, start out slow (very slow), pick it up a notch, and once you are able to do it slowly then put a little speed into it! 

9. Splurge– I would say try to buy a small piano (it can even be a kids piano), and also get a microphone which there are some cheap ones in amazon. You need to really hear your voice, and along with the instrument you will be able to fix your tunes. Besides the actual song from an artist, you need to sing every note that the piano might give you. Basically it is within each key! 

10. Do your own thing– There are always trainers on YouTube for free, but be aware each method they give out is different! Some may work on stuff that you do not even need so my advice is to research what technique is best for you ONCE you have learned how to sing.

11. Niche– Find your niche in the music community! Remember that the ones who can rap cannot sing, others that do r&b cannot do country, and the list goes on so try to find your style in the music world. Once you do that then you will be able to start off successfully into your singing abilities. 

Example #1: 


Example #2:


If this has helped you out in anyway let me know, and I will also put up a cover of mine to show you guys how I sing. I can’t wait to get back into YouTube and just be myself by putting up my content. If you love to sing then give it a go, be yourself, and have fun! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.