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It is Wednesday and with that the hours are starting to feel that they are going a little bit more faster because tomorrow is my birthday!!! It is so crazy how this week has flown by, and surprisingly enough I am catching up with updating my site! I still feel like it was yesterday when I started to blog, and when I decided to not have a filter with my posts. Anyways…..June has flown by so flipping quick, and with that getting closer to have a few days off. I have been working non-stop for the things that I needed, wanted, and most importantly working on new content for you all. Oh and did I mention my countdown to my wedding has finally begun? October 26 by city hall, and November 3rd the big ceremony!!! I am trying not to get overwhelmed because I always said that I do not want to be those type of brides where they turn into a bridezilla. The only thing I know will happen is that I will be hungry every single minute, and for that my matron of honor (Roro) will be the one carrying my snacks. LOL!

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Today I want to talk about my weight-loss journey, and what am I doing to get fit for my big day (as well as my engagement pictures next month!) so hyped!!! A while back my fiance got a gym membership in which I used to weigh 160, but going almost everyday with my other half I went down to 149! However, due to myself finally getting one of my dream jobs, and him getting more hours at work I stopped going. You see, he had the full membership and I would only go as a guest. It got to the point where I got so busy that I forgot to workout, and BARELY (a few days ago) started eating very unhealthy. About a week or maybe 2 weeks ago, I caught myself struggling to climb up the stairs, got sick, and when I went to the doctor he told me that I gained back to 151. To think that I hit a plateau and let myself go back to being unhealthy made me feel weak on the inside.

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So the same way that I splurged on things that I really wanted I decided to splurge on things that I REALLY needed. What did I do? Well, I bought myself a fitbit, new workout gear, and lastly got my own membership at the gym. From 152 I am back at 149 and I am so determined to continue losing weight. It turns out that those pounds I gained made me feel super weak, and I was running out of energy. My focus now are on my abs and getting my legs back on track!!! One thing that I noticed though, was that when I returned to the gym I saw that I can still lift the same amount that I used to do when I would go to the gym. The things that I started eating again help me feel so fresh, healthy, and full with energy. The saying that you are and feel what you eat is so true! So for my goal of being on my last year in my 20s is slimming back to 118!!!! I am aiming to be at least 120, but with seeing how a few models do it to get to back into shape (even weighing 100) I think I am able to bounce back.

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What’s crazy is that its my birthday month so that means no carbs at all. Cake who?? and I will be waiting to eat cake during the cake taste for my wedding which will be in about 2 months. I also cannot wait to share with you all my engagement pictures!! It is going to be so lit because I have my personal photographer that goes beyond my expectations, and he is also the youth pastor of our church which I love him sooooo much! Well this is it for today and I hope you all are having a great day!!




Tips for self-care

My time. My day. My Self.

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If there is one thing that I love is having time… ALONE! Take myself out to walk around the garden, taking myself out to eat, going to the store alone, seeing movies alone, and getting my glam…ALONE! I mean no friends, partner, or family just ALONE. When you spend time on your own you get to discover more about yourself. Your potential, conquer your fears, revamping your inner self, and if you have the money then revamping your clothes lol! 

What I like to do on my own time is getting my nails done while watching a movie with no interruptions, and snacking in between. I usually put my phone on just as an emergency, but other than that I won’t even answer to text messages. I love enjoying people’s company, but sometimes I just get to anxious and I want to be in a place where I can just reboot my energy.

I also like to sit outside while hearing the birds, and writing down music or even poems that come to my mind. Another thing that I love is creating something new in the kitchen, and trying it out for the first time. There is always something to do for your own self that no one will be able to comprehend, and that is okay! So here are a few tips for self care that I hope you try out…even though I already said a lot of them. 

I forgot to mention, cry while watching a sad movie…I mean the notebook! lol! What tips do you have for self-care? I would really like to know so go ahead comment below, or like some of you do go and send me a message! Remember that I post everyday at 6 pm- 7pm Central time (I try to) so subscribe to my blog to be updated!

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.


Food you MUST try

I love searching on YouTube new things to try out, and by far there is one channel that I am obsessed!  Well, okay scratch that off there has always been one of my favorite actors, but at the same time SHE CAN SING! I am talking about the iconic Tia Mowry! Today I will be sharing with you two videos to watch, to cook, and then eventually eat! I love all the videos that she posts so what I did was to pick two random videos to share with you. I can’t just pick one so I will be linking below two videos for you to watch! Let me know if you enjoyed them and also if you tried out one of the recipes! You should check her out because literally her videos are AMAZING, but get a snack or two ready because you will be hungry by the end or middle of the video!!


Are you hungry? I know I am! I had to re-watch the potato skin nachos because they looks so good, and I bet they taste delicious. If you would like to share your favorite recipe, favorite YouTube channel, or something you would like to try to cook leave me a comment down below or send me a message like always. I hope you are having a great day or night depending on where ever you are in the world. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 


What I eat now

So as you all know I am doing my health journey more serious than I ever had! Today I will share you a few things that I now eat, and also how it improved my health. Are you ready? Here it goes:

1. Fruits

2. Veggies

I bet you were expecting a huge list huh? lol! Actually this is what I eat, but I do this in a smart way. I hate eating those elements because some of them I do not like it at all. So a few solutions that I had was making a few things into chips or into drinks!!!! For example:

1. Apple Chips (bake them in the oven without oil or butter)

2. Carrot Chips (bake them in the oven without oil or butter and put a tiny bit of salt!)

3. Papaya juice 

4. Trail mix (I mix raisins, bits of cut peaches, pretzels, and at times popcorn)

5. Wraps (Wheat tortilla, ham, spinach, cream cheese, and tomato) 

4. I make my own green juice! Put all green fruits in the blender. 

5. Salmon, lettuce, and baked potato.

6. Banana, almond milk, and mix it in a blender. You have a breakfast shake!

7. Fruit parfait: Fruits, yogurt, almonds, and put one rice cake as a base. 

8. Oatmeal has not been my best friend, but I force myself to eat a little.

9. For cereal I eat cheerios only without sugar.

10. Get yourself some toast with cream cheese that will start being your best friend! 


I started off with an easy list for ya’ll, but there is so much more to this! Let me know what you eat, and if you have any more healthy choices please let me know. Next time, I will go into more detail, and break everything down by meals. I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C. 

hi there

This whole week has been filled with excitement, adventure, and most of all surprise planning for what’s to come! I am so happy to know that God has been working non-stop! Also, before I go on with my blog post, I would like to announce that I had an interview which you guys can see it at:

First, how are you guys? You know that feeling when your excitement is just over the roof, but you just have to keep it all in for the mean time? That is so me right now!  If I can shout to the world about what’s to come trust me I would! As all of you know by now, my group “The Truth” has been something that I have been working on, but besides that there is more! I find it amazing on how God takes your plans you had, throws them away, and surprises you with an, “I TOLD you I had something better!” Like okay Jesus take the wheel then lol! I remember I was going to post on my adventure that I had last week (which I totally forgot lol sorry!) it’s a little bit late, but here are some pictures!!





I actually went fishing to Rushing Waters, with my significant other, in which they are located at Wisconsin. If you love fish, like myself, then you know I had a blast not only catching but also eating lol! If you are interested in going to this amazing place the website is the following:

My plans for this week are the following:

  • Study.
  • Write music.
  • Get my nails done because darling they are crying out for help!
  • Work on a special project with some incredible women.
  • Bible study.

How about you? What plans do you have? Always remember to wake up with a positive thought, try to combat the bad energy, and I challenge you to a small activity. I challenge you that starting today….like RIGHT NOW! Start speaking positive about everything that might bother you. It’s hard at times but trust me it keeps you going with a healthy mindset!

  • Try not to curse throughout the entire day.
  • Listen to music that will speak positively to your life.
  • If the day is gloomy try to have fun with it, and make your day brighter than the sun.
  • Have alone time. TREAT YOUR SELF!
  • If you need to clean, then do it with a smile…bye bye germs! Lol! (put your upbeat music on blast!)
  • Make some jokes!
  • If you are late to school or work be thankful! At least you didn’t get into an accident!
  • Give thanks to see another day because so many aren’t fortunate enough to see it one last time.

Let me know if this works out for you!! It is a challenge cause at times things do not go our way, but trust me everything will be okay.  With that being said, love you all, God bless, and depending on where you might be I hope you have a great day or night.


xxx- Michele C.


PinchMe January 2018


Hey everyone!!! Today I am happy to show you guys PinchMe!!! This is company is amazing because it sends you products for you to try out for free! Also, the only thing you need to do is leave an honest opinion, it is free shipping, and they send you things that will surprise you. This is what I got in my box for this month!! If you guys are interested in signing up for PinchMe you can do so on the following link:


KASHI CHOCOLATE ALMOND SEA SALT CHEWY GRANOLA BAR– This Granola bar was super sweet!! I actually loved the texture and how it filled me up! I like the packaging because it looks inviting, and pleasing to the eye. Another thing that I loved was that this is an alternative for a healthy snack, and you can even have this bar as part of a shake! 

BLUE DIAMOND ALMOND NUT-THINS– I totally enjoyed this small snack because it substitutes for a bag of chips. It was really good and the taste of it was great. I love how PinchMe sends me new things to try out because I usually stick to my normal snacks.

Daily Goodie Box- January 2018


First unboxing for 2018!!!! Daily Goodie Box came straight to my door with some amazing products to review!! I could’t wait so I already ate some of the things that I will mention, and also I recorded my impressions on a video that I will be posting on Youtube! I always get excited when I receive a box from them because they are full sized products, and super delicious lol! Daily Goodie Box is a company where they send you free products in exchange for your honest opinion. Also, it is free shipping so all you have to do is register, and it is a must to participate in their social media. The more you participate the higher chances you have to win a box. I will list the website at the end of this blog for you guys to check it out. Now on to the products: 
Napz – All-Natural Sleep Solution– I received this on my previous box from November, and I am so happy I got it again. This helps when you really need to sleep because there are times where you just stay up for no reason. This helps you fall asleep like a baby, and you wake up refreshed. 
Nellie’s All-Natural – WOW Stick Stain Remover– This is said to remove any stain on the clothes so I am super excited to try this out. I will be using this for when I go to school because I know this will come in handy. 
Herbal Zap – Immune Support Herbal Supplement– I am super excited to try this because I have been looking for a product similar like this to help my immune system. I am a tea drinker and a coffee lover! So I know this will come in handy now that I am back on track with my work-outs. 
Beanitos – White Bean Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream Chips– As soon as I got this…..I ate it! Honestly, I was actually very surprised with the flavor because it was so new to me. I don’t know how many of you are a flamin hot cheetos fan? Because I am such a big fan of that I can eat those for days! However, now I am trying to live a healthy life style so this gave me an idea to try out new chips that are good for me. This was not too spicy but it had a good amount. I really liked it!! 
EBOOST – POW Tropical Punch Energy Powder– When I saw this I thought…WOW! because it even came with the container! This is to boost up your energy and also to help you keep working out! I know this will be handy for when my semester starts….This week! ahhh!! Crazy how the days flew by but I am glad EBOOST is here to give me a….Boost lol! 
Bizzy Coffee – Organic Cold Brew Double Shot– I promised myself NOT to drink this TILL I have my first exam. However, knowing me…..I just had to have one sip….and just like that I was WIDE AWAKE! So what I did was saved the rest for later lol! This actually helped me stay awake (when I really wanted to sleep) but it helped me have energy to finish up my chores. This was actually pretty good I am amazed at this product! 
Andalou Naturals – Renewal Face Cream Pods– This left my face super smooth! Especially for this horrible winter we are having here in Chicago I can say that this came in handy. Totally a must!! 
RawRev – Double Chocolate Brownie Batter– Last but not least this amazing and delicious…(Yes, I already ate it…lol!) I can’t believed I loved it!!! This protein bar is everything, and the funny thing is that I am not a fan of protein bars lol! This completely changed the game for me I actually liked it! It is just like a brownie so I was pleased! 
As you guys can see all these products are amazing, and they came in full sized! Alright, now I bet you want to register right? This is the link for you guys to join: 
Make sure you follow them on social media, and participate in every question that they might ask!!! You are automatically entered to win a Daily Goodie Box, and they even give chances to the ones who have been registered but never got one. So go ahead and don’t miss out on the products!!!! Love you all and God bless.

Free products!


Okay…Alright…Okay… Today I will share with you all the sites that I use (& many other well known bloggers use) to get FREE MAKEUP PRODUCTS with FREE SHIPPING!! This also involves free snacks and much more!! Are you ready? Sit back, relax, and get ready to check out the sites where I get stuff to review. 


If you guys see on Instagram so many know about this amazing company. At first, I did not know if this was true or not, but I gave it a try. I wanted to see what was all the hype about so I enrolled, and just like many I was in love! I got my first box with so many things that honestly it left me with my mouth wide open. Right now there is a contest going on that if you enroll you will be able to get a $50 gift card from Sephora, but you need to enroll with a referral link. Lucky for you, you all can enroll with mine and share your referral link with all of your loved ones. Check out my instagram which is mishipcm to see the types of things I get in the mail. If you would like to enroll click on the following link to be able to win products!

Also, in order for you guys to win the ONLY thing you need to do are reviews of each item that you can get. Another thing that I love is the virtual contest where you can go to Sephora, Ulta, or whichever store they tell you to get a picture of the product which means you will automatically be entered to win for that same product in a full sized. Everything is free shipping, no credit card required, and no monthly payment it is FREE!!! 


PinchMe Please!!! No not Pinch Me lol! But PinchMe company!! This is the same thing as Influenster! You get free things from snacks, hair products, and also makeup! This is no monthly payment and it is free shipping as well! PinchMe only requires you to do reviews on the products that you guys will get. Right now, I am expecting in the mail a makeup forever foundation which I am anxiosuly waiting for lol! In my Instagram I also have pictures on the things that I got from this company. I love it!!! If you would like to enroll you can use my referral link which is:

Once you enroll, you can start sharing your link with everyone else that you have in your circle. It is a great company and the products are amazing!!! I cannot wait for you guys to try PinchMe out! 


CrowdTap took my heart away from day 1! Why is that? Oh, it because besides getting free samples (when qualified) the more points I get the more I win FREE AMAZON GIFT CARDS!!!! When I first enrolled I didn’t believe when they said that I had a gift card from amazon waiting in my email. However, the gift card will give you $5 after you complete the amount of points. I barely joined 2 weeks ago and I have won already $10 which is super cool!!! I am already completing my second round to get another gift card from them. Also, I am on the waiting list for 3 things that I should get in the mail which are hair products!! If I qualify then I will get it, but I won’t complain if I don’t qualify cause I still get a gift card at the end of the day. This is the site for you to check this site out:

If you guys join, get ready to win…win…win!! I was saving up for something I wanted from amazon, but I did not wanted to waste around $10 more so this site comes in pretty handy!  


This company gives you EXACTLY what you need…see what I did there? lol! Free shipping, no monthly payment, no credit card required, and the only thing you need to do is REVIEW!!! Unfortunately, right now they are not accepting new members because of the holidays, and so many want to join. However, I contacted the company and they told me that they do not ship during the cold weather. This is understandable because they are scared that one of the products may end up either not arriving, frozen, or even damaged. They usually send out amazing snacks and drinks! Even though right now they are not sending anything out, you guys can still save this website and check in around May 2018 to enroll. They told me that they will come back with more products that will leave their subscribers amazed so I can’t wait!!! Their site is the following:

The last box I got from them was a hairspray, chocolate, a coupon for bras, and other things plus more online coupons to use. Trust me when I say that those coupons came in pretty handy lol! 


This company gives out campaigns if you qualify for them, and do every review that they might ask you to do. The last thing that I got was in April which were some energy drinks! So many people who qualify for a campaign get lucky because they get more things, and they stay active. What happened with me was that I forgot to stay active on BzzAgent which is the reason why I have not received anything from them. However, that is about to change in 2018 because I plan to use my pintrest more often lol! For this, you need to use your Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook, and Instagram to promote what they ask you to do. This is all free shipping, no monthly payment, no credit card required, and you get to enjoy free things. If you guys would like to enroll and check this out click on the following link:

Right now, it looks like they are giving out shoes lol! Have fun with this site and stay active to qualify for more things! 

Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box is a company that sends out free things at a free shipping lol! I am currently on the wait for my next box for next month! I can’t wait to see the things that I will receive from them. You get snacks, makeup products, hair products, and even products to use around the house. They send out tons of boxes each month so people can try out the latest trends. If you guys would like to sign up for this company the link is:

I love this company!!! They give out opportunities to the ones who miss out of the monthly box, and they send one straight to you if you notify them through a post in which they will specifically ask, “If you have NEVER qualified for a box and would like to get one..” So keep an eye out!!! 


My other favorite website!!! You guys get free things if you qualify, get tons of points to even win gift cards, and much more!!! This is also free shipping and just review the things that they tell you to do! You get to be in campaigns and much more!! If you guys would like to enroll go ahead and click on the referral link which is:

Right now, I am so hyped because the L’Oreal Paris collection exclusive lipsticks are out to try!! I really hope I get picked because this product from what I heard is amazing! They also give out different things just like the previous sites that I have mentioned. Join in on the fun!! 


Smiley360 is an amazing where you can win tons of products, but you need to do the missions that they ask you to do! It is just like crowdtap and you have tons of fun! Be active on social media, and also do the reviews that they ask you to do! You get to meet a lot of people, do surveys, and also you can even make your own survey for everyone else to join in. The link if you would like to join is:

Try to win as much products as you can so you can review them because the more you review the more you qualify for more things! 



Alright, that was all of the sites that I use to get free products in the mail. There is no catch, free shipping, no monthly payments, and everything is just FREE! You get to be the first one to use a brand new product before it even comes out! This also gives you a chance to be more open with social media, and also be a little more active. You get to meet more people and also you get to have loads of fun. The most amazing part are the products! Check out one of these blogs that I will post below in which I had the pleasure to review. If you guys sign up get ready for an adventure of free makeup, snacks, hair products, and much more.  A lot of well known bloggers use these sites so after I tried them out I though it was a good idea to share it with you guys. If any of you have any questions feel free to ask me!! It feels like Christmas all over again when you receive something in the mail lol! Love you all and good luck in winning prizes!!!!





Influenster: L’Oréal Voxbox

Daily Goodie Box

Bumble & Bumble: Influenster

Unboxing Exactly

Unboxing PinchMe

Unboxing BzzAgent

Happy Thanksgiving


Hey ya’ll…HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope you guys are having the most amazing day today with your family, and friends!!! This day gets me so happy because there is just so much food on the table, and I am just hyped by all the smells coming from the kitchen. I am so thankful for the things that I have, had, and for the things that are yet to come for my future. Right now as I am writing this, I can happily say that I am somewhat full because I tried eating less this year.

Trying to have a steady diet is a killer especially during the holidays! You tend to put so much pounds that you get nuts trying to think of what not to eat, but lets face it you are still going to eat as much as you can! Anyways, I already had my Thanksgiving lunch and of course the Turkey was NOT missing from the table lol! We also had veggies, mash potatoes, and rice. This year we did not go so big on the “salty food”, but we went BIG on desserts. What we had for dessert were Chocolate German Cake, Chocolate cupcakes, Colombia Natilla, Guatemalan sweet camote, cookies, cheesecake, and much more.

Desserts are a big one for my family so we tend to get a lot of those! However, we do this because the next day is Black Friday and the church we go to have more food….like A LOT! Everyone in the congregation usually brings their type of food so we have ham , potato salad, and what I love about it is that they bring a little bit of their culture to the table. One of the things that I love is that during Thanksgiving, the Latino channels always have movies for the whole day.

 Another thing that my sister and I do is that when the clock hits midnight we put on Christmas music! My parents usually fall asleep by 11 pm but my sister and I are always up just to blast Christmas music, and making a list of what we would want for Christmas. Right now I will be ending this blog post for one reason that I am the most thankful for, and it is not about material things in life. I will be talking about people who have left a footstep in my heart.

I am thankful for my grandma who passed away last year in December 2016. She was my rock, my twin, my mini pastor, my number one fan, and she was just the best. Her cooking was one of a kind! It has been one whole year and this is the first thanksgiving without her, but I know she is watching me from the sky. I am thankful for her life because God gave her a long life to live, and also because I am her grand daughter. I am thankful that I had the honor to know her, and have her blood and because of her learned about God.

I am thankful for my friend Gabriel who passed away April 2017. He was more then a friend he was my little brother. Life was too short for him because he died at such an early age. However, I understand that life is just for a few seconds and we might die anytime soon. I am thankful for his life and for everything he was because he was a great guy. I know he is flying around with the angels giving the rest a headache lol! He was super funny and could puta smile at anyone’s face even those hardcore serious people. I am thankful and honored to have had in my life.

I am thankful for my dads’s best friend Hno. Castellanos. He was my fathers best friend ever because they would talk so much. He was one of the first ones that my dad met when he came to the USA, and that was mostly like my dad’s brother. Hno. Castellanos left a huge footprint in our family because we were all very close. From jokes, stories, and even the most smallest things he would put a smile on anyones face. He used to love my singing, my mom’s cooking, and most of all my dad’s company. I am thankful for the life God gave him, and thankful for having the honor of having in my life.

I am thankful for my Uncle Jim. My Uncle Jim wasn’t really my uncle but that is exactly how we called him! He used to live upstairs at our house and would always surprise us by ordering pizza. He just died this year on 2017 and he left a huge footprint in our life too. He would always check up on me if I was okay, and he would always call us to get his mail. He was a one of a kind man who celebrated every holiday with a big smile, and tons of decorations. I am thankful for his life and, and thankful for having him in mine.

I am thankful for the people who walked away…literally. Sometimes it is good to remove certain people from your life because they are not good at all. Especially those who bring negative vibes, fake friends, and people who should not be in it at all. This may sound harsh but I am being honest. Cutting people off at times can be hard but it can also be refreshing because you do not need any drama. I am thankful for all the lessons I had with those persons because that just made me even more stronger today.

I am thankful for the people that are in my life right now, for those who never left, for those who are just getting to be in my life, and those that I will meet in the future. Those people are the ones that you need to keep because they are rare to find. Those people are the ones that bring positive vibes, and will push you on no matter what obstacle you might have. I am thankful and honored to getting to know them because they represent one portion in my life.

I am thankful for my family! My whole entire family even if we do not get along. They are my blood and at the end of the day we will still talk. Sometimes being far away is a big issue because we might miss certain events, but that does not mean we don’t talk. I am thankful for the most smallest cousin to the most oldest. For my amazing parents, uncles, aunts, and thankful for the ones who try their best to communicate with me. I am thankful for my Colombian and Guatemalan blood I would not change it in the world.

I am thankful just for LIFE ITSELF! Life is just too short and it always goes super fast! I am thankful for the air I breathe, for the food I eat, for the people I have, for the people that are not here, for the things I have, had, will have, thankful for my friends, thankful for my boyfriend, thankful for my family, and most of all thankful for my own life. The biggest that I am thankful for is having God in my heart who is the center of it all. If it wasn’t for the faith that God has granted me I would never have the peace to keep on going with life.

Now the question I have for you today is: What are you thankful for? Use today to see all the positive that you have in your life, and cross out all the negativity. Life is too short to live with regrets! So live, smile, laugh, dance, jump, skip, walk, run, make friends, enjoy, make music, do something new, travel, keep trying, don’t give up, study, don’t be scared, and live your life to the fullest! There is ALWAYS something new to do in this world, and do not take it for granted for life is short so LIVE IT!!!!!!

With this being said, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! I hope this blog post made you reflect a little about life! I hope you guys enjoy today and every single day of your life! My prayer for you today is to find peace in your heart, and may all your wishes come true! Have a blessed day and enjoy the food! Love you all, God bless, and Gobble till you Wobble!!!



Daily Goodie Box

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All right who always gets excited when something arrives in the mail? I am pretty sure that I am NOT the only one! It feels like Christmas all over again which is my story for today! I am so excited because I have finally received my first Daily Goodie Box in the mail! The following products I have already tried, and some were so new to me that I just had to try them! Also, I have recorded my reactions which the video will be uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday which I will announce. Alright, here are my honest opinions about each product: 
Liquid Ice – Energy Drinks
This energy drink is amazing! It will keep you awake the whole entire afternoon and will give you a boost to finish the day. I am not a big fan of energy drinks, but this totally hit the spot. It is smooth and very tasty as well and I can finally say that I loved it! I don’t know how many of you who are reading this are gamer’s but trust me you guys will totally like it! Also, it will help you stay literally alive throughout the whole game.
Napz – All-Natural Sleep Solution
Tired of counting sheep and never falling asleep? Well, try to get this All- Natural Sleep Solution! One of the best things out there to help you knock out and have a great sleep throughout the night! Especially for all of those students out there trying to fall asleep after a heavy exam, this actually does the trick! I am actually very pleased with this product because I have tried many things before, but this really helped me. I will be taking this throughout the school year. 
Desserts on Us – Milk Chocolate Macadamia Cookies
The day you guys see my video you will see my reaction lol! These Macadamia Cookies were LIFE! I love cookies in any flavor but this just took it to another level! I am officially obsessed with the cookies and planning to buy more later on! 
Vive – Hangover Prevention
This hangover prevention will be something that I will be buying often! Alright, after passing exams there is a high chance that we all love to party to forget the hard times of no sleep, and pulling all-nighters for an upcoming exam. However, to much drinks might get us very sick the next day am I not correct? Well, never fear because Vive is HERE! This helps so much to get you up and going for the next day. This has powerful antioxidants, Vitamins, and electrolytes to prevent all causes of your hangover. The only thing you need to do is mix it in water, and you will feel so much better. You drink it before going out or the next morning you guys will love this product! 
Mirabella – Black Magic Marker Eyeliner
Alright girls, eyeliner!!! This eyeliner is giving me LIFE! This stays on the whole day and it looks amazing! The pigment is just unbelievable and it is perfect for on the go. Also, if you are a student this will totally help you look alive in class. I tend to look sleepy every single day, but this is just giving my eyes the look of being able to survive another day of lecture. It is also great for going out give it a try! I am obsessed with this! 
Prince of Peace – Lemon Ginger Honey Crystals
As a singer,  I need to try to not get sick a lot throughout the year especially during the winter time. I am in love with this Lemon Ginger Honey Crystals! This is helping my throat so much and also it does not dry my throat at all! I am starting to like this then any other tea brand because I mean it also has that ginger mixed with it. This is also good if you are sick and need something to fix you real quick. Give it a try you will love it! 
Fix – Signature Sriracha Hot Sauce
Sriracha Hot Sauce on EVERYTHING please!!! I love Sriracha sauce ya’ll!!! This is literally my best friend, and my world! I have a habit of putting this all over my food, and I was surprised to see that I was getting this in the mail! What I loved the most is that it was a to-go in a tiny packet. I have never seen the hot sauce in mini packets before so it is very helpful to take it to where ever I need to go, and give my food a kick of spicy which is what I live for everyday. 
Pure Cosmetics – Pure Illumination Light Up Lip Gloss
If you are going out at night trust me this lip gloss is for you! It is very interesting how it has a light on the side of the lip gloss as well as a mirror! I was very surprised to even see the unbelievable pigmentation! The pink shade is so pretty! Also, it does not dry my lips at all I am so happy I got this in the mail. This shade is good for every skin color because it is sort of like a nude shade with a hint of pink along with shimmer. It also looks great on top of a good lipstick! Give it a try you will not be disappointed! 
Black Forest Organic – Sour Heads
I had to take these away from my sister! My sister and I LOVE sour heads… A LOT! I was very excited when I got these in the Daily Goodie Box because it is something that it also brought me back some childhood memories. I am in love with this and I cannot wait to buy more!!!! The taste and texture were on point. I loved it!!! 
Overall, this Daily Goodie Box hit the spot! I am in love with every single product that I got in the mail, and also there were things that I have never tried before. I cannot wait to upload the video showing all of you more up close every product that I have mentioned. Due to exams, I did not post anything this week but I will have videos next coming week, and of course the first one will be of this box! If you are interested in getting a Daily Goodie box you can sign up on: trust me you will not regret it! I am in love with this company, and cannot wait to get more boxes in the mail. If you have any other questions let me know! Also, if you would like some advice in any topic I am happy to share my thoughts with you. Love you all and God bless!!
Prince of Peace – Lemon Ginger Honey Crystals
Liquid Ice – Energy Drinks
Black Forest Organic – Sour Heads
Vive – Hangover Prevention
Mirabella – Black Magic Marker Eyeliner
Pure Cosmetics – Pure Illumination Light Up Lip Gloss
Napz – All-Natural Sleep Solution
Desserts on Us – Milk Chocolate Macadamia Cookies
Fix – Signature Sriracha Hot Sauce