Happily Ever CC

Yesterday marked one month…..


that I have been married


to my best friend!!!! 


*cue a dramatic intro*


So for the past few months I have been out of social media, and trying to soak every moment in. I had family visiting over that came to my wedding, and it was amazing spending time with them. Besides that, I have been moving so that pretty much is another huge reason as to why I haven’t blogged. 

I will be blogging starting today because I have finally settled into my new place. There are so many pictures that I want to share with you all, and give you an insight of how crazy my life was for the past few months. I also am going to update my youtube channel because I have a place where I can sit down and record my heart away. I was stressed out to the point that I got sick for about 3 weeks! 

After getting the proper care meaning, stayed in bed, stayed away from certain foods, and being far away as possible to the things that give me allergy I am finally 98% recovered. So the real question is, What updates do I have for all of you? Well…..



The planning wasn’t all fun and games lol! It was a little bit stressful because we had so much going on, and on top of that we were both working. Literally we would get out of work, and back into planning our wedding. We had a few months to get everything together that at the last minute so many things came into place. However, like always there has to be one thing that doesn’t go as planned, right? In my case it was my bouquet!!

So the one thing that I needed was the one thing I forgot to pick up at the store. My bouquet!!! I remembered this the day before my wedding, and when the store was already closed. It wasn’t my fault though because the manager in where I ordered it needed to call me, and this lady did not! Bad service!!! At the last minute my incredible mom, who by the way did my dress (YES SHE DID THAT!), she went to look for her own bouquet, and let me have it! Just look at it!!!!! 



And can we all take a few seconds and soak in the dress with the veil that my mother made? ahhhh!


Everything was beyond perfect because I mean….my mom did that lol! I remembered this day as if it was yesterday because we were all running around trying to make the day as perfect as possible. I will never forget when I walked down the aisle and saw Carlos cry. All the memories that we had together when we were dating for the past 5 years came to my mind like a movie. From the moment that we met, when we started being the best of friends, from when he asked me to marry him, and till now. 

I never really thought that this day would come because it looked so far away, and it was never really in mind that this day would happen. That same week that we got married we started moving in our new place. On top of that, the day that we got married we had nothing in the fridge so we legit wasted about $110 on food we bought at Walgreens….at midnight. lol! No other store was opened so we had no other choice plus we were hungry!

I have a feeling you want to hear more of how we moved in, who helped us, see more pictures, and just about every single detail right? Well stay tuned cause I have so much to say! Plus I want to show you guys a small tour of our new place! I am so excited to start this journey, and even more hyped of getting back into this blogging world. I have been working on a song that I will post up, haven’t done it cause again I was super sick, but now I am feeling so much better it will be up in no time. 

I have a few topics that I will touch base on like married life, and how to cope with so many things at the same time. Organizing and winging a party on the last minute, and how to get your place glammed with less money. My apartment looks amazing and we didn’t even waste so much money on things that we have. I will share all of that in my upcoming blogs so stay tuned!!!! If you haven’t done so already make sure you follow me on instagram, and also the one I have with my husband. We will be posting about our place and how to get things done fast. Love ya’ll! 




Thanksgiving 2018


You get  turkey, you get a turkey, and everyone gets a turkey!!!!!

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Well November is finally here and in a week or so we will already be in that Christmas month! My house is smelling all types of different food, and people are starting to come in making this day complete. This Thanksgiving is going to be different because we will be able to see our family via video chat on WhatsApp. One thing for sure is that we will not do Black Friday shopping because it is just too much to even stand in the lines. Plus, when we get to the store there is nothing left at times, and it gets so annoying. 

Spending time with my family is an essential part of my life because as the days go by, I get to see how my life is going at a fast pace when I am around them. It still feels as if I was 18 and graduated high school…..man 2008 was a long time ago! I remember putting in my CDs, blasting music, and thinking that no one had the coolest music like I did. It feels as if yesterday I had Myspace instead of Facebook, and thanks to Myspace I learn how to edit my website!

Despite of all of this, I always take the time and pray for the ones who have nothing during this day. People that know me know that children have always been a priority for me, and that my heart breaks when I see a child in need. I keep every single child around the world in my prayers because they might be going through tough times. Seeing the face of a child light up when they see a gift is literally a blessing, and I am so happy that by joining Operation Christmas Child I get to see their faces via video.

Be thankful, not just today but everyday! not everyone has the privilege to wake up in the morning, see the sun, eat some amazing food, or even see the night sky. Trust me when I say that I rather be struggling, going through a problem, and anything else instead of being sick or having nothing to eat. I am thankful that God has not abandoned my family, friends, and I . This Thanksgiving, try to spend as much time with your loved ones because tomorrow might be different.

Life is changing everyone and next year is nothing but surprises. I cannot wait till this year is over to show ya’ll what I have been working on besides my devotional e-book! With this being said, I am about to go and eat and also I will be posting up something else in about 30 minutes or so because this Thanksgiving challenge is NOT over! This will go on till Sunday! are ya’ll ready to see what I am thankful for next? Ha! stay tuned!!! 

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Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

Thanksgiving Friends

Thanksgiving Day 3

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Yesterday I talked about my family, and today I will be talking about my buddies. I am amazed at how some of them that I will mention in a second love me for who I am, and has the patience of a 1000 angels lol! What I love most about all of them is that they are so mature, and they understand that life can get super busy. It does not matter if I see them every once a month, talk to them every 3 weeks, or not there for special occasion’s because at the end of the day we catch up. So many people think that they need to make time, and to be honest that is not the case. If I know that I am busy I will not make time for someone, but if I have free time and I talk to you then you better feel privileged because I can be doing other things. The ones I will mention are the ones that even if we had arguments we are able to fix it, and not make a situation so awkward. Others I have not seen in forever, but when we message each other its like time never passed! Are you guys ready to meet them? 

Here is the list: Rocio, Natalie, Roshelle, Shirley, Katie, Nora, Romina, Julie, Letecia, Susy, Anyela, My girls at FYT, My girls at MHB, Issac (moi), Joey, Josh, Raul, & Armando. If I miss someone sorry but these people are the ones that no matter what happened they never EVER left my side. We had a problem? We fixed it! They do roll their eyes at me but meh they know I could care less lol! 

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With all of my girls, we have been through so much that if I tell ya’ll I wouldn’t stop talking. Some of them keep me on my feet, some are crazy (they will never know who I am talking about lol), and with all of them we have a story to tell. Rocio, Roshelle, Shirley, Nora, Susy, & Anyela are the ones that I have met since forever. Katie & Romina we started talking a few months after I met Roshelle and Shirley, and you girls have been a blessing to my life. Susy has been my college friend and thanks to Triton is why I met you! Anyela has been my girl since I was 8 years old!!! She was about to be my sister in law but that’s another story for later lol! Natalie who is literally mi hermana!!! she has been my friend since high school!!! The stories we have will have you laughing non-stop! Julie and Letecia I met at work so basically my job has been extra fun since they came to work with me, and they are the most sweet girls you could ever meet. Now the ones who have forever changed my life starting 2018… my girls from FYT and MHB! Being a part of the group with them, succeeding, doing activities, keeping up, those group chats (omg!), and much more makes me so happy to know that we all share the same vision! We work hard… HARD so everything that we have ever dreamed of come to life. At FYT our shirts are finally out, and were working on more surprises in the near future. For MHB, were doing beyond well because the results to the things we do are showing. Both of our groups share the same admins (myself including in both) so we all have a special job for both groups. I am happy to say that we are growing at a fast rate! Chels, Tiff, Sam, Ash, Jess, Hanna, & Aly ya’ll are a staple to my everyday life. Seeing all of my girls grow makes me the most happiest person in this whole entire world, and they know that each one of the ladies mentioned above are in my prayers ALWAYS! 

Moi, Joey, Josh, Raul, and Armando all of ya’ll are freaking insane lol! Josh (he gets annoyed when I say this) BUT I met you since you were literally a new born. We had so many things going on, but you know what? I am so glad God pulled us through, and made everything fall into place. Even though at times I am just like (smh) at you just know that I am proud of you, and thankful that you keep going in the right path. Joey and Moi both of you know that when it comes to ya’ll I have no words. Both of you guys keep me going, help me stay sane, and bring me to reality of what the Lord wants from me. I don’t know how exactly ya’ll got blessed to have me in your life cause shoot ya’ll need me too lol! We need to get together soon, and relive a few memories while joey takes pics of me okay? GREAT! LOL! Armando I literally won a brother when you got married with Roro! Honestly, you are my long lost twin when it comes to food!!! I swear your wife and my boyfriend will NEVER understand how we do not like certain things cause low key both of them are weird lol! Thanks for being there, praying for me, laughing at my jokes, and most of all sharing your love for food. ha! Raul I met you since….okay my whole entire life cause your mom was also my teacher lol! From Mary Lyon Elementary school you had your eye on me till we both saw each other at high school. I still remember how freaking over-protective you were…annoying lol! But I am honestly so grateful for you being there because you did help me out more than what you can ever think of. I love you sooooooo freaking much! Till this day you still keep pushing me to do my best, and that is one of the many things that I will be forever thankful. 

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& that is it! I really wanted to write more, or even do a special paragraph for each but if I did it would be a long post. What I have learned and keep on learning is all because of them! They give me time to catch up, understand where I am coming from, we all laugh at irrelevant people, we send screenshots to each other, and if anyone messes with them they would have to go through me first! All of them know exactly how crazy I can be when it comes to defend the people that I love and care about. From doing fake profiles *coughnatcough*,  to hearing me rant late at night *coughraulcough*, and to even telling me to shut up cause I speak unapologetic *coughrorocough* lol! All of them have a place in my heart that no one will be able to take away. So which friends are you thankful for? Be sure to count your blessings each and every single day. If there are people that do not understand you trust me honey they will take themselves away from you, and you won’t even have to move a finger…that is all God protecting you. I hope you all are having a great day or night depending on where you are at.

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace. 

Michele C.

Thanksgiving Mi Familia

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Thanksgiving Week

Today I am thankful for my family! Let me break it down to ya’ll, for the ones who don’t know, I am half Colombian and Guatemalan born and raised in Chicago! I am literally the only one. with my parents as well as my sister, that are alone in the beautiful Windy City. I have my family either in different states and even different countries making us the only ones apart from everyone else. 

Let me start off with the ones who were blessed to have me: MY PARENTS! Ha! Papi and Mami always push me to do my best, and never made me go down a path that will lead me to disaster. They always tell me to look out for the ones I am around with because they can either bring me down, or build me up. We might not be rich, like some are, but they showed me that I am forever a billionaire because God is my rock. I might not have a lot of things, but I have tons of love. My parents have been strict in a loving way that after I turned 28 I actually understood every single advice. To the ones that used to say and keep saying that my parents are too strict ya’ll can do me a favor and go back to where you come from. There is no other love than the love of a mother and father who truly care about their kids. It doesn’t matter how old you are because at the end of the day they still see you like a little child. I regret the days that I did not spend time with them, but I thank the Lord for the days that I get to understand them as well as having time with both of my parents. 

I am so thankful….SO BEYOND THANKFUL for my other half, my best friend forever, my mini me, my savage unapologetic truthful, and baby sister! My little sister (Ashley) is literally the light, and main reason for my entire life. We are 13 years apart, but oh if ya’ll knew the story about how much I wanted a sibling you all would cry. Since the day I knew what a sibling was, I was always very jealous of so many kids that had a bro or a sis. My mom had a miscarriage, which broke my heart by the age of 9, and I thought I was finally going to have someone to share everything with in which I knew it was a boy. A few years passed and I thought that I wasn’t privilege enough to have a sibling, but little did I know that my rainbow sis was on her way to change my life. When I turned 13, a beautiful child was born…yes that was Ashley! And guess what? I named her! She is the most funny, down to earth, remarkable, and yet annoying person lol! But she is the love that makes me keep going to be an example to her. She has taught me to love God more, and most of all she has taught me that no matter what happens we will always have each other. Today she is 15 and even though that is her age she is more mature then any person you could ever meet. She is so smart, an IB student, and never fails to take one step further into her education. I love you Ash and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! 

My Colombian Familia

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I love you all so much! I wish I can name all of you, but we are just so many! Having my Caribbean blood in me makes me so proud…SO PROUD of where I am from. I might not have been born there, but I feel as if I was! I take my Colombian roots at heart, and trust me when I say that ya’ll make me feel like I belong there…I am not kidding! I love how no one can mess with us, how we are so straight forward, and how we are all sarcastic that others cannot handle it! The fact that Colombia is the most beautiful country, grandma taught me how to be a true Colombiana, and showed me that all of you (even if we are far) you guys still contact me because you just love me without anything in return has me feeling honored to be sharing my blood with you guys. I couldn’t ask for a better family…God blessed me with too much! Los amo infinitamente! I promise I will go visit pretty darn soon because it is so much needed! 

My Guatemalan Familia

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I can’t name all of ya’ll because it is honestly a freaking tribe lol! We had are ups, downs, but we came back strong. A lot has been going on during the past couple of years, but I mean we pulled through right? I am so grateful for each of you that I have in my life, and to the few of you who made it feel like home I am forever thankful. I have to admit that in this side of the family I DO have my favorites because they were the ones that never left my side no matter how hard a situation was…. so this goes specifically for them: (To the ones that live in the States & Guatemala) : No matter how far you are know that I am so thankful for having you in my life. I love ya’ll so much to the point that if anyone messes with any of you they would have to go through me first! Thank you for hearing me rant, for seeing me grow, for picking me up, for having my back, for believing in me, for seeing the actual truth, for always pulling through, but most important of all for always putting a light in me that family is forever even though some of them tried to break that in me. Thank you for always making me feel like actual family, and not a stranger. Thank you for loving me without judging me, and thank you for always praying for me. To the ones that tried to break nice try, but you couldn’t (they know I throw shade so if the shoe fits go ahead and wear it) lol! Everything aside though, each of ya’ll the good and bad (rolls eyes) thank you for being part of my life. I am who I am because of ya’ll and for that I am thankful. To the ones that I love….God bless ya’ll…to the ones I don’t get along….I hope you find peace in 2019 lol! 

Who are you thankful for in your family? No matter what goes on remember that family will always be family. I said once that my blog was going to be real, and no filter what so ever. This is my family. This is the story. This is me. The good represents who I am, but the bad is what I was able to get away from. You learn to grow with your blood and even though at times things seem to be a hard road remember that no matter what they will always have your back. I am thankful for each of them, blessed to have them, and I just ask God that no matter who they are I hope they have a long successful life. I hope you all have a great day or night depending on where you are at, and remember to always believe and love yourself because at the end of the day …… 


starts with you. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.