10 ways to revamp your blog

When it comes to renew your blog it takes TIME! Especially because you need it to look good for everyone to watch. If you use wordpress or any other type of site for your blog, and would like to know how to make your blog stand out I am going to share with you all the sites that are going to be your best friend, and also it will help you out if you are just starting. However, a small secret that I will share right now is that I learned from when Myspace was well known! I used to tweak my profile, made things float, and everything was due to HTML so I spent my whole entire time learning. So if you had Myspace before then doing your blog should be a piece of cake.

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HTML is going to be your best friend because if there is something that does not look good you can totally go into “html” mode, and tweak things from there. It takes time but it is so worth it. For example, the site that I love the most shows you exactly what to do, and you get to practice on the site.




Editing pictures can be time consuming because you always need to find the right filter, or even the right size to crop. The site that I used to use, and still love in using is ipiccy! Here is the link for you to check it out.



CSS is another good one, sort of like HTML, but a little bit different. I hardly ever use this because HTML is easier for me. However, if you would like to check this out then I will leave the link down below.



Get out of your comfort zone, and start new! I would say to get brand new topics, and just do you. The more you write what is on your mind then the more viewers you will be able to get. Get a notebook and start to write down whatever comes on your mind first. It can even be about memes, cars, electronics, and more!

Social Media

Connect all of your social media on your blog! This is because it will help your viewers to follow you on other platforms, and get to know you more. Even if you STILL have Myspace, it can make your viewers click back to your old profile. 


Make an introduction video to your site, I still haven’t done mine, but I am in the process in doing it. Upload the video to YouTube and heck you might even get subscribers! Put the video in your static page so when your website loads the video will be the first thing people will look at. 


Go to different sites that you love, you can even check mine, and get an idea as how you want your site to look. Take notes down and try to format your own blog little by little, and even go to different sites to see if there is a format on sale. There are so many out there you just need to look into different sites. Google profiles for websites and you might find what you need.


Do your friends love reading your blog? Ask them to write a testimonial on your blog so people can see it! If your blog is to help people, try to first help your friends and family members that support you. Open up a different page on your site and title it as testimonials. When that is done let your friends know to write something for you! 


If you have a business running, I would highly suggest to put your location so people can go check out your merchandise. Get out there and stop worrying about what people will think of what you do! Plus it will look super professional because you are running your own business. 

Out-stand It

Get something that you really are passionate about, and make a specific page just for that! Or you can add it as in your about me page, and make sure you add specific links to it so viewers can click to learn more. 


This is all I have for today! If you have learned anything from here I am so glad you did, and if you have more ideas on how to revamp a blog go ahead and share it with me! I might even put your website on my next blog post that way you can get engagement too! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

What I eat now

So as you all know I am doing my health journey more serious than I ever had! Today I will share you a few things that I now eat, and also how it improved my health. Are you ready? Here it goes:

1. Fruits

2. Veggies

I bet you were expecting a huge list huh? lol! Actually this is what I eat, but I do this in a smart way. I hate eating those elements because some of them I do not like it at all. So a few solutions that I had was making a few things into chips or into drinks!!!! For example:

1. Apple Chips (bake them in the oven without oil or butter)

2. Carrot Chips (bake them in the oven without oil or butter and put a tiny bit of salt!)

3. Papaya juice 

4. Trail mix (I mix raisins, bits of cut peaches, pretzels, and at times popcorn)

5. Wraps (Wheat tortilla, ham, spinach, cream cheese, and tomato) 

4. I make my own green juice! Put all green fruits in the blender. 

5. Salmon, lettuce, and baked potato.

6. Banana, almond milk, and mix it in a blender. You have a breakfast shake!

7. Fruit parfait: Fruits, yogurt, almonds, and put one rice cake as a base. 

8. Oatmeal has not been my best friend, but I force myself to eat a little.

9. For cereal I eat cheerios only without sugar.

10. Get yourself some toast with cream cheese that will start being your best friend! 


I started off with an easy list for ya’ll, but there is so much more to this! Let me know what you eat, and if you have any more healthy choices please let me know. Next time, I will go into more detail, and break everything down by meals. I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C. 

DIY for your room

If there is something that I love to do is remodel my room even if it is not big enough. I feel like keeping a theme to your room for a few months is amazing because it represents how you are at the time. One of the things that I am beyond obsessed with lately is marble, and right now my parents have it so much easier for me to remodel everything. The whole kitchen is not only a different theme, but the same goes for the carpet that has been changed. I am telling you my house looks white and so big, and besides that my room finally has a pop of color! Some of the things that I used to remodel my room are:

1. Duck Bran EasyLiner for only $5.29 each! I bought the marble one because right now that is my favorite type to decorate with, and it is also very classy. The link to it is the following: Duck® Brand EasyLiner® 20″ x 15′

Image result for Duck® Brand EasyLiner marble

2. PhotoTile!!! If you want to read more about it I will leave the link right here:  PhotoTile Story Adding pictures to your room will make your ambiance feel very relaxing because you have pictures reminding you of the ones that you truly work hard for everyday. When you wake up and see the pictures you will be reminded of how blessed you are. 


3. Small hooks! If there is anything that can help you with your necklaces that you might have are these hooks. You keep your necklaces untangled, get them ready for you to use, and it will not damage the wall or where ever you decide to stick them. I use these and decorated them very nicely, and it helps me keep every single necklace I have untangled. I usually get what I want and just use it without untangling it from the rest of jewelry. You can even get these at the $1 store! 

Image result for small white hooks

4. Switch up the order of your room. Having everything in the same place for months or even years can get you very tired. Also, the fact that your room is literally the place where you relax, it needs to have an environment that can make you be stress free.

Image result for room small cozy

5. Candles! With one candle you can switch up your room very quick. I now have about two of them in which one is scented and the other is not. I like to keep them on especially now during winter because not only does my room smell amazing, but also it keeps my room extra room even if the heater is on. 

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6. Out with the old and in with the new! Take out all the summer and fall clothes that are taking up so much space, and put in your winter clothes. The more your room gets a little bit more empty the more organized and cozy it will feel. I love getting into bed and having the sensation of being so relaxed because it feels like winter in my room. 

Image result for cozy pjs

7. LED lights! Okay lets face it when you want your room to be looking like it is super extra cozy you need some led lights. You can get these at a 5 Below store near you! 

8. Update your playlist! Music brings the whole ambiance together when it comes to your room. Put some music that will help you relax, get the stress out, but most important make you fall asleep like a baby. Turn off your lights, put the led lights, light up you candle, and close your eyes while hearing the playlist that is specifically for your own time. Here is one of the things I listen to before I fall asleep:


These are some of the things that I do, and if you have any more ideas please go ahead and share them. I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Winter Vacation

Winter vacation has started and my love for writing has increased. I am planning to do 3 posts every day starting…today lol! Each one will go up on a different hour so you guys can have time reading previous posts. Today I want to talk about children, and a few ideas to keep them entertained now that they will be home. 

I know that every kid loves to play video games, or be stuck on their IPad. When I was small there was no such thing as an IPad or an XBox. You should really try to use this winter vacation to get them active, and not letting them be stuck to a screen 24/7. These are some of the things that you should try to do with the kids.

1. Make them draw their favorite cartoon. 

2. Take them outside to play for a while.

3. Teach them how to bake brownies or their favorite treat. 

4. Show them how to play an instrument. 

5. Do some DIY projects. 

6. Do karaoke with them.

7. Play a board game with them.

8. If you are Latino get the kids to play Loteria! 

9. Learn how to make art latte with your kids. 

10. Go old school and play with clay!

11. Make a drawing competition with them. 

12. Start a winter tradition. 

Image result for winter vacation

As you can see there are so many things that kids can do without being stuck on the internet. Now a days, there is so much bullying as well as bad influences online that will make them trigger, and change the way they are. During this winter vacation, try to keep them occupied with giving them time, and do not let them be alone for one second. If you already have things to do with your children go ahead and share them with me. I would love to know the traditions that you have during winter vacation with your kids. I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving is over and there are still many things to be thankful. This week has been amazing, and full of memories! For some it was the last time spending Thanksgiving as a non-married couple (HA!), for others it was the first time spending a Thanksgiving with all the family being reunited, and for some it was a day where they finally learned how to cook a turkey. I am so beyond blessed because I have everything I need, and nothing can stop me from achieving my goals. From being an admin, songwriter, singer, student, worker, girlfriend, sister, friend, and even a daughter I can proudly say that the Lord has given me even more than what I ever imagined. 

Today I took a good decision into joining a company that you all will later know about, and all I can say is that God is so good! Anyways, how many of you are broke because of Black Friday? If you haven’t done so already make sure you read the post that I did almost a day ago so the next time when you shop you can get cash back! The link for you to read all about is the following: Free Money! Cash Back! Also, I am getting ready to start eating clean, and bounce back into my workout routine. From all the food that I took in yesterday I actually do not feel like myself, and also I am a little bit sick. I need to get better from the cold that I have so I can start my week strong.

In about 3 weeks my life is going to take a dramatic spin, and my whole life is going to change even more. Today I was looking back into some old homemade videos, which by the way we fixed our old VCR, and I was looking specifically at my grandma. She passed away during the holidays, but going back to that video made me reflect on so many things. She would always say to seek God first, trust God first, and do everything within his will. Back in the day I did not understand her because I was just like, “okay abuela yo ya se eso.”, but today I completely understand where she was coming from. I know she is very proud of the things that I am doing today, and at the events that will happen very soon. 

I hope you all had a very fun week (I know I did) and never forget that Thanksgiving isn’t just one month, one day, or a few hours…Thanksgiving is everyday 365 days & 24/7!!! Give thanks for what you have, wake up with a smile, go to sleep in peace, and forget about the negative things going on remember that God will take care of it all! May you all have a wonderful day or night depending on where you are at. 

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Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C. 


Thanksgiving Friends

Thanksgiving Day 3

If you would like to see who I challenged please click on the title below:

Thanksgiving Week

If you have not seen my recent post on how to get cash back & fast click below:

Free Money! Cash Back!

Yesterday I talked about my family, and today I will be talking about my buddies. I am amazed at how some of them that I will mention in a second love me for who I am, and has the patience of a 1000 angels lol! What I love most about all of them is that they are so mature, and they understand that life can get super busy. It does not matter if I see them every once a month, talk to them every 3 weeks, or not there for special occasion’s because at the end of the day we catch up. So many people think that they need to make time, and to be honest that is not the case. If I know that I am busy I will not make time for someone, but if I have free time and I talk to you then you better feel privileged because I can be doing other things. The ones I will mention are the ones that even if we had arguments we are able to fix it, and not make a situation so awkward. Others I have not seen in forever, but when we message each other its like time never passed! Are you guys ready to meet them? 

Here is the list: Rocio, Natalie, Roshelle, Shirley, Katie, Nora, Romina, Julie, Letecia, Susy, Anyela, My girls at FYT, My girls at MHB, Issac (moi), Joey, Josh, Raul, & Armando. If I miss someone sorry but these people are the ones that no matter what happened they never EVER left my side. We had a problem? We fixed it! They do roll their eyes at me but meh they know I could care less lol! 

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With all of my girls, we have been through so much that if I tell ya’ll I wouldn’t stop talking. Some of them keep me on my feet, some are crazy (they will never know who I am talking about lol), and with all of them we have a story to tell. Rocio, Roshelle, Shirley, Nora, Susy, & Anyela are the ones that I have met since forever. Katie & Romina we started talking a few months after I met Roshelle and Shirley, and you girls have been a blessing to my life. Susy has been my college friend and thanks to Triton is why I met you! Anyela has been my girl since I was 8 years old!!! She was about to be my sister in law but that’s another story for later lol! Natalie who is literally mi hermana!!! she has been my friend since high school!!! The stories we have will have you laughing non-stop! Julie and Letecia I met at work so basically my job has been extra fun since they came to work with me, and they are the most sweet girls you could ever meet. Now the ones who have forever changed my life starting 2018… my girls from FYT and MHB! Being a part of the group with them, succeeding, doing activities, keeping up, those group chats (omg!), and much more makes me so happy to know that we all share the same vision! We work hard… HARD so everything that we have ever dreamed of come to life. At FYT our shirts are finally out, and were working on more surprises in the near future. For MHB, were doing beyond well because the results to the things we do are showing. Both of our groups share the same admins (myself including in both) so we all have a special job for both groups. I am happy to say that we are growing at a fast rate! Chels, Tiff, Sam, Ash, Jess, Hanna, & Aly ya’ll are a staple to my everyday life. Seeing all of my girls grow makes me the most happiest person in this whole entire world, and they know that each one of the ladies mentioned above are in my prayers ALWAYS! 

Moi, Joey, Josh, Raul, and Armando all of ya’ll are freaking insane lol! Josh (he gets annoyed when I say this) BUT I met you since you were literally a new born. We had so many things going on, but you know what? I am so glad God pulled us through, and made everything fall into place. Even though at times I am just like (smh) at you just know that I am proud of you, and thankful that you keep going in the right path. Joey and Moi both of you know that when it comes to ya’ll I have no words. Both of you guys keep me going, help me stay sane, and bring me to reality of what the Lord wants from me. I don’t know how exactly ya’ll got blessed to have me in your life cause shoot ya’ll need me too lol! We need to get together soon, and relive a few memories while joey takes pics of me okay? GREAT! LOL! Armando I literally won a brother when you got married with Roro! Honestly, you are my long lost twin when it comes to food!!! I swear your wife and my boyfriend will NEVER understand how we do not like certain things cause low key both of them are weird lol! Thanks for being there, praying for me, laughing at my jokes, and most of all sharing your love for food. ha! Raul I met you since….okay my whole entire life cause your mom was also my teacher lol! From Mary Lyon Elementary school you had your eye on me till we both saw each other at high school. I still remember how freaking over-protective you were…annoying lol! But I am honestly so grateful for you being there because you did help me out more than what you can ever think of. I love you sooooooo freaking much! Till this day you still keep pushing me to do my best, and that is one of the many things that I will be forever thankful. 

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& that is it! I really wanted to write more, or even do a special paragraph for each but if I did it would be a long post. What I have learned and keep on learning is all because of them! They give me time to catch up, understand where I am coming from, we all laugh at irrelevant people, we send screenshots to each other, and if anyone messes with them they would have to go through me first! All of them know exactly how crazy I can be when it comes to defend the people that I love and care about. From doing fake profiles *coughnatcough*,  to hearing me rant late at night *coughraulcough*, and to even telling me to shut up cause I speak unapologetic *coughrorocough* lol! All of them have a place in my heart that no one will be able to take away. So which friends are you thankful for? Be sure to count your blessings each and every single day. If there are people that do not understand you trust me honey they will take themselves away from you, and you won’t even have to move a finger…that is all God protecting you. I hope you all are having a great day or night depending on where you are at.

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace. 

Michele C.

Thanksgiving Mi Familia

Read my previous blog to see who I challenged! 

Thanksgiving Week

Today I am thankful for my family! Let me break it down to ya’ll, for the ones who don’t know, I am half Colombian and Guatemalan born and raised in Chicago! I am literally the only one. with my parents as well as my sister, that are alone in the beautiful Windy City. I have my family either in different states and even different countries making us the only ones apart from everyone else. 

Let me start off with the ones who were blessed to have me: MY PARENTS! Ha! Papi and Mami always push me to do my best, and never made me go down a path that will lead me to disaster. They always tell me to look out for the ones I am around with because they can either bring me down, or build me up. We might not be rich, like some are, but they showed me that I am forever a billionaire because God is my rock. I might not have a lot of things, but I have tons of love. My parents have been strict in a loving way that after I turned 28 I actually understood every single advice. To the ones that used to say and keep saying that my parents are too strict ya’ll can do me a favor and go back to where you come from. There is no other love than the love of a mother and father who truly care about their kids. It doesn’t matter how old you are because at the end of the day they still see you like a little child. I regret the days that I did not spend time with them, but I thank the Lord for the days that I get to understand them as well as having time with both of my parents. 

I am so thankful….SO BEYOND THANKFUL for my other half, my best friend forever, my mini me, my savage unapologetic truthful, and baby sister! My little sister (Ashley) is literally the light, and main reason for my entire life. We are 13 years apart, but oh if ya’ll knew the story about how much I wanted a sibling you all would cry. Since the day I knew what a sibling was, I was always very jealous of so many kids that had a bro or a sis. My mom had a miscarriage, which broke my heart by the age of 9, and I thought I was finally going to have someone to share everything with in which I knew it was a boy. A few years passed and I thought that I wasn’t privilege enough to have a sibling, but little did I know that my rainbow sis was on her way to change my life. When I turned 13, a beautiful child was born…yes that was Ashley! And guess what? I named her! She is the most funny, down to earth, remarkable, and yet annoying person lol! But she is the love that makes me keep going to be an example to her. She has taught me to love God more, and most of all she has taught me that no matter what happens we will always have each other. Today she is 15 and even though that is her age she is more mature then any person you could ever meet. She is so smart, an IB student, and never fails to take one step further into her education. I love you Ash and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! 

My Colombian Familia

Image result for colombia flag


I love you all so much! I wish I can name all of you, but we are just so many! Having my Caribbean blood in me makes me so proud…SO PROUD of where I am from. I might not have been born there, but I feel as if I was! I take my Colombian roots at heart, and trust me when I say that ya’ll make me feel like I belong there…I am not kidding! I love how no one can mess with us, how we are so straight forward, and how we are all sarcastic that others cannot handle it! The fact that Colombia is the most beautiful country, grandma taught me how to be a true Colombiana, and showed me that all of you (even if we are far) you guys still contact me because you just love me without anything in return has me feeling honored to be sharing my blood with you guys. I couldn’t ask for a better family…God blessed me with too much! Los amo infinitamente! I promise I will go visit pretty darn soon because it is so much needed! 

My Guatemalan Familia

Image result for guatemala flag

I can’t name all of ya’ll because it is honestly a freaking tribe lol! We had are ups, downs, but we came back strong. A lot has been going on during the past couple of years, but I mean we pulled through right? I am so grateful for each of you that I have in my life, and to the few of you who made it feel like home I am forever thankful. I have to admit that in this side of the family I DO have my favorites because they were the ones that never left my side no matter how hard a situation was…. so this goes specifically for them: (To the ones that live in the States & Guatemala) : No matter how far you are know that I am so thankful for having you in my life. I love ya’ll so much to the point that if anyone messes with any of you they would have to go through me first! Thank you for hearing me rant, for seeing me grow, for picking me up, for having my back, for believing in me, for seeing the actual truth, for always pulling through, but most important of all for always putting a light in me that family is forever even though some of them tried to break that in me. Thank you for always making me feel like actual family, and not a stranger. Thank you for loving me without judging me, and thank you for always praying for me. To the ones that tried to break nice try, but you couldn’t (they know I throw shade so if the shoe fits go ahead and wear it) lol! Everything aside though, each of ya’ll the good and bad (rolls eyes) thank you for being part of my life. I am who I am because of ya’ll and for that I am thankful. To the ones that I love….God bless ya’ll…to the ones I don’t get along….I hope you find peace in 2019 lol! 

Who are you thankful for in your family? No matter what goes on remember that family will always be family. I said once that my blog was going to be real, and no filter what so ever. This is my family. This is the story. This is me. The good represents who I am, but the bad is what I was able to get away from. You learn to grow with your blood and even though at times things seem to be a hard road remember that no matter what they will always have your back. I am thankful for each of them, blessed to have them, and I just ask God that no matter who they are I hope they have a long successful life. I hope you all have a great day or night depending on where you are at, and remember to always believe and love yourself because at the end of the day …… 


starts with you. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.


Thanksgiving Week

I am thankful for (Day 1)


This week is thanksgiving, and because of that I would be writing each day during this week about what I am thankful for! I will be picking 10 bloggers and challenge them to do the same! Can they keep up? Let’s see if they can!


Post everyday for this week (until Thanksgiving week ends) about what you are thankful for! So each new day has a different topic that you can pick! Also, be sure to tag 10 bloggers of your choice, and tag me so others will know who challenged you. Ha! Here it goes:

Today I want to be thankful for just being alive! Sometimes we take so many things for granted, and we do not pay attention to even the smallest detail. I want to thank the Lord for each new day that I get the chance to wake up, for each night that I get to sleep, and for the air I breathe. I want to thank the Lord that he has given me the opportunity to be the age that I am, and for taking care of me every step of the way.

I am thankful for the chance that I have to sit down, write songs, and contemplate nature. I am thankful for having every single thing that I am able to eat which keeps me going through day. From having a place to call home, to the birds that sing at 5 am waking me up, and to the desk that I have that provides me being able to have my stuff organized. 

I am thankful for each beautiful color that I get to see, for each animal that crosses my path, and for the way that I get to express myself however I want. I am so blessed to say that I have more than enough, more than what I ever had imagined, but this is all because it is the right amount that God knows that is perfect for me. I am thankful for each opportunity that I have in my life that makes me succeed. 

I am thankful for every single little thing I do, for every move that I make, for every perfect note that I am able to sing, and for each word that I am able to write. I am thankful that I get to experience unique adventures, and I am thankful that I get to speak about them with the people that I love. I am thankful for having the opportunity to tell people of the love of God.

Image result for thankful for

 Alright my bloggers, here it goes I challenge the following:











If I did not mention you and you would love to join go ahead and write it out! Make sure you tag me so I can be able to read it. I hope you all have a wonderful day or night depending on where you might be. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C,

Self Love

Today I want to talk about self love….How much do you love yourself?! Can you keep a secret? There was actually a point in my life where, not only did I doubted myself, but also I didn’t quite love myself. You see, society now a days have this certain image of being the best looking girl, updated fashion, tons of money, and just being updated in the “game” in which so many teens end up not loving who they are! The funny thing is that we all have different characteristics that make us unique, and there is always that moment where we do not see it. 

I get really aggravated when I go out, and I hear little girls between the ages of 9 and 14 say that the foundation does not match them. Also, I get so mad when I hear a little girl in the store saying, “Oh if I had that I would be so much better!” this is ALL caused by stupid magazines that have “quizzes” on how to be perfect. I remember when I was a teen there were these insane tests that would say what to fill out, and it would tell me what I had to do in order to be likable. I look at that now and I just laugh because I am perfect the way I am and so are you! 

Image result for self love

I went through so many stages that I can now say that I was so blinded by idiotic ideologies, but now I am thankful that I love myself so much that no one would ever understand. In order for me to love myself, I took time for myself and I did it by isolating. Let me tell you, the more you take time ALONE oooohhh child the better you will feel! You get to see all the positive, negative, and get to write out your own goals without having anyone trying to influence you in one way or another. What you will find yourself doing is accomplishing every goal you had written down! Trust me I have been doing every single thing I wrote like word for word! Everything I ever dreamed of (even more) is finally becoming reality. 

So many people will never understand you, and that is okay because not all have the same journey as you. People that will never get you and decide to walk away I am telling you it is a sign so let them go! By them doing that they show that they were never a true friend, and that they will never be there for you at all. It may take years, months, or even weeks but the true colors of a person will definitely show. People might talk crap about you, saying you ain’t worth, and blah blah blah…. but trust me honey you are more worth than gold! Some may never appreciate you but guess who will? Look in the mirror and  you will find that little you just saying, “You can do this I believe in you, you don’t need negativity, and you are better than this.” Beautiful from the inside out! 

Image result for self love

How much do you love yourself? How much do you believe in yourself? How much do you spend time with yourself? Not enough? I’d say change that and start doing it because once you do your vision will be even more clear than before. It is such a therapy looking at yourself in the mirror, and seeing just how perfect you are in every single way. Everyday you wake up, I encourage you to see yourself in the mirror and say a few positive things on regards to who you are. Don’t let no one put you down, a magazine tell you how you need to look, and do not ever think that you are not beautiful. There is no quiz in this world that has to tell you what you need to be….JUST BE YOU

If you need help, advice, or you just need to talk/rant about something I am here for you. I am just one click away and one more thing keep in mind to always speak unapologetically and with confidence! If the shoe fits to some then let them wear it, but don’t you ever let no one talk down to you….Got me?! ha! I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at! 


God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace.

Michele C.


Hey ya’ll!!! You know that moment when everything just falls into place? Yeah…that is so me! Honestly, these past few months have been incredible full of blessings, and endless smiles. It is kinda crazy how God works, and gives you what you need in due time. Alright so today, I am so happy to introduce you all to my other half, my very best friend, my soulmate, and my boyfriend Carlos! He has started his weight loss journey a few months ago, and he has dropped weight so fast! If you want to get to know his story, or you want to see how he did it please go ahead and check out his website which is: solarctraining.wordpress.com you will not regret it!

I am so incredibly proud of him and his brand-new achievements that he has accomplished in such little time. In addition, we both are finally done with one of the two classes that we both were taking at the university. We took a class at the Shedd Aquarium which we loved so much! I am honestly going to miss it because from all of the classes we have ever took, this one was the one we enjoyed the most! I am incredibly blessed for the brand new experiences at the Shedd, for making new friends, for having brand new professional connections, and having a one to one with nature.


If you go to a university and see the class named “Fresh Water Ecology at the Shedd Aquarium” TAKE IT! You will NOT regret it trust me on this one. Some of the things that I am looking forward as this month is about to be finished is having time to get more organized. I have so many things to do and now I am also admin to another incredible group (which I will later talk about), and there is just so much going on that I am so hyped.

There are so many projects waiting to be done, so many life-time goals waiting to be accomplished (oh yes I said life-time just wait), and besides this I am preparing an extra mega surprise which will not yet be said lol! However, one thing for sure though is that I am counting down for the first week of November to get the practice dates going for my group. I will make sure everything goes to perfection and I know that my team will do an amazing job like always.

This Wednesday I will be writing about a product that I fell in love with, and made me throw so many products away making me stick to this particular brand. You need to wait and see for this post that will change your life lol! I hope you all had an amazing weekend filled with adventure like I did! May you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at.

Peace. Love. God bless.

Michele C